What We Know (Prophecy – Signs)

There is much we don’t know about God’s timing for end-time events simply because we won’t know until they happen. We have what the Bible says and we take that information and use that as a lens by which we view current events through, which is known as ‘exegesis’.

The reverse of this tries to fit current events into the pages of the Bible, which is known as eisegesis. In other words, they are assuming a correlation and implying that xyz must mean this passage, because of abc. That is what we should avoid at all cost from doing. What we do know, is that God’s word is sure, and it will come to pass on God’s time.

This expectation of the ‘Blessed Hope’ has in the last century, become a very sensitive subject amongst many a church. Many churches don’t teach it, because they feel as though it is too ‘divisive’ a topic. Still others don’t teach it because it undermines their church-expansion programs here on earth. Overarching both of these is the ever increasing attack on Dispensationalism and Pre-Tribulationism, which insists upon a consistent, literal interpretation of the Bible.

Long ago, pastors, priests, teachers, and theologians realized a convenient trick that if you don’t understand something, or it doesn’t fit your agenda, you can simply make it allegorical, or spiritual, and relegate it to the “pie in the sky” section of their mental filing cabinets. Out of sight, out of mind. Right?

Nevertheless, in these waning moments of human history, a small minority continue to watch and anticipate the Lord’s return. Like that handful of faithfuls who anticipated Christ’s first coming (they knew because they took the Old Testament prophets seriously), so are those today, whose group is aging and becoming smaller in number.

Alongside the true watchman on the wall, like the tare mixed in with the wheat, are those professional speculators who spend their time forging ministries in the conspiratorial. I’m sure you or I could list off about 5-10 of these shysters just off the tops of our collective heads.

Eschatology is not about license plates, dreams and visions, counting every third letter in the Bible, or trying to fit Nibiru into the Bible. We have to go with what we know, and then, use Scripture to interpret what we see in the here and now…not the other way around.

My intent here is to go with what we actually know and what we can know with a high degree of certainty. Some of these events are yet future, but we can simply look around today and see things are unfolding exactly, as God’s word said it would and follow those to their logical and scriptural conclusions.

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