Twenty Ways to Answer A Fool [1]


Is Christianity Based on Fear?

screamI recently introduced my readers to Chaz Bufe, conspiratorial anarchist and religion bashing pamphleteer. Chaz wrote a gut-wrenching indictment against the Christian faith,

20 Reasons to Abandon Christianity.

There is nothing particularly new with the 20 reasons Chaz offers as to why we need to abandon Christianity.  He repeats the standard, cliched criticisms any well-read Christian has already encountered years ago.

Moreover, Chaz’s “reasons,” if we even grant him that word to describe his points, are not too terribly thoughtful. It is painfully clear with the glaring absence of meaningful interaction with any serious Christians that Chaz is in a blindfolded pinata game swinging wildly at strawmen caricatures of Christians, not actual Christianity.

Now before I begin with evaluating his first point, it may be helpful to clarify some terminology.  Is it fair of me to describe Chaz and his atheistic anarchism as “foolish?” Sounds a…

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