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Pyromaniacs: John Piper and Mark Driscoll: lessons not learned?

by Dan Phillips

A recent “Ask Pastor John” segment is titled “Do You Regret Partnering with Mark Driscoll?” An answer to that question could have been very helpful. However, once the question is asked, the word “partnering” never recurs. Piper instead poses and answers a question of his own: “Do you regret befriending Mark Driscoll?”

I don’t doubt that question was more appealing. Low-hanging fruit always is. However, it is is a question I’ve heard no one ask. I asked my Tweeps if anyone had heard that question asked, and no one had. (I also offered some other thoughtlets on Twitter: here, here.)

“John Piper has no regret for befriending Mark Driscoll,” Piper said Bob-Dole-ically, answering the question he alone asked himself. Piper did go on to admit that he regrets not being a more effective friend. But then Piper somewhat undoes that admission, by saying that Mark knew he had flaws of leadership attitude, unsavory language, exegetical errors, and that Mark knew Piper knew. Piper says he always hoped the relationship would be redemptive and helpful. So it’s really Driscoll’s fault. Which, of course, ultimately is true…and, once again, was not the question.

Then, somewhat oddly, Piper stressed that Driscoll gave Piper a lot of time and counsel and “guidance.” Driscoll gave guidance to Piper and his elders. “He certainly gave me more time and counsel than I deserved.” Oh? What is this? Taken seriously, this rather subverts the perception that Piper was an elder brother taking Driscoll under his wing to sober, mature, guide and mentor the famously loose-cannon leaky-Canoneer. Instead, Piper depicts them as equals, giving and receiving counsel to each other.

Would that make Piper still less responsible for the direction Driscoll took? Is that the intent?

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The Cripplegate: A Profile of Integrity

For our proud confidence is this: the testimony of our conscience, that in God-given simplicity and sincerity, not in fleshly wisdom but in the grace of God, we have conducted ourselves in the world, and especially toward you. For we write nothing else to you than what you read and understand.
– 2 Corinthians 1:12-13 –

IntegrityAt the time he wrote 2 Corinthians, the Apostle Paul was facing false accusations against his character and ministry. False teachers, claiming to be Apostles of Christ, infiltrated the church of Corinth and, in order to weaken Paul’s influence for the sake of growing their own, launched a full-scale assault on Paul’s legitimacy as an Apostle. Much of 2 Corinthians is a defense of Paul’s integrity as a minister of the Gospel. And he begins that defense by declaring that his conscience is clear from the accusations being brought against him.

But he knows that it would have been too easy for hypocrites who have been seared in conscience to simply appeal to their conscience in order to get everyone off their backs. In 2 Corinthians 1:12–13, Paul explains that the testimony of his clear conscience is something more than a retreat to a private and inner sense of the state of his heart that no one can see or verify. His clear conscience is founded upon a real life of integrity. And that life of integrity is marked by a number of things. Read more

Stephen C. Meyer and Keith Fox debate intelligent design and evolution


From Justin Brierley’s “Unbelievable” podcast.


Stephen Meyer is a leading proponent of Intelligent Design who directs the Centre for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute in Seattle. His [first] book “Signature in the Cell” claims to show that the DNA code is the product of intelligent mind, not naturalistic processes. Keith Fox is Professor of Biochemistry at Southampton University. He chairs the UK Christians in Science network but disagrees strongly with ID. They debate how life could have originated and whether design is allowed as an explanation in science.

Summary: (stuff in italics is my snarky paraphrase)


  • background and how he got interested in intelligent design
  • his research focus is on the origin of life – the first replicator
  • summarizes the history of origin of life studies
  • authored the book “Signature in the Cell”
  • the DNA enigma: where did the information in DNA come from?
  • naturalistic explanations of…

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News: ‘People Are Going To Be In For A Shock’: Penalty For Uninsured Not Signing Up For Obamacare To More Than Triple

Americans will see their bank accounts shrink if they don’t sign up for Obamacare in its second enrollment season.

Uninsured Americans who decide not to enroll will face a penalty of $325 per person, more than tripling the $95 penalty those who did not enroll had to pay the first time around.

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Commentary: The How and Why Behind Obama’s Mysterious Rise to the Presidency

Does being a community activist/antagonist qualify one for the highest office in the land? Were the Soviet defectors correct in that Obama is the manifestation of a multi-generational plot to bring America to her knees? It is easy to comprehend how and why Putin would want to destroy America. But is Obama is his accomplice in this mission which could imperil all of us?

Former FBI Weatherman Task Force supervisor, Max Noel, noted that the FBI utilized a CARL test when it conducted background checks on various suspects. The acronym CARL stands for Character, Associates, Reputation, and Loyalty is used to assess candidates fitness to hold the highest office in the country. On each of these four points of power, Obama fails and fails miserably. Like many FBI law enforcement agents and officials, Noel was alarmed by the fact that someone like Barack Obama could capture the presidency.

For some unexplained reason, Obama was never vetted before he became a candidate for the presidency by the FBI. This is an unacceptable result of our national security system and is wholly suggestive of internal plot to allow the installation of a blatantly communist advocate into the highest political position in America.

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News: Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber, who made “stupid voter” comment was paid $300,000

Such is the life of a White House consultant I suppose. The taxpayers might be stupid but their money still spends.

(From The Washington Times)

Those “stupid” people have been extremely generous to Mr. Gruber. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) in 2010 investigated the $297,600 that the Department of Health and Human Services paid Mr. Gruber to sing the praises of the health care scheme. Congress — or part of Congress — was concerned that this payoff violated a federal law against paid government propaganda, but the GAO said it wasn’t a violation because Mr. Gruber had written his propaganda on his own time. Officially, he was paid only to “analyze various health care reform proposals and identify cost and coverage implications.”
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Opinion: Judge Napolitano: Orwellian ‘Net Neutrality’ Anything But Neutral “The next step would be to regulate content.”

