Download Ready with an Answer e-book FREE

The John Ankerberg Show Announcement

Download Ready with an Answer e-book FREE

Beloved long-time staff member and author Dr. John Weldon passed away August 30, 2014 at the age of 66 following a long battle with cancer. To honor his life and ministry, we are sharing one of his classic books with Dr. Ankerberg absolutely free as an e-book download.

Ready with an Answer offers biblical and historical evidence to help you know what you believe, why you believe it, and how to explain it. You’ll examine a wide range of evidence for the truth of biblical Christianity and become equipped to evaluate:

Jesus Christ—what sets Him entirely apart from founders of other religions;

The resurrection—why lawyers and former skeptics believe it & why skeptics’ theories fall short;

The reliability of the Bible—how it is proven by the science of archaeology and our manuscript evidence;

The miracle of origins—why both creation and evolution require a miracle and why evolution can’t be true;

Reincarnation & Christianity—why they can-t coexist;

Why biblical prophecy proves who the true God is and why the Bible is the only revelation from God;

Atheists & skeptics—why even they agree they have knowledge about God;

And why the biblical evidence strongly argues for an inerrant Bible.

Find answers to the toughest questions from creation to salvation and discover the uniqueness of Christianity & man’s universal need for the one true God.

Other great resources by Dr. John Weldon, like How You Know You’re Going to Heaven , can be found at

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