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Middle East Geopolitical Alignments Shifting Towards Ezekiel 38 Scenario

Al Arabiya.net has recently described the current standoff between the West and Moscow concerning Ukraine as potentially the gravest instance of tension in the post-Cold War era. The tensions between Russia and the West seem to be causing some significant geopolitical re-alignments following Russia’s recent political aggressions in relation to Ukraine and Crimea …….. Click here for full story

Holy Week, Day 3: Tuesday


Tuesday, March 31, AD 33.

The following video, filmed in conjunction with our book The Final Days of Jesus, features short explanations from and interviews with New Testament professors Grant Osborne (of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) and Andreas Köstenberger (of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) along with historian of ancient history Paul Maier (of Western Michigan University), focusing in particular on the opposition to Jesus and what angered his Jewish antagonists so much.


Christians and Making Decisions


Posted by Christine Pack

I have a hunch that the sticking point for many Christians is that they think if they somehow get a feeling or hunch that God “confirms” a decision they are making, then that decision will result in a situation that is pain-free, hassle-free, problem-free and conflict-free. But there are no such guarantees. Life is fraught with difficulties and struggles which come along even after we’ve made calm, measured, thoughtful decisions which accord with God’s will (meaning, they aren’t sinful in nature).

Attached are a series of resources that will, I hope, help Christians confused about how it is, biblically, that we are to make decisions.

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Obama Chooses Openly Gay Episcopal Bishop To Close White House Easter Prayer Breakfast


In an amazing slap in the face to bible believing Christians all across the nation, Barack Hussein Obama chose the first openly-gay Episcopal bishop to lead the closing prayer at his 5th Annual White House Easter Prayer Breakfast. Obama has always made a mockery of Christianity, and today’s “prayer breakfast” was no different. Perhaps America’s president needs a little theology reminder, so here it is:

“For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.” Romans 1:26.27

WASHINGTON, April 14 – President Obama hosted 150 Christian leaders for the fifth annual Easter Prayer Breakfast Monday. The breakfast marks the beginning of Holy Week at the White House, a tradition started by the Obama Administration in 2010 to celebrate the life and death of Jesus Christ.


“I want to thank you for your ministries, for your good works, for the marching you do for justice, and dignity and inclusion,” Obama told the gathered leaders, before closing with the facetious prayer, “Lord fill my mouth with worthwhile stuff and nudge me when I’ve said enough.”

The president then joked, “The Almighty is nudging me,” before sitting down.

Pastor Joel Hunter offered the opening prayer, and the sermon was delivered by Reverend Otis Moss, who replaced the controversial Jeremiah Wright at Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ. Carlos Whittaker, a Christian singer/songwriter performed.

Then, in an unplanned move, President Obama called on Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Episcopal bishop, to lead the closing prayer. Robinson shared his surprise by tweeting “OMG” along with a picture of the president. source – UPI


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Apocalyptic Visionary or End-time Sensationalist?


To the Reader: I wrote this back in 2008. Seeing the Four Blood Moon thing starts tonight – well, tomorrow morning like at 12 midnight for us folks here in CA, I thought I would repost it for a laugh. 

OK, let me say up front I hesitate to post this because it may give people the impression that I am easily led into hysterical end-time dating setting.

This is hardly the case.But, I happen to be entertained by conspiracy theories of all varieties, and if the presentation has a religious twist with lots of sensational end-time speculation, that’s even better! And seeing I plan to start addressing eschatology (See HERE) in general here soon, I thought this was apropos.

So with that disclaimer in mind,

A friend recently sent me an email asking my opinion about a video presentation by a Messianic Jewish pastor up in Washington…

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Uncommon ground?

Rick Warren on EWTN

We’re seeing a lot of partnerships forming between protestant leaders and Roman Catholic leaders. Last month, you’ll recall Word of Faith televangelist Kenneth Copeland made a pact with Pope Francis.  A few days ago Saddleback’s Rick Warren went on the Cathilic wordlwide EWTN channel, and we’re going to play some of his quotes a little later. We’re asking, what to make of these proclamations of unity?

Today’s Episode:



The Parable of the Soils: Giving or Gospel?


photo: Global Crop Diversity Trust via photopin cc

The Word-Faith teachers love your money. They love your money more than you love your money and they’ll do whatever it takes to get your money into their pocketbooks. Yes, they will do anything, including perverting and distorting the revealed Word of God.

Most are familiar with the ever-popular concept of “sowing a seed.” Mr. Word-Faith Charlatan needs your money. He needs to convince the confused, unregenerate masses to willingly hand over their money. The masses—narcissistic, worldly, sinful, fallen, gullible, lost people that they are—will do anything to attain the fleeting treasures and comforts of this world, and Mr. Word-Faith Charlatan knows it. So he makes promises.

“Need healing? Have faith. Sow a seed.”

“Financial trouble? Trust God with your finances. Write the first check to Him and the rest will be cared for and your debt will be paid in abundance. Sow a seed of faith today.”

Of course, when the deceived television viewer writes his check to “God,” he is told to write it to Mr. Word-Faith Charlatan’s ministry because said ministry is doing “God’s” work. Yes, just sow your seed and you will be repaid thirty, sixty, perhaps even one hundredfold.

Wait—doesn’t that sound familiar? Who else promised a crop of thirty, sixty or a hundredfold?

