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Why should a church practice church discipline?

A Twisted Crown of Thorns ®

church disciplineWhat would you think of a coach who instructs his players but never drills them? Or a math teacher who explains the lesson but never corrects her students’ mistakes? Or a doctor who talks about health but ignores cancer?

What is corrective church discipline? Church discipline is the process of correcting sin in the life of the congregation and its members. This can mean correcting sin through a private word of admonition. And it can mean correcting sin by formally removing an individual from membership. Church discipline can be done in any number of ways, but the goal is always to correct transgressions of God’s law among God’s people…

As a church moves toward practicing church discipline, it will often find itself facing real-life situations that are complex and have no exact “case-study” in Scripture to help it sift through the various layers of circumstances. It will not always be…

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Still More Driscoll-ian Plagiarisms Come to Light

Zwinglius Redivivus

Warren Throckmorton writes

In addition to issues already raised about Mark & Grace Driscoll’s book, Real Marriage, I have found other instances where material was not cited, cited with errors, or recycled from other books. Today, I want to examine pages 115-117 fromReal Marriage.  First I provide the sentence from the Driscolls’ book and then the apparent source. The sentences in Real Marriage are provided in the order they are written in the book. I have provided screen caps of 2012 Real Marriage and Leland Ryken’s 1986 book Worldly Saints at the end of this post. Much of this material appears to come from Ryken’s book without citation. Other books are also used without citation which I point out below.

Driscoll has a real problem with ethics.  I.e., he lacks them.

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12 Unborn Animals in The Womb You Have to See to Believe

Life News has several pictures of pre-born creatures on their site.

These images were created for a National Geographic special called In The Womb: Animals by Producer Peter Chinn. He used a combination of ultrasound technology, tiny cameras, and computer design to create these incredible images that replicate what fetal animals look like. This is an incredible window into the womb (or egg as the case may be), laying bare the mysteries of the beginning of life,” the group adds.

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Why no “killer” verses against charismaticism?

A lazy resting-place for the would-be propper-up of continusmaticism is to demand a single verse that states,  in so many words, “When John dies, the following gifts cease:…” Absent such a verse, the theological sluggard claims victory and goes back to his careening sleepwalk.

Like most (all?) questions, this one has been answered often from various angles. I wanted to have a specific post with this particular answer, so I reached back over seven years to this post, then this one, for the following excerpts slightly edited.

The Tragic 41st Anniversary of Roe vs Wade

The Domain for Truth

Baby in womb

Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that open the flood gates for abortions in America that has brought about millions of death was passed on January 22nd 1973.

This year it will be the forty first anniversary of this tragedy.

I’m praying that our country would repent and turn to Him before it’s too late in light of God’s impending wrath against sin.

This short video makes me realize that the Good News, that Jesus Christ the Son of God came to save sinners, is not beyond anybody if they repent and trust in Him while they are still breathing.  Even for abortionists and those who committed abortions or supports abortion.

Even for “Roe.”

While this video doesn’t go over much details of how she became a Christian, nevertheless it’s amazing to see God saving sinners.

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Obtaining Saving Faith

“So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10:17 The truth of God should be spoken simply, with as little as possible of the embellishments of metaphysics, and philosophy, and high culture, and all that stuff. I say the word of God delivered as we find it is that […]

NoCo: Piper, Chan and… Berea?

Chan Piper Berea

by Hariton Deligiannides, head of the elder board of Bethlehem Bible Church

The sign read BEPEA(Ve′ – re- a), Greek for Berea. The year was 1999. I was visiting my home country. As I drove by the sign, all I could think of was…

“Now these Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.”

Acts 17:11

Where are the Bereans today? Where are those examining the Scriptures to see if these things are so?

On January 17-18, John Piper was one of the key note speakers at Passion 2014, in Atlanta GA. The other speakers on the ticket were Christine Caine, Hillsong Church Australia and Francis Chan, who loves founder of IHOP, Mike Bickle (Kansas City Prophets).

On February 14-15, Piper will be at the Linger Conference with another IHOP guy, Stephen Venable, who promotes Contemplative Prayer.

Piper is a Reformed continuationist because he believes in the apostolic gifts for today. Many look at Piper and Chan and say, “Well, they are godly, Christlike men whose ministries have blessed me, so why make a big deal out of their association with charismatic groups like IHOP?”

Here are 3 dangers that show why it IS a big deal.

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The Role of the Law as Schoolmaster

“Is the law then against the promises of God? God forbid: for if there had been a law given which could have given life, verily righteousness should have been by the law” (Galatians 3:21). The law does not oppose the promises of God because a man could never attain to righteousness by his own efforts […]