The Law of God, Theonomy, and Pacifism


Gavel and Scales of Justice

Theonomy and pacifism are rearing their heads as the United States continues its efforts to build a coalition of nations to destroy the Islamic State. Two weeks ago I offered some recommendations for Christians in how we should be responding to the threat of IS and the impending war. While my position has found consensus with most Christians I’ve encountered, it has also been met with heated opposition by a few.

Over the last year or two I’ve been collecting future reads for when I would begin my study on the Law of God. I’ve desired to solidify my understanding of the Christian’s relationship to the Law of God under the New Covenant. Part of this desire has been driven by the rising theonomical influence in reformed circles, and wanting to have a firm grasp on the Law to counter the aberrant arguments from my theonomist friends. I’ve learned, however, that discussions…

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