Do Not Be Surprised… This ‘n’ That (31 January 2014)

  • Credo Magazine offers a tribute to Dr. S. Lewis Johnson.
  • ‘Debacle’ is such a good word. I use it often because, unfortunately, it aptly describes many of the headlines of our day, whether they be purely secular or involve professing Christians. Thus, I now present to you the Dinesh D’Souza Debacle, Part 2 (Part 1 happened here). Those of you who were shocked by this can now raise your hand. Anybody? Yeah, I didn’t think so.
  • Note to doves everywhere: Rome is not your friend.
  • I guess the Grammy’s had to do something to shake things up. It’s not like any of today’s singers have any talent.
  • And while we’re talking about award shows, this certainly is unfortunate.
  • Well, at least they consulted “child development experts.”
  • Oh, BioLogos. I can only shake my head at your functional denial of Scripture.
  • Here’s your weekly dose of adorable.
  • “The Bible doesn’t exist in order to make us feel good about ourselves.”
  • It seems like every morning when I login to Facebook, Paula White is declaring victory of the demonic strongholds of negative thoughts, or some such similar nonsense. Well, it sounds like Steven Furtick’s new book, written to help us “fight against the negative thoughts in our heads…that hold us back,” has taken a page out of the TBN-esque playbook of White and others like her.
  • An addendum to the mysterious story of Tyler Deaton, his now-deceased wife, Bethany, and the larger cult within which Deaton ran his own cult, IHOP.
  • Oh dear. And these are likely the same people who voted for him.
  • Some important thoughts on Ravi Zacharias’ recent appearance at the Mormon Tabernacle.
  • What is your church doing to cater to Super Bowl Sunday? (Yes, I rolled my eyes as I typed that.)


  • The pathology of false disciples: