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Middle East Geopolitical Alignments Shifting Towards Ezekiel 38 Scenario

Al Arabiya.net has recently described the current standoff between the West and Moscow concerning Ukraine as potentially the gravest instance of tension in the post-Cold War era. The tensions between Russia and the West seem to be causing some significant geopolitical re-alignments following Russia’s recent political aggressions in relation to Ukraine and Crimea …….. Click here for full story

Holy Week, Day 3: Tuesday


Tuesday, March 31, AD 33.

The following video, filmed in conjunction with our book The Final Days of Jesus, features short explanations from and interviews with New Testament professors Grant Osborne (of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) and Andreas Köstenberger (of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) along with historian of ancient history Paul Maier (of Western Michigan University), focusing in particular on the opposition to Jesus and what angered his Jewish antagonists so much.


Christians and Making Decisions


Posted by Christine Pack

I have a hunch that the sticking point for many Christians is that they think if they somehow get a feeling or hunch that God “confirms” a decision they are making, then that decision will result in a situation that is pain-free, hassle-free, problem-free and conflict-free. But there are no such guarantees. Life is fraught with difficulties and struggles which come along even after we’ve made calm, measured, thoughtful decisions which accord with God’s will (meaning, they aren’t sinful in nature).

Attached are a series of resources that will, I hope, help Christians confused about how it is, biblically, that we are to make decisions.

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