GodLife: Be God’s Light

Be God’s Light

How do people respond when they find out that you are a Christian? They shouldn’t be surprised, if your life models Jesus’ loving, patient, sacrificial example.

Just for You

Do you need some more help understanding how to live in a way that shows God’s light to others? Click to learn more about living for Christ in Greg Laurie’s Parables series.

Personal Help

Personal Help Do you ever wonder about sharing God’s blessings with others? We have trained followers of Jesus who can help you figure it out! Click here to share your story with us. You will hear from someone shortly.

Prayer Points

Will you pray this week:
• That you will do good deeds to bring God praise
• That God will give believers humility as they do good things, so that other people will glorify the Lord and not men (Matthew 5:16)
• That people will know you are a Christian by your love
• That God will help you live a clean, innocent life
• That God will help you share His blessings with others

GodLife Family

Where can you go online to get daily encouragement and inspiration, and to discuss living godly lives? Visit the GodLife Facebook Page where we can gather daily to share our stories, to express ourselves, and to pray for one another!

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