Do Not Be Surprised…This ‘n’ That (24 January 2014)

  • Martin Luther on the book of Romans.
  • Speaking of Luther, did he really endorse “bar” music for the church?
  • If you frequent “discernment” blogs, then you no doubt saw the uproar over the Linger Conference and presence of The Master’s College there as an exhibitor. Executive Director of Grace to You, Phil Johnson, received a barrage of questions about this even though he has no personal involvement with the college. I appreciated his response to these questions as recorded here. I also was happy to see, though, that TMC withdrew as an exhibitor at this bizarre-sounding event.
  • I urge you to read this lengthy article from Rolling Stone magazine (yes, I’m serious). It shares the story of Tyler Deaton, a man who led a small cult within the cult of IHOP, and of his murdered wife, Bethany.
  • You have to see these pictures of unborn animals in the womb.
  • Has it only been 20 years since the inception of the Toronto Blessing? Yes, 20 years of deceptive, damning doctrine that continues to be taught and disseminated throughout the visible church.
  • Ever notice how all of these man-generated revivals (think Passion, Code Orange and others) all talk about how the Holy Spirit is going to “show up” at their event? Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if He didn’t? I mean, what if the Holy Spirit is double-booked that weekend?
  • Here’s your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Have you been keeping up with Grace to You’s series of articles about preaching the Word?
  • One for all, or all for naught?
  • A partial review of Michael Brown’s latest book, Authentic Fire (which is, unsurprisingly, a critique of John MacArthur’s Strange Fire).
  • Here’s a fun picture.
  • Joel Osteen is going to fill Yankee Stadium—and thus deceive the masses with his damning gospel.
  • Our great Redeemer:


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