Acting Like Men? Pastors, Pulpits and Profanity

Photo: YouTube; A Christmas Story

When a pastor abuses this privileged position, Christians ought to grieve. When a pastor publicizes his sin from the pulpit or, even worse, acts sinfully in the pulpit but does not acknowledge his behavior as being sinful and reprehensible to God, then those watching cannot help but begin to question that pastor’s qualifications. After all, if a man cannot present himself as above reproach when he is in the pulpit, what might he be doing outside of it? This is not meant as an accusatory statement, but rather stands as a logical question that might be asked.

There was a time when Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll was well known as the deliberately crude, “cussing pastor.” He seems to have since softened his language (or perhaps has traded it for other, more disturbing pastimes), but the trend of cussing in the pulpit has not entirely faded from evangelicalism. And since a man is understandably influenced by the company he keeps, it seems rather interesting, if not disheartening, to listen to the following clip of James MacDonald, pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel, as he preached this past Fall at the Act Like Men conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. A conference, it may be noted, where one of MacDonald’s co-stars was Mark Driscoll.

(Language warning.)

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5 thoughts on “Acting Like Men? Pastors, Pulpits and Profanity

      1. Truth2Freedom Post author

        Feel free to share whatever you find beneficial. May The Lord be glorified in all we do. We are soldiers in His army proclaiming His word & truth against the enemy (satan) of His kingdom. Satan knows that in these last days his time is running out. Let us be used by The Lord to save & rescue all we can from the multitude of lies & deceptions that have infected our world. People are rapidly becoming more compromising, hard hearted, selfish, blind, deaf & delusional towards the things of God. Time for us believers to check our armor & engage the enemy for our king & His glory. Time is running out for us all – we’re living on borrowed time. I thank God for believers, like yourself, who’re making a difference.

      2. Truth2Freedom Post author

        By the way – a number of years ago there was a choir director in the church I use to attend who used the b-word inadvertently in a rehearsal in referring to herself & mood. She was relieved of her position even though she apologizes & repented. She was a moody bible institute graduate & I tried to help her in the situation but there were more influential members who prevented her return. I think grace is to be given to the penitent & discipline towards the impenitent.

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