Thanking Edward Snowden and the Biggest Excuse Ever to Revolt Against the American Government

5 Pt. Salt

Edward Snowden. You know the name. He’s the guy who exposed the NSA for spying on Americans and has said he doesn’t think things will change but will only get worse.

He’s right, and we can thank ourselves for that.

Now everyone knows the abuses of the United States government under Barack Obama. Now everyone knows just how much our liberties and freedoms under this usurping, non-American criminal who has, again and again, committed treason against the people of the United States, gotten away with so much without even a whisper of opposition from the representatives of the people of America itself.

It is criminal. There is no justice in the land, none whatsoever.

I feel like Amos of Scripture, but no.

Listen people. Thank Edward Snowden – after you thank God for him – for revealing the corruption of your own government.



Lament and wail at your…

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