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Who Moved The Stone? By Frank Morison


I am posting the e-book Who Moved The Stone?  by Frank Morison (aka Albert Henry Ross).  It is a great defense of the resurrection of Christ as a historical fact.  The author started out to write a book de-bunking the ‘myth’ of the resurrection and ended up becoming a christian and writing one of the best known defenses of the resurrection. It was written in 1930 and continues to be printed and circulated today.


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Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

Israeli tanks and ground forces are now moving into Gaza. Israeli tanks and ground forces are now moving into Gaza.

UPDATED: (Washington, D.C.) — It has begun.

The Israeli Defense Forces have commenced a massive ground operation in Gaza. Israeli leaders have concluded they need to deal a devastating blow to Hamas, and air strikes aren’t enough.

Please pray this will all end quickly. Please pray for calm to be restored. And please pray for mercy for Israelis and Palestinians. It is so painful to see the suffering and trauma on both sides. The Bible commands us to pray for peace — let us be faithful.

“Israel began a ground invasion into the Gaza Strip on Thursday night, saying it would target tunnels that infiltrate its territory after cease-fire talks failed to de-escalate the air war that has raged for 10 days,” reports the New York Times. “The military released a statement at 10:39 p.m. saying the goal…

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4 Reasons Why Marriages Suffer


There are many reasons why marriages suffer. Here are four.
1. You have fallen in love with someone else.
Adultery, pornography, and all manner of lusts provide a third party to an otherwise two-party marriage. Intimacy decreases, the closeness that you once experienced is exchanged for distance, and the ebb and flow of an otherwise good marriage begins to break down week by week.
2. Physical union is withheld. 
The apostle Paul wrote, “Do not deprive one another, except perhaps by agreement for a limited time, that you may devote yourselves to prayer; but then come together again, so that Satan may not tempt you because of your lack of self-control” (1 Cor. 7:5). As a pastor, I am privileged to counsel many married couples. One of the complaints I receive with some consistency is the lack of physical union that occurs. One person craves it more than the other, and since the frequency is not what one person desires, the marriage, at least from the perspective of the one wanting physical union more, suffers.
3. Marriage is about the children.
Whether it is preparing meals, taking them to school, attending their sporting events, or reading to them, children require your time. It is somewhat easy, therefore, to arrange your marriage around them. However, when the children eventually leave the home, both husband and wife no longer know how to communicate with each other because the foundation of their marriage became their children.
4. No time in the scriptures and prayer. 
More and more I hear wives complain that their husband does not take the initiative to lead them in word and prayer throughout the week. In some cases, wives request this time with their husband and he refuses. Deuteronomy 8:3 finds no place in the home.

Can Christians Practice Yoga?


                                           photo courtesy caryltv.com

The topic of yoga was recently brought up in conversation over lunch we had with some fellow believers. As the dialogue went on the concept of yoga being something that Christians can do without engaging in the pagan practice became concerning.
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As I walked through the parking lot into church on Sunday, I was struck by the number of handicapped parking spaces in front of the entrance. Maybe it drew my attention more on this day because the parking lot attendants had placed plastic barricades in front of normal parking spaces in order to create more handicapped spaces. Granted, I attend a large church but I would estimate that on the lower level entrance there were at least 40 handicapped spaces. In a church that has 2,000 – 3,000 people attending on a Sunday morning maybe this wouldn’t seem significant but even smaller churches still maintain 10 or more spaces. Maybe they are used by the elderly to allow then closer access, but even that makes me think. I remember my grandmother who went home to be with the Lord at the age of 97. She was spry and alert until her last year when cancer overtook her body. Her husband, my step grandfather, downhill skied until he was in his 90′s. People marveled at them. What was it that allowed them to enter into their golden years with such a sturdy level of health? I believe there is an answer – and it applies to us today. We can live the same life with a little effort.

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Resources to Help You Defend Christian Orthodoxy

The word “orthodox” does not actually appear in the Bible, but its meaning is affirmed throughout the Scriptures. The Bible describes the existence of objective Biblical truth and prescribes the teaching and defense of this truth. We’re living in an age where it’s stylish for Christians to be involved in an open “conversation” about the questions and doctrines of the faith, without making decisive proclamations about what is true (or false). The following articles were written to help you investigate the Biblical truth so you can guard and protect it from corruption: – See more at: http://coldcasechristianity.com/2014/articles-related-to-christian-orthodoxy/

How To Blog

Zwinglius Redivivus

How to blog posts crop up every now and then and folk always have lengthy descriptions of ‘how to drive traffic to your blog’ or ‘how to be engaging’ and the like.  It’s all much more simple than that.  Here are the rules to blogging that works:

1- Blog what interests you.
2- Don’t listen to advice about how to blog.
3- If people read it, fine, if not, fine.

In other words- your blog is yours. Do what you want with it. That’s all.

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Authentic Fire Review: The Appendix of the Doctor

Authentic Fire is Dr. Michael Brown’s book-length response to John MacArthur’s Strange Fire conference. Because of the importance of this debate, TheCripplegate is using every Thursday to respond chapter-by-chapter to Authentic Fire. You can find an overview of this debate, as well as links to the reviews for each chapter by clicking here.

In the original review of Authentic Fire, Fred Butler and I didn’t address all the appendixes because of the four, the other three were already dealt with in various places on the internet.  I felt it was appropriate to interact with Dr. Keener in depth, seeing that he is one of the oft cited intellectual defenders of the entire charismatic movement, and though this entry has be extensively reduced in size (I’ve cut it in half) and it’s still colossal…I apologize in advance to any CrippleGate readers who have ADD.

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