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Zwinglius Redivivus

After death the souls of the wicked experience perfect and complete damnation. – Quenstadt

“The pains of hell, which the condemned experience immediately after death, are graphically described, in Luke 16:23 seq.:

1. They are in hell, ἐν τῷ ᾅδῃ. This expresses every kind of torture; since in hell there is the presence of all evil, and the absence of all good.

2. They are ἐν βασάνοις, i.e., they feel such pains as criminals experience, who are subject to most exquisite tortures.

3. ὀδυνῶνται, they feel the anguish belonging to those who endure the pains of child-birth, under which figure Scripture expresses the most severe tortures.

4. For they are burned ἐν τῆ φλογί, not lightly and superficially, but in the midst of flames penetrating ad medullas.

5. They can obtain not even a drop of water to cool their body, much less the least consolation for their soul.


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