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Albert Mohler Blog: “Constitutional Wisdom and Common Sense on Ceremonial Prayer — An Important Victory”

In his recent Blog Essay, “Constitutional Wisdom and Common Sense on Ceremonial Prayer — An Important Victory,” Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr. comments on the recent decision from the supreme court on prayers before opening legislative bodies in the case Town of Greece, New York v. Galloway. Mohler writes,

“In her leading dissent, Justice Elena Kagan wrote, “When citizens of this country approach their government, they do so only as Americans, not as members of one faith or another.” That is a striking example of an argument that can only be explained by a thoroughly secular worldview. In truth, we can never show up in any context as simple citizens, informed and shaped by a generic worldview. We always show up as all we are, and that includes our most fundamental beliefs.”

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4 Questions Every Newcomer Should Ask Themselves About Your Church


4 Questions Every Newcomer Should Ask Themselves About Your Church
Finding a new home church isn’t easy, but with these four questions you can help guide newcomers through your church doors.

This has been a question I have been asked not just through the blog, but even more recently in my church by those visiting. It is a common scenario. You move to a new area. You get settled at your new residence and job. You get the kids settled in school. Where you settle in a local church oftentimes becomes a longer, more drawn out task. After checking out all the churches you desire to visit, here are four questions to ask yourself as you narrow the search to make a decision.

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90 Percent of 180 Identified Girls Kidnapped by Boko Haram Profess Christianity


05/05/2014 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that Islamic insurgency and U.S.-designated Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) Boko Haram has overwhelmingly abducted self-proclaimed Christians in its raid on a government-sponsored secondary school in Chibok, northern Nigeria. Boko Haram leaders have formally claimed responsibility for the mass kidnapping of 243 school girls and, as reported by the parents of the abducted, Boko Haram is suspected to still be in possession of more than 230 school girls who are being sold into domestic and sexual servitude for as little as $12.00 each.

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A blending of religions and governments

blendedWe need to open our eyes to the fact that the world and the visible church are calling for the Globalization of our governments, our economies and even our faiths. Are we walking so closely with the Lord that nothing can shake us?

Our guest today has been following this globalization that is being shaped by trends, leaders and movements. In fact Gary Kah not only follows these developments, he has been taking a stand and warning us about these things for several decades.

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Hillary is the corporate candidate, Twenty-nine of the 30 Dow Jones Industrial Average index companies have given money to her

Bush was a corporatist. There is no doubt about that. Obama is a corporatist as we have documented over and over and over. But Hilary Clinton is taking things to a new level. She is tight with the banks, pharma, defense, you name it. She watched Glass-Steagall twitch and die at her husband’s hand from the guilded confines of the White House. She is a crony capitalist through and through.

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Judge rules Kong Hee trial will go forward (CHC Trial: There is enough evidence against the leaders to press every charge)

Chief District Judge, See Kee Oon has decided that there is sufficient evidence to go ahead with every single charge laid against the 6 City Harvest Church leaders.

Each element of all the charges can be satisfied. This means that the charges of criminal breach of trust and falsification of accounts will be proceeding against all the church leaders.

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Will Detroit Be The First Major Chinese City In The United States?

Is Detroit destined to become a Chinese city? Chinese homebuyers and Chinese businesses are starting to flood into the Motor City, and the governor of Michigan is greatly encouraging this. In fact, he has formally asked the Obama administration for 50,000 special federal immigration visas to encourage even more immigration from China and elsewhere. So will Detroit be the first major city in the United States to be dominated by China? It could happen. Once upon a time, Detroit was the greatest manufacturing city in the history of the world and it had the highest per capita income in the entire country. But now it is a rotting, decaying, bankrupt hellhole that is in desperate need of a savior, and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder appears to be fully convinced that China can be that savior. (Read More….)

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