Contending with Humility

EgretI have been thinking and praying a lot about how things have gotten to where they are spiritually in America. There is no doubt we are rapidly becoming an apostate nation and “church”. When 55 million children are sacrificed to our personal god of wealth and convenience—and when we sit back and watch marriage be trampled under foot by both homosexual and heterosexual sin—while the church remains silent, even accepting, there can be little doubt we in America are those Paul talked about in Romans 1.

But as we stand up for the truth of God’s Word and point out the growing apostasy in the church, we must do so detached from self-righteousness and arrogance. All of us have contributed to the growing apostasy in this nation.

And as we critique and rebuke leaders who fancy themselves more as corporate CEOs instead of stewards of Jesus’ sheep, we must not be bitter or hateful toward them. And we must be willing to admit that some of these leaders started off doing great things for God.

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