Why ‘Begging’ Christians to Participate in Worship Is a Mistake: An Observation

Zwinglius Redivivus

  • When people become Christians and are baptized they become members of the Church, the Body of Christ.
  • When Christians absent themselves regularly from worship, they are severing themselves from the benefits of being a member of the Body of Christ.
  • ‘Begging’ the uncommitted to take seriously their obligations to the Body of Christ has no basis in Scripture or Christian theology.
  • Persons who are ‘begged’ (or badgered) into participating in worship along with the other members of the Body of Christ feel put upon and consequently they feel disengaged.  They don’t really wish to be there, and they know it.  So, filled with resentment they ‘get nothing’ out of the service of Worship.
  • When they leave worship, the tell themselves that they were right not to be regular in worship attendance because they ‘didn’t get anything out of it’ but of course they didn’t get ‘anything out of it’ –…

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