The Anointing: Benny Hinn vs. the Bible

He must have been having a bad day.  I mean, it’s tough being Benny Hinn.  Penthouse suites and private jets and limos and fine cuisine—it’s gotta get tiring after a while, doesn’t it?  All the security and hassle with being a superstar.  Gotta give the guy some slack, right? In this clip Hinn is in Kiev, Ukraine a few years ago.  And, we are told, “the anointing” fell, or, was distributed, by Hinn himself.  And his suit jacket, it seems.  And the appropriate music, in the appropriate key, with the appropriate bodies strewn about the stage at the proper places, shaking and gyrating at the appointed times as well.  And in charge of it all is Benny Hinn, large and in charge.  Barking orders at his staff, security people, and the crowd.  Evidently, the Spirit responds to Benny’s orders, too, as he sets up each new experience of the “anointing,” which he defines as…tingling in the right hand that he has had you raising for like five minutes.  (Try that at home—it works every time!).  Here is the clip:

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