“I am your new ISP administrator. I am here to keep things fair.”
“I am your new administrator. I am here to keep things fair.”

The Internet is the freest place on earth and it is awesome. I’ve been using it now for over 20 years (that is crazy, my dad for nearly 40 – no kidding) and I still catch myself thinking what a miracle it is. It is a revolution. It is the printing press cubed. And it scares the HELL out of the establishment.

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News: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Pastor Offers Stern Warning for America

The people of the United States must collectively repent of their sin and wholeheartedly turn back to God—or the nation could face severe judgment from God. That warning comes from Alan Robertson of the popular TV show Duck Dynasty, who is a former church pastor and frequently preaches around the country, as does his father, Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson. “[I]t costs a society and a culture wherever sin reigns,” Al Robertson told CNSNews.com. “Let’s look at human civilization and go back at all the great cultures that rose up, like the Romans or others, and it [sin] just weighs in on itself and it destroys. It becomes such a weighted-down culture in its own seeking of personal pleasure or personal gain, and then it collapses. It’s happened every time, up to now.” Read More

News: Big Brother Surveillance Expands Worldwide

Surveillance is becoming big business worldwide, largely in the name of anti-terrorism and law enforcement. And as could be expected, privacy rights advocates are continually up in arms, arguing that there is inadequate control and independent supervision over the potential abuse of these systems by unscrupulous businesses and law enforcement agencies. Unfortunately, with limited transparency or accountability to the general public, there is no telling for the most part when and how individual privacies are unnecessarily compromised………. Click here for full story

News: Survey Finds Catholics Turning To Protestant Churches In Latin America To Find Relationship With God

A new Pew survey found that Latin American Catholics are increasingly leaving the Catholic Church, either to join evangelical Protestant churches or are abandoning religion altogether. The survey participants cited a search for a personal connection with God as the biggest reason for their shift …….. Click here for full story

Sorry, Pope Francis: Protestants Are Converting Catholics Across Latin America
Catholics have hit record low across 19 nations and territories.

For most of the last century, more than 90 percent of Latin Americans identified as Catholics. But now that number has hit a new low: 69 percent, according to a thorough report on this “widespread change” released today by the Pew Research Center.

“Evangelization efforts by Protestant churches seem to be having an impact,” notes Pew.

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News: Five Trends Contributing To A Churchless Nation

The Barna Group has identified five trends that are contributing to the increase in the churchless of America. The research discovered real and significant shifts in unchurched attitudes, assumptions, allegiances and behaviors. …….. Click here for full story

Paul David Tripp’s Week in Review

You May Say I’m A Dreamer [Article] – Your life, and the lives of those around you, can be severely damaged by your pursuit of a dream. Here are 3 things to remember that may prevent that damage: Read the full Article

Forgetfulness [Wednesday’s Word] – In the busyness and self-centeredness of our lives, we sadly forget how much our lives have been blessed by and radically redirected by the generosity of God. Here’s how that affects the people around you: Read the full Devotional

Survival Skill #1 [Right Here, Right Now] – If you want to survive and thrive in a fallen world, you need to understand what life was like before the world fell. In this episode, I train you with the first survival skill: know where you came from. Listen to the full Episode

Accountability & Budgeting [Video] – Accountability groups and budgeting courses are potentially helpful for sexual addictions and mismanaged money, but they won’t provide a lasting cure. In this video, I talk about the only effective and proven solution: Watch the full Video

The transmission of the New Testament and the transmission of the Quran Lectures by James White

The Domain for Truth

James White

Christian apologist James White has been a great gift to the church with his scholarly debates on a wide array of issues.  Dr. White has recently given a talk over at New Hyde Park Baptist Church in New York and lectured on the topic of the transmission of the New Testament and the transmission of the Qur’an.

The first clip is best watched 5 minutes into the video.

Watch it to be equipped to witness to Muslims!


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As Radicals try to blow up Israel-Jordan relations & ignite “Third Intifada,” Netanyahu heads to Amman for emergency talks. Here’s the latest.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

"His Majesty King Abdullah holds talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Secretary of State John Kerry in Amman on Thursday." (Photo courtesy of Royal Court/AFP/Jordan Times) “His Majesty King Abdullah holds talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Secretary of State John Kerry in Amman on Thursday.” (Photo courtesy of Royal Court/AFP/Jordan Times)

(Central Israel) — Radical Islamists are trying hard to ignite a “Third Intifada,” engulf Jerusalem in violence, and blow up relations between Israel and Jordan, twenty years after the two countries courageously signed a peace treaty.

A close look at events here in recent weeks suggest that without much prayer for the peace of Jerusalem, wise leadership,  patient diplomacy, and the grace of God, the Radicals could very well succeed.

But they haven’t yet. With violence in and around Jerusalem spiking, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flew to Amman on Thursday evening for emergency talks with Jordan’s King Abdullah II and Secretary of State John Kerry. The goal: to find a way to de-escalate tensions — quickly and carefully.

The three leaders also held a conference call…

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Destructive heresies

Possessing the Treasure

by Mike Ratliff

1 But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will also be false teachers among you, who will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing swift destruction upon themselves. (2 Peter 2:1 NASB)

False professors and false prophets have one thing in common. They are convinced that the ‘religious paradigm’ they love, cherish, follow, and proclaim is true. Of course, they come to this conclusion through what some of them refer to as their ‘thinkology.’ In other words, what makes it true in their hearts is their own acceptance of it. The deciding or defining standard, which is used by these people, is their own value system. They oppose clear Biblical truth because “they just don’t believe it” while they embrace humanistic forms of Christianity simply because their ‘thinkology ‘ gives them a green light.

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