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Released e-mails: Obama administration asked CBS News to block Sharyl Attkisson


Ex-CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson Ex-CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson

This is being reported by Pajamas Media. (H/T ECM)

Excerpt: (links removed)

Judicial Watch reports that the Obama administration has turned over about 42,000 pages of documents related to the Fast and Furious scandal. The administration was forced to turn the documents over to Judicial Watch in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. Judicial Watch is posting them on its web site. The administration turned them over on November 18, 2014.

One of the documents provides smoking gun proof that the Obama White House and the Eric Holder Justice Department colluded to get CBS News to block reporter Sharyl Attkisson. Attkisson was one of the few mainstream media reporters who paid any attention to the deadly gun-running scandal.

In an email dated October 4, 2011, Attorney General Holder’s top press aide, Tracy Schmaler, called Attkisson “out of control.” Schmaler told White House Deputy Press…

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News: Obama Deports American Jobs

Obama’s excuse for his illegal amnesty will be that the immigration system is “broken” forcing him to act. But when Obama says that the system is broken, he means that some parts of it still work and so he intends to break immigration all the way through to benefit his own corrupt political allies.

That will hurt his own voters the most, but the Democratic Party has a notoriously masochistic relationship with its voting base. It beats them up and then it gaslights them by hugging them and telling them that it was really the mean Republicans who punched them in the face.

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Commentary: Dear Mr. Obama, It Must Be Good to Be King

Dear President Obama, Lord, Sultan, Emperor, Pharaoh, Caesar, God-king, Prince of the Americas, whatever we’re supposed to call you. ‘President’ alone simply won’t suffice, will it, Your Grace? We had a thing called a president once, but that lowly office could scarcely contain your Majesty. You found that you couldn’t effectively govern while constrained by the rule of law, so you superseded it, just as you’ve done countless times before. This time you are waving your mighty scepter and magically granting defacto citizenship to millions of illegal aliens.

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News – FACT CHECK: Obama’s claims on illegal immigration

WASHINGTON (November 21, 2014) – President Barack Obama made some notable omissions Thursday night in his remarks about the unilateral actions he’s taking on immigration.

A look at his statements and how they compare with the facts:

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News: The Future Of Relationships? Soon Millions Of Men Will Be Having Sex With Life-Like Female Robots

If men had a choice between real women and female robots that were almost “virtually indistinguishable” from real women, which would they choose? Certainly many men would never be willing to totally give up on relationships with living, breathing women, but as robotic technology continues to advance at an exponential rate there will be men (and women) that will be tempted to abandon real relationships entirely. And that day is approaching a lot faster than you may think. As you will read about below, incredibly life-life female robots are being introduced in Japan right now. The creators of these robots are not designing them for sexual intercourse at the moment, but experts say that it is only a matter of time before this technology is adapted for such purposes. The potential market for female sex androids is absolutely massive, and there are no laws against such a thing in most countries. But as men all over the globe begin acquiring these sex droids, what will that do to real relationships between men and women and what will that say about our society? (Read More…)

Hyper-real robots will replace receptionists, pop stars… and even sex dolls (in production)

Incredibly life-like robots are currently causing a storm in Japan where they are being prepared for mass commercialisation….

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News: 10 Examples Of The Social Decay That Is Eating Away At America Like Cancer

It isn’t just our economy that is crumbling. Something is happening to America that no amount of money will be able to fix. Everywhere around us we can see evidence of the social decay that is systematically eating away at the foundations of our society. It can be found on the streets of our inner cities, in dark basements in extremely rural communities, in the most prestigious boardrooms on Wall Street, and definitely in the halls of power in Washington. Bringing in an entirely different crop of politicians or printing gigantic mountains of money is not going to solve this problem, because it exists in the hearts of millions of ordinary men and women. The truth is that we really need to take a good, long look at ourselves in the mirror, because we need to take a 180 degree turn as a nation. What we are doing now is clearly not working, and the longer that we take to address this problem the worse it is going to get. The following are 10 examples of the social decay that is eating away at America like cancer. Individually, they could be dismissed as isolated incidents. But I could have easily listed 100 examples or 1000 examples. Every single day, we are inundated with reports like these. The symptoms of the decay of our society are all around us. We just have to be willing to look at them… (Read More….)

Opinion: Are Rewards a Valid Motivation for Sanctification?

In considering the many biblical passages that speak of a future evaluation of believers’ lives, the overwhelming emphasis lies on the side of rewards. This is not surprising, since Jesus paid the penalty for our sins in his atoning death. Since there will be no tears, mourning, or crying in heaven (Rev. 21:4), Christians may look forward to Christ’s return with an overwhelming expectation of divine approval and reward. And this anticipation is treated in the Bible as a very significant source of motivation for sanctification and Christian service.

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Opinion: Who Do You Say That I Am?

There’s Hippie Jesus who teaches everyone to give peace a chance, imagine a world without religion, and helps us remember all you need is love. There’s Yuppie Jesus who encourages us to reach our full potential, reach for the stars, and buy a boat. There’s Spirituality Jesus who hates religion, churches, pastors, priests, and doctrine; he wants us to find the god within and listening to ambiguously spiritual musical.

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Opinion: The Most Important Passage in the Whole of Scripture

What is it that solves the problem of our sins? “A righteousness of (from) God has been manifested apart from the law…through faith in Jesus Christ” (3:21-22). Luther referred to these verses as “the center of the whole Bible.” Martin Lloyd Jones called it “the most important and crucial passage in the whole of Scripture.” Leon Morris said it is “possibly the most important single paragraph ever written.”

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Opinion: Liberal “Christianity” Reveals Its Soul and Bares Its Fangs

The future struggle for religious truth will involve not only the historic confrontation between Gospel truth and the pagan lie but will increasingly divide Christendom, pitting “Christians” who have abandoned the Gospel and have joined with God-denying paganism, against Christians who defend biblical truth.

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Week in Review from Paul David Tripp

Dreams Have Direction [Article] – God has given you the ability to dream and to imagine, but your dreams have the tendency to change directions – from vertical, God-oriented dreams to horizontal, selfish dreams. Here are 3 ways to pray against direction-changing dreams: Read the full Article

Jesus Genie [Wednesday’s Word] – What kind of Messiah do you want Jesus to be for you? If we’re honest, many of us wish Jesus was simply a genie who obeyed our every command. Here are the most common 5 things we ask of Jesus Genie: Read the full Devotional

Survival Skill #2 [Right Here, Right Now] – If you had to name the darkest, saddest passage in all the Bible, what would your answer be? In this episode of Right Here, Right Now, I take you to one of the most shocking sections in all of Scripture: Listen to the full Episode

The Principle of Mastery [Video] – Sex is an act of worship. In that moment of intimacy, you’re either worshiping God or you’re worshiping your own selfish desires and pleasures. Here’s a principle to help you worship properly: Watch the full Video

From where does the righteousness of the Christian come?

Possessing the Treasure

by Mike Ratliff

7 but what things were gain to me, these I have considered loss on account of Christ. 8 But even more so I consider all things to be loss on account of the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, on account of whom all things I suffered loss and I consider them dung, that I may gain Christ 9 and be found in him, not having my own righteousness that is of the law, but the righteousness through faith in Christ, the righteousness from God based upon faith, 10 to know him and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of his sufferings being conformed to his death, 11 that if somehow I may attain to the resurrection from the dead. 12 Not that I have already obtained this or have already been perfected, but I press on if indeed I my lay…

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