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Why John Hagee is certainly wrong about “blood moons”

John Hagee’s Harold Camping moment has arrived, and whether or not his followers will abandon him as most did that previous false prophet, Hagee is certainly just as wrong about Bible prophecy. I have previously written a lengthier piece on Hagee’s “four blood moons” predictions, detailing the alarming level of date-setting in which he has engaged. In short, he openly ties to this lunar “tetrad” event to biblical prophecies in which he says Russia and Iran will be wiped off the map, the battle of Ezekiel 38 will occur, and “your redemption draweth nigh.” For these reasons I concluded that Hagee has gone far beyond anything Harold Camping ever did, and ought to be treated with the same utter rejection when his predictions fail. – Read more

Sheriff: Feds strategize for ‘raid’ on ranch

…sources inside the federal government warn that Washington’s weekend retreat in a dispute over grazing land in Nevada was only a move to distract attention and diffuse tensions, because a raid on the family’s ranch still is planned. …Reid on Monday…“It’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over.”

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Why The Standoff At The Bundy Ranch Is A Very Big Deal

The escalating confrontation between irate local residents and federal agents of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has the potential to take a very dangerous turn for the worse at any moment, as hundreds of militia members from states across the country are expected to descend upon the area and make a stand with 67-year-old Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.
Before I get into any sort of analysis about what this means within the bigger picture of American politics and society, we need a little background on the situation. The saga itself has been ongoing for two decades and the issue at hand is whether or not Mr. Bundy can graze his 900 head of cattle on a particular section of public lands in Clark County. Cliven Bundy has been ordered to stop on environmental grounds to protect the desert tortoise, but he has stood his ground time and time again. As a result, the feds have now entered the area and are impounding his cattle. According to CNN, Between Saturday and Wednesday, contracted wranglers impounded a total of 352 cattle. The Bundy family, as well as a variety of local residents have already had confrontations with the BLM agents. Tasers have been used and some minor injuries reported. Most significantly, militia members from across the country have already descended upon the area and it seems possible that hundreds may ultimately make it down there.

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Sharyl Attkisson: When I’d Begin Getting Under Surface of an Obama Scandal, CBS Would Pull Me Off

“There is unprecedented, I believe, influence on the media, not just the news, but the images you see everywhere. By well-orchestrated and financed campaign of special interests, political interests and corporations. I think all of that comes into play.”

Attkisson: I found out that we had to quit pursuing the story more or less due to lack of interest well before we found answers to a lot of questions. Including what about all the other cases besides the one you know as Fast and Furious that were also using similar strategies to transfer weapons down to Mexico. And how did this, if at all, play into a strategy the United States may be using to draw support or give support towards one of the cartels in Mexico against one of the others much like they had done in Columbia and other places.

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Omega Letter: The Restrainer

Out of all the varying eschatological views, the Pre-Tribulation view is the strongest and most scripturally consistent advocate of God’s dealings with man in the entire Bible. You can see it in typology, symbolism, and in both the OT and NT passages. It is found in the Prophets, the Psalms, the Gospels, the Epistles, and in Revelation. The Pre-Tribulation view remains the most scripturally consistent view within God’s purpose and plan for man’s redemption.

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Bill Gothard Legalism

“A couple of years ago, I innocently posted an illustration on my Facebook wall which to me at that time, illustrated what I thought was a biblical concept of submission in the home. Shortly after posting it, I began receiving information that this illustration had originated with a man named Bill Gothard, and who was a very influential figure, if not the most influential figure, in the hyper-patriarchal homeschooling movement I had just begun to research.” View article ➝

Should Christians Pay Any Attention to the Blood Moons Talk?

For those who don’t know what the blood moon chatter is all about, or have maybe heard something about it but don’t know what it is, writer John Hagee has recently published a book which purports to have scientific evidence that there will be four lunar events which Hagee claims are known biblically (and prophetically) as “blood moons.” These blood moons, Hagee claims, herald the beginning of the End Times. This teaching has inexplicably gone viral, with USA Today picking up this story, and #FourBloodMoons becoming one of the hottest trending topics on Twitter and Facebook. Even I got on Twitter and posted about it, and I never get on Twitter! View article ➝

What You Should Know About Jim Wallis and the Social-Justice Gospel

Many Christian believers are expressing concern today, and rightly so, over something called “social justice” or the “social-justice gospel.” Jim Wallis, founder of Sojourners magazine, is one of the top “change agents” in the social-justice movement within the evangelical/Protestant church, and the timing of his surge in popularity cannot be ignored, considering: 1) the ideology of our current administration; 2) the advance of liberal theology via the emerging church and church-growth movements; and 3) the current state of apostasy the church finds itself in today. Are all these connected? Through this man and other key players, they are indeed.

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Ask RC: What are ten books your teenagers read as part of their homeschool education? – R.C. Sproul Jr.

One of the weaknesses of the school model of education is that it squeezes out great books that don’t fit neatly into one or another of those artificial divisions of learning we call “subjects.” We don’t start with, “What books have had a deep impact in shaping what I am?” But with “What subjects am I supposed to be teaching, and which books will help me teach them?” I don’t teach my children subjects—I seek to instill in them wisdom. Which means I have them read the books that gave me wisdom.

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