Three Key Points from the ‘Babies Are Murdered Here’ Documentary



Today is the 41st anniversary of Roe versus Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that has led to the slaughter of 55 million babies in four decades. Today is also the day of the highly-anticipated documentary, Babies Are Murdered Here.

What began in 2013 and transitioned into a grassroots movement to call abortion what it is (murder) and to call those who violate another human’s fundamental right to live by intentionally ending their life (murderers), Babies Are Murdered Here (BAMH) is ready for the next step to facilitate the overhaul in how Christians engage our culture on matters of life for the preborn.

BAMH is not a prolife documentary. Rather, it is a biblical documentary addressing the most heinous crime and human rights issue of our day, providing the only solution to this evil by the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is not a film…

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1 thought on “Three Key Points from the ‘Babies Are Murdered Here’ Documentary


    Wow thank you for sharing these points; I say AMEN!
    Our church currently is not in the abortion outreach scene but we were a few years ago. This video is so powerful and the biggest thing that I got away with is
    1) Sproul Jr.’s argument about how regularly if someone paid someone to murder someone else they are culpable and also seen as a murderer but in this case we often think the women is a victim and innocent when the reality is otherwise. The example of the vulgar women brought back memory and definitely affirm the point.
    2.) It’s sad to see so much Christians involvement with Pro-Life neglecting God’s tool of the Law of God to appeal to the sinners’ conscience. That goes much deeper to stop the abortion…not to mention a beeline for the Gospel.


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