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Evolution, Quantum Physics & New Age/New Spirituality

by Pastor Larry DeBruyn


Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit,
after the tradition of men,
after the rudiments of the world,
and not after Christ.
(Emphasis added, Colossians 2:8, KJV)

In explaining the universe’s origin, the theory of evolution neither wants nor needs God. Assuming matter’s temporality, evolution proposes that by chance something derived and organized itself from nothing; or assuming matter’s eternality, the theory asserts that something evolved from something. So what matters is matter. Thus, the study of it—is it a wave or a particle?—becomes primary in explaining “the system” in which we live, where matter came from and why “It” continues.

By observing the interaction of particles and/or powers at the subatomic level, the science (Latin scientia for “knowing”) of theoretical, particle or Quantum physics attempts to understand why “the system” keeps working. But in light of a possible obliteration of the universe (if gravity should suddenly give up), evolution-based physics offers no comfort to the human soul. Hearts cry out, “How can meaning be found in this immense and threatening universe which many scientists assume commenced and continues by chance?”

Esotericism, or the mysterious spirituality of secrets, proposes to salve the angst. By combining the mystical religion of the East with the science of the West, the New Age/New Spirituality imagines to bring meaning to disturbed human hearts. In American culture, this blending of science and spirituality has become popular and as such, can enamor Christian hearts “after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.” So believers need to understand how the spiritualization of science can “capture” their souls.

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Nigerian ‘Sex-Slaves’ Disrupt Obama Narrative on Islam :: Ibrahim in Human Events

Islamic law permits the possession of concubines, or sex slaves. This has been demonstrated countless times, including through Islamic clerics quoting Islamic scriptures, and through ordinary Muslims, past and present, acting on it.

That said, Islamic sanctioned sex-slavery does not perturb the Western world simply because the powers-that-be-specifically academia, media, and government-ignore it, and all other unsavory phenomena associated with Islam, out of existence.

Interesting, therefore, are the responses from the authorities-comical one might even say-when one of these everyday anecdotes actually does surface to the general public.

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The modern church and Neo Paganism: an interview with Bob DeWaay

If you’ve never heard of terms like eco-feminism, panentheism or internconnectedness, you’ll want to take notes on what today’s guest has to say. If you guessed that these are pagan terms, you are correct. But did you know that this new kind of paganism has a strong foothold in a growing number of modern churches? This “New Paganism” has infected the modernchurch like a relentless cancer.

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Why Should Biblical Scholars Care About, Or Use, Social Media and Blogs?

Zwinglius Redivivus

Aside from the fact that social media and blogs are excellent tools for the dissemination of accurate information about the Bible and theology, there’s also a very practical reason which I shall now explain by the relating of a true story.

Several years back (5 or 6 now I think), in the Northwest of England, a campaign was quietly undertaken to shut down one of the most important Departments of Biblical Studies on the planet.  That Department resided in the University of Sheffield.  To this day I still do not know nor can I understand the reasons for this attempt.  It made no sense then and it makes no sense to this very moment.

Word leaked out that the Department was scheduled to be shuttered and first, among the students, and then, among the blogs, and then, among the facebookers word spread and outrage grew and petitions were organized and…

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The Church Needs More Tattoos

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) often tells audiences, “Republican Party events need more people with tattoos.” It struck me, as I heard him say this, that this is kind of what evangelical Christians ought to be saying about our churches. It struck me further when I read this tribute my former student Spencer Harmon wrote about his new wife and her past that this is precisely the issue facing the next generation of the Bride of Christ, the church.

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End Times Prophecy Headlines: May 16, 2014

End Times Prophecy Report

End Times Prophecy Report Headlines: Bible prophecy in Today's headlines. Bible prophecy in Today’s headlines.

End Times Prophecy Report
May 16, 2014

CommentaryAnd OPINION

TEMPUS FUGIT:Was just notified that we registered for this site on WordPress one year ago today.  Time flies!  Our “official” one-year anniversary is next Friday, May 23.  That’s the day we started posting–though we backdated several of the personal newsletters to the 14th, if memory serves.  Next Friday, May 23, we have something a little different planned for End Times Prophecy Headlines. 

A very hearty “Thank You!” to all our readers and especially all those who are regulars.


ICELAND: The Reyjavik Confessions:  Who Would Admit To Crimes They Couldn’t Remember?  – The BBC spent 7 pages weaving a narrative of justice gone wrong.  It spent about two paragraphs on the victims.  The Corporate Media sheds few tears for murder victims; pages and pages on the perpetrators.  Or maybe the ones convicted were patsies?

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Biblically Using The F-Word

Wait.  The F word?

No, not that F word!

I’m talking about the word “false“, almost always followed by “teacher” (though sometimes “prophet” or “brother” or “convert” or “gospel”).  That specific word was thrown out a lot in the recent Strange Fire meltdown and is regularly getting stamped on a whole lot of people, movements and ideas.



Seeing that there’s so many wrongful understandings and applications of the word and how it’s been used (in the specific phrases “false teacher” or “false prophet”) by both sides of the Strange Fire debate, I thought it would be worthy of a rather exhaustive treatment that will hopefully bring some clarity to who is and who isn’t a false teacher.  I’m going to do this in two steps:  First I’m going t:

(#1) do my best to give a biblical understanding of the term “false”

(#2) I’m going to do my best to  give a biblical understanding of the concept of “false teacher”

Let’s go!

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