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More Luther the Warm and Fuzzy

Zwinglius Redivivus

“You do nothing more than latch on to a small word and smear over with your spittle as you please, but meanwhile you do not take into account other texts which overthrow you who smear and spits, so that you are up-ended with all four limbs in the air”.  — Martin Luther

Don’t you just want to hug him?  I do, and I’m not a hugger…

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Quote of the Week 10/29/2014

Green Baggins

This week’s quotation comes from Carl Trueman, in his book The Creedal Imperative, p. 35. The topic is mysticism, and that there is an evangelical version of it.

Anyone who has ever been told by a friend that the Lord led such a friend to do something completely silly, or anyone who has ever been at a Bible study where the burden has been to explain “what the text means to me,” regardless of what the words on the page and the grammar and syntax might otherwise indicate, has experienced an evangelical mysticism that is not really distinguishable from traditional liberalism at the level of its understanding of what constitutes truth.

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Zwinglius Redivivus

Universalism is guilt writ large. It is fear based in uncertainty and, ultimately, distrust of God.

A Christianity which fancies it needs no hell is a Christianity lacking a Bible and based in sentimentalism. Indeed, it is a Christianity which has done away with the Word and embraced a menstrual rag in its place and called it sweet love.

It in fact isn’t Christianity at all but a hollow self obsessed cult of ‘me-ism’ whose god is nothing but a postulate. It is delusional and self-deceptive and lifeless narcissism.

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A Short Cumulative Case for Biblical Theism


Here is a small Cumulative Case for Biblical Theism.  I have left a lot of supplemental reading. Obviously much more can be said. But for now, I hope this helps.

Which God Shall I Pick?

1.Pantheism: (Hinduism/Buddhism)

  • God is not personal and knowable
  • The  universe is eternal and unchanging, without an end or a beginning (this contradicts the evidence for the beginning of the universe)
  •  If divinity and matter are mystically “one” (so you can’t have god without matter), how is the pantheistic god capable of producing the effect in question such as the origin of space?
  • Says the universe is a necessary being. But this makes no sense because we know the universe is contingent.
  • To bring a universe into existence means the cause would have a volitional will- they made a choice. This is a personal cause (i.e., Agent Causation). Will is one attribute that characterizes personhood.

2. Polytheism

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Will robots and machines ever have consciousness like humans?


There is a very famous thought experiment from UC Berkeley philosopher John Searle that all Christian apologists should know about. And now everyone who reads the Wall Street Journal knows about it, because of this article.

In that article, Searle is writing about the IBM computer that was programmed to play Jeopardy. Can a robot who wins on Jeopardy be “human”?Searle says no. And his famous Chinese room example (discussed in the article) explains why.


Imagine that a person—me, for example—knows no Chinese and is locked in a room with boxes full of Chinese symbols and an instruction book written in English for manipulating the symbols. Unknown to me, the boxes are called “the database” and the instruction book is called “the program.” I am called “the computer.”

People outside the room pass in bunches of Chinese symbols that, unknown to me, are questions. I look up in…

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ChurchandCulture.org News: “Man Up” Series

James Emery White just wrapped up a message series at Mecklenburg Community Church that generated as much response as any series in the church’s history. It was a four-week series titled “Man Up” that looked at the ways men needed to “man up” in four key areas: their wives, sex, fatherhood and leadership.

Countless numbers of men, evidenced by a torrent of emails, felt convicted and challenged to make serious changes in how they were living and walking through life as men.

As you know, the news seems to have been overwhelming, as of late, with stories of domestic violence, child abuse, the widespread consumption of and addiction to pornography…a telling reminder of how easy it is for men to lose their way.

We believe you will find this series a helpful resource for developing a similar set of sermons that will help your church meet this cultural challenge. This series is available on the Message Downloads page of the ChurchandCulture.org site in both PDF and mp3 formats.

Source: The ChurchandCulture.org Team

We Will Experience the Anguish of Severe Inflation In the Coming Years – Here’s Why

The developed world is swimming in debt in a proverbial sea of sharks without a life raft anywhere to be found.

If we have learned nothing about ourselves since 2008 we should now, at bare minimum, know that there are really only two viable options or outcomes to the furtive policies of our central bankers and the governments of the developed world:

1. global economic melancholy or
2. very high inflation

and it is our contention that the policymakers have preselected door number 2 and that over the following years we will experience the anguish of severe inflation. Here’s why.

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How The Real Lord’s Prayer of John 17 is Twisted For Ecumenicalism | Worldview Weekend

So, tonight, Twisted Scripture Number 43, which happens to be the verse John 17:21. Now, this verse is used out of context all the time by a lot of people pushing ecumenicalism. This is a favorite verse of those pushing ecumenicalism. I want to show you some video clips to prove to you that people use John 17:21 out of context to say that the Catholic Church and the Protestants must come together as one. And they will quote John 17:21 that reads – the prayer of Jesus, “– that they all may be one, as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be one in us, that the world may believe that you sent me.”

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New Study Shows The Number Of Un-Church Is Growing! Pastors Are Chasing Them Away!?

Mega Church Bubble Popping In Real Time

I am not sure if we can call the results of this new poll a total victory for the Church Folk Revolution, but we definitely welcome the Good News. A new poll by the Barna Group as caught our attention in a major way because it has confirmed a trend that the Un-Churched segment of our society is growing. Then when you also consider the constant financial burden church adds in the form of tithing, combined with a dwindling middle class, many cash strapped families simply can not afford church. The study also shows that Pastors have become too busy to do home visits, call to check on members, or send letters of concern, all symptoms of the Mega Church Illness. Read more