Authentic Fire Review: The Preface

Every Thursday for the next few months we will review Strange Fire, by Michael Brown, a chapter at a time. Today, we review of The Preface. If you haven’t already done so, please first read this post,  which explains why we are reviewing this book.

For those who haven’t been following it all, in the last six months or so Dr. Michael Brown has emerged as one of the more outspoken voices critiquing the Strange Fire conference that occurred this past October.  He has written a number of articles and has gained a fair amount of recognition as one of the leading “level-headed” Charismatics.  You can find a little recap of what happened before the Strange Fire conference here as well as check out this and this and this, and this and this, just to get a small glimpse of Dr. Brown’s comments and activities.  A whole lot more has been occurring, but documenting it all would mean writing a rather encyclopedic post.  More than a few people have spoken up (including James White, Justin Peters, Tony Miano, and more) about  what’s going on with Michael Brown’s recent activities, and to sum it up in two pictures…

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