Tin-Foil Hat Theology [3]


With this post, I finally wrap up my thoughts about tin-foil hat theology and conspiracy theory driven Christianity. It is my contention that any person obsessively indulging in speculative conspiracy theories is doing great harm to his spiritual health and will stifle personal sanctification. My previous two posts on this subject can be found here: Part 1 and Part 2.

5) A Conspiracy theory mindset often levels sinful accusations against others based upon pure speculation. Because tin-foil hat theology is based largely upon pure speculation, any one supposedly tied to a specific conspiracy is accused of lying or covering up the truth concerning the particular conspiracy theory under consideration.  If the person can at least convince his accuser of not lying about the so-called conspiracy, he is then accused of being deceived, or woefully ignorant, or misinformed as to the facts.

Accusing someone of lying with no tangible evidence…

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