Do Not Be Surprised…This ‘n’ That (23 May 2014)

  • Okay, The Gospel Coalition has had a busy week. I don’t really know where to start, so I’ll just throw a smattering of links at you and let you put them all together for yourself. I’m purposely leaving my personal thoughts and opinions out of this, so it would be appreciated if my readers not make assumptions or presumptions based on the links provided here. I’m sure I’ve missed something along the way, but I’ve done my best to collect at least the main headlines. First, let’s point out that, just as news was announced of the conviction of a former SGM pastor, both Joshua Harris and C.J. Mahaney resigned from TGC.
  • TGC weighed in here.
  • Also this week, in light of an ongoing discussion surrounding the doctrine of sanctification, Tullian Tchividjian left his blogging platform at TGC.
  • TGC weighed in on that here.
  • Then Tchividjian blasted TGC for their handling of the SGM case. Although, one wonders why he’s only now airing his opinions and concerns on this issue. Or did I miss a previous statement from him (that’s a sincere question)?
  • And Carl Trueman chimes in on the sanctification debate with some practical questions.
  • I disagree with Rachel Held Evans on just about everything. Including this.
  • Free ebooks are good!
  • Fred Butler takes on former Charisma editor J. Lee Grady’s “Six Really Bad Charismatic Doctrines.”
  • This is your weekly dose of adorable.
  • I am totally confused about the rationalization behind this.
  • Liberty University responds (poorly) to complaints about New Age Mormon Glenn Beck’s recent appearance and sermon there.
  • And Paige Patterson responds to inquiries regarding why he admitted a Muslim student to his Christian seminary.
  • Seriously? People want Pat Sajak to step down from being a game show host because he’s a skeptic of climate change? That might be the dumbest thing I’ve read all week. Those people officially can never say another word about tolerance/intolerance. Ever.
  • The danger of lectio divina.
  • Shut out of heaven forever:


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