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Dalai Lama Opens U.S. Senate for First Time with ‘Prayer’ to ‘Buddha and All Other gods’

(CN) — For the first time ever, the leader of Tibetan Buddhism opened the United States Senate with “prayer” on Thursday, wishing for world peace and “good fortune” for America’s lawmakers.

After being introduced by Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and escorted by Senator Mazi Hirono (D-HI), the Dalai Lama characterized himself as only being “a simple Buddhist monk.”

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Millennials don’t trust you, and four other takeaways from Pew’s new report

A big new report on millennials was released today by the Pew Research Center, covering a lot of the same stuff we’re always hearing about this oft-discussed generation. Millennials are diverse, they’re not making a lot of money and they’re really into this Internet I keep hearing so much about.

Still, there were some interesting takeaways! Here are four things that caught my attention.

(Take note: The report focuses on people between ages 18 and 33, leaving out the teenagers who still technically count as millennials.)

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The Lord’s Plumb Line

Possessing the Treasure

by Mike Ratliff

7 This is what he showed me:behold, the Lord was standing beside a wall built with a plumb line, with a plumb line in his hand. (Amos 7:7 ESV)

In John Bunyan’s classic The Pilgrim’s Progress, the characters’ names usually define their character. For instance there is Ignorance. He refuses to believe Christian and Hopeful when they tell him that unless he goes through the narrow gate to begin his pilgrimage, he will not be allowed into the gate of the Celestial City. Then there is Talkative who equates making a fuss about one’s sin with actual repentance. Early in Christian’s pilgrimage, he comes across two other pilgrims named Formalist and Hypocrisy who come from a country called Vain-Glory. They tell Christian that the shortcut that they took to the path, bypassing the narrow gate, was necessary because it was too far to travel from Vain-Glory to…

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