Miscarriage, Disability, & God’s Glory

Did you have a miscarriage? Do you have a mentally or physically disabled child? Did you get pregnant when you were not planning to? What a comfort to know that no child is conceived or born without a purpose!disabled child

First of all, no child is conceived without a purpose.

If you are pregnant, it was not an accident that the baby in your womb was conceived, even if you were not planning to get pregnant. God planned your child’s conception! Now those of you who had a miscarriage might ask, “What was God’s purpose then in the life of our child who died in the womb?” I don’t know the exact answer, but what I do know is that according to Psalm 135:6, “The LORD does whatever pleases him.” And since God does whatever is glorifying to him, we can say that ultimately God took your child for God’s own…

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