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Democrats spied on journalist who reported on gunrunning and Benghazi cover-up


Ex-CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson Ex-CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson

I blogged about this before in May 2013, but this time it’s in the New York Post.


A former CBS News reporter who quit the network over claims it kills stories that put President Obama in a bad light says she was spied on by a “government-related entity” that planted classified documents on her computer.

In her new memoir, Sharyl Attkisson says a source who arranged to have her laptop checked for spyware in 2013 was “shocked” and “flabbergasted” at what the analysis revealed.

“This is outrageous. Worse than anything Nixon ever did. I wouldn’t have believed something like this could happen in the United States of America,” Attkisson quotes the source saying.

She speculates that the motive was to lay the groundwork for possible charges against her or her sources.

Attkisson says the source, who’s “connected to government three-letter agencies,” told her…

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And That Profound Ignorance Is Why They Can’t Spot the Lies of Joel Osteen, Rob Bell, Mark Driscoll, Steven Furtick, and the Other Heretics

Zwinglius Redivivus

Else why would anyone buy a book about marriage by Rob Bell which describes itself thusly:

“You can become more familiar with how this energy field works. You can develop language between you to identify what’s happening in the space between you. You can sharpen your abilities to assess it. You can act in certain ways to increase the flow. You can identify what’s blocking the flow, and then you can overcome those barriers. Years into your marriage, you can continue to intensify this energetic flow between you.”

What bollocks.  And yet, the ignorant will lap it up with the same grotesque self serving anti-Christian fervor with which they swallowed whole his idiotic book on Hell.

Christians need to stop shopping at the local Jesus junk store and take a course on theology and biblical studies.  Then they won’t be wasting their money on absolute garbage.  Bell and his kindred…

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That’s Because they Are Profoundly Ignorant, Thanks to the Ignorance of their Pastors

Zwinglius Redivivus

Most American evangelicals hold views condemned as heretical by some of the most important councils of the early church. A survey released today by LifeWay Research for Ligonier Ministries “reveals a significant level of theological confusion,” said Stephen Nichols, Ligonier’s chief academic officer. Many evangelicals do not have orthodox views about either God or humans, especially on questions of salvation and the Holy Spirit, he said.

Bloody heretics.  Thanks, ignorant clerics…

Evangelicals did score high on several points. Nearly all believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead (96%), and that salvation is found through Jesus alone (92%). Strong majorities said that God is sovereign over all people (89%) and that the Bible is the Word of God (88%).

That’s nice.

More than half (51%) said the Holy Spirit is a force, not a personal being. Seven percent weren’t sure, while only 42 percent affirmed that the Spirit is a…

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Hillary Clinton’s views on the economy, taxes and jobs


The video above explains Hillary Clinton’s views on how jobs get created. She doesn’t think that private companies create jobs.

Here’s the story from economist Stephen Moore writing at Investors Business Daily.


Hillary Clinton is getting deservedly attacked for her imbecilic statement at a Democratic political gathering in Massachusetts on Friday about business and jobs.

“Don’t let anybody tell you that, ah, you know, it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs,” she preached, to loud applause. “You know that old theory, trickle-down economics. That has been tried, that has failed. It has failed rather spectacularly.”

It may not be too surprising that Hillary can’t connect the dots that it takes an employer to create an employee to create wages and salaries.

That’s how some 150 million Americans get paid every week. Ms. Clinton has made her millions in the cattle futures market, as a government employee and giving speeches…

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DeChickifying Halloween


thetrickSome General Thoughts About Christians Celebrating Halloween

When I grew up as kid in small town Missouri, Halloween was a favorite time of the year. Not only did it indicate that Thanksgiving and Christmas were not far behind, but it gave us kids an opportunity to dress up in some fun costume and traverse our town begging the folks to give us candy; and they loved giving it to us.   And in those good ole days, people handed out those full-sized candy bars. None of that “fun-size” non-sense like now. Little dinky 3 Musketeers bars are neither sizable nor fun. But I digress.

Our costumes were not all that fancy.  We didn’t have any of those specialty stores like they have now-a-days where I guy can get a full on elf warrior suit or some gal one of those sleazy outfits like “sexy ebola patient” or whatever. Nope. The…

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