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Podcast: 14 Traits Found in Toxic Leaders – Rainer on Leadership #079

Podcast Episode #079

Unfortunately not all leaders of churches or Christian ministries act in the most Christ-like of ways. Some of these leaders, despite the Christian mission of the group they lead, create extremely toxic environments. Their leadership then hinders the growth of the church or ministry, and, if left uncorrected, often runs it into the ground. So this week on the podcast, we discuss the traits found in these leaders and what to do if you are one or work for one.

Some highlights from the episode:

  • There is a dark side to Christian leadership, and we should address these issues in the open.
  • As Christian leaders, we should exemplify the fruit of the Spirit.
  • The level of accountability in Christian leadership should be higher than that of secular leaders.
  • Toxic leaders get their joy by putting others down.
  • Toxic leaders rarely try to develop people. They use them up and cast them aside.
  • The more clear you are in your communication, the more you reveal who you really are.

The 14 traits we cover are:

  1. They rarely demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit.
  2. They seek a minimalist structure of accountability.
  3. They expect behavior of others they don’t expect of themselves.
  4. They see almost everyone else as inferior to themselves.
  5. They show favoritism.
  6. They have frequent anger outbursts.
  7. They say one thing to some people, but different things to others.
  8. They seek to dismiss or marginalize people before they attempt to develop them.
  9. They are manipulative.
  10. They lack transparency.
  11. They do not allow for pushback or disagreement.
  12. They surround themselves with sycophants.
  13. They communicate poorly.
  14. They are self-absorbed.


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Opinion: Bethel Church’s “apostle” Bill Johnson: a comedy of errors

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“Bill Johnson is no stranger to controversy,” says Marsha West. “For one thing, he claims to be an apostle, as in the unique position held by the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ.” Are the self-proclaimed apostles and prophets in the same league as the Old Testament prophets and New Testament Apostles as they claim? Or are these men and women what Jesus declared “ravenous wolves” in Matthew 7:15? In West’s two part series, discover the many twists and turns the new apostolic-prophetic movement has taken over the years.

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News: Liberty University student editor raises concern after calling for “common ground” with homosexuals

by Marsha West
According to Christian News Network:

An editor of Liberty University’s student newspaper is raising concern after releasing an article that calls upon Christians and homosexuals to find “common ground.”

“Common ground is what makes the world continue to move, grow and advance,” wrote Tre Goins-Phillips, opinion editor of The Liberty Champion, named after the university’s motto “Training Champions for Christ.”

His comments were in response to an opinion piece written by Apple’s Tim Cook and published by Bloomberg Businessweek, in which Cook came out as a homosexual.

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CultureWatch: Islam According to its Own Sources

by Bill Muehlenberg

With Islam becoming such a huge issue of concern right around the world, it is incumbent upon all of us to seek to educate ourselves about this religion and political ideology. We don’t have to become experts in Islam, but we should know some of the basics at least.

Indeed, I certainly do not claim to be an authority on Islam. When I am asked to speak on it, I usually mention a half-dozen other folks in this country who would do an excellent job on this. But I have sought to learn a bit about Islam, and with some 350 articles on the topic, I know at least a small amount about the issue.

Everyone knows that the Koran is the Islamic holy book. Obviously to know about Islam means knowing about what is in the Koran. But there are other authoritative sources in Islam which we must know about if we want a full understanding of what this religion actually teaches and promotes.

There are three other main authoritative sources of instruction and teaching about Islam which we must be aware of and in possession of if we want to fully grasp what Islam is about, and also to be able to point out its many shortcomings and problems.

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