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10 Confounding Mysteries Of Our Solar System

We’ve put men on the moon and car-sized robots on Mars. We’ve also discovered nearly 1,800 planets around other stars. It would be easy to think that we’ve got a pretty good handle on what’s out there. Then you find out that there’s a bizarre giant hexagon on Saturn, and you realize that we don’t understand half of what’s going on with our closest neighbors. These mysteries make it clear we’re going to need a lot more robots.

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Why Is The Media Silent About The Crucifixion Of Christians By Radical Jihadists?

Could you imagine the uproar in the mainstream media that we would see if a member of a politically favored class of people was crucified for who or what they are? There would be front page headlines for weeks. But because members of a politically favored class (Muslims) are doing it to members of a non-politically favored class (Christians), it is not newsworthy at all according to the media. In many instances, Christians are being crucified by jihadists that are actually being assisted and funded by the governments of the United States and Saudi Arabia. Yes, our tax dollars are being used to help arm and supply radical jihadists that are beheading and crucifying Christians. And yet none of the big media organizations considers this to be news. (Read More…..)

Pluralism and the Clash of Civilizations (The West lives in a state of denial) Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Unlike diversity, pluralism is a doctrine, an “ism” that professes to be true, even though pluralism, by definition, denies any ultimate truth.
Beneath the surface of the “two-state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a denial of the clash of civilizations between Islam and the West. This denial is rooted in the rejection of Truth concerning how man should live.

The West lives in a state of denial. This is postmodernism. Contrary to the 18th century, “Enlightenment,” or what is sometimes called the “Age of Reason,” postmodernism denies the existence of any universal or objective standards by which to determine whether the way of life of one individual, group, or nation is intrinsically superior to that of another. Hence, there is no objective standard of what constitutes human excellence.

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A World Vision for Church and Parachurch

“IT is difficult to overstate the significance of parachurch organizations in contemporary American evangelicalism.” So writes historian John G. Turner in Bill Bright and Campus Crusade for Christ: The Renewal of Evangelicalism in Postwar America. That’s due in part to the size and scope of such organizations. Evangelical Christians donate billions of dollars annually toward humanitarian, political, and evangelistic causes, from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) to Youth with a Mission to Young Life to Prison Fellowship to the Evangelical Environmental Network—the list goes on and on.

The extraordinary anxiety—and relief—over World Vision’s (WV) twin policy statements about hiring married gay men and women signaled again the centrality of parachurches to evangelical life. In fact, the incident suggests that parachurches do not merely come alongside the church in ministry, but also lead it in crucial ways.

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Is Christian growth keeping pace with Islam?

Christian growth has stagnated globally while Islam’s numbers have almost doubled, according to one researcher. In a report by Dick Slikker, of the Christian mission consultancy group Project Care, information from the World Christian Database reveals that Christians made up 34.5 per cent of the world’s population in 1900, while in 2010 they were 32.9 per cent.

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‘Harbinger’ rabbi warns America of ‘impending judgment’

At the National Day of Prayer event held on Capitol Hill Thursday, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn issued a dire warning to America: The nation “stands in danger of impending judgment, and we all know it.” “Too much of the church has lost its saltiness to do anything about it,” he declared. “And now the same biblical signs of national judgment that appeared in the last days of ancient Israel are reappearing on American soil.”

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Converging End Times Signs: The Fig Tree Prophecy

There were others who said they didn’t think that this passage had anything to do with Israel. They had good biblical arguments about why they believe what they believe. I think that it was interesting that Tim LaHaye took the position that he did not believe that passage referred to Israel. He felt that it simply referred to all of the signs coming together in the end times.

Bill, what was your position on Matthew 24:32-35?

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Shock and Awe: A Preview of Things to Come

The first call comes into an emergency call center, “911, what is your emergency?” A mom is hysterically screaming: “HELP PLEASE, HELP” “My little boy just disappeared.” The 911 dispatcher replies, “Ma’am, what do you mean? Has someone taken him?” “No, I was holding him in my arms and he’s just gone. Help, please help.”

“Flight 418, this is Delta Tower. Please confirm your plans to descend. Flight 418 please check in, OVER. Nervous silence fills the tower’s control room. Turning to her supervisor the air traffic controller gasps,”Sir, Flight 418 is not responding.”

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