Religious Affections: The Posture of Repentance

by David de Bruyn

It is of sin that we do not love that which is Best. – Boethius

Sin is all that warps what God loves. It falls short of his beauty (Romans 3:23), with twisted and deformed loves. Instead of loving what is true, good and beautiful in God’s sight, it loves what is false, evil and ugly. Instead of reflecting God’s beauty with ultimate need-love and gift-love, we go our own way, twisting and warping the image of God, provoking God’s wrath and displeasure. None of us enjoys seeing his reflection horribly distorted in a mirror. God is displeased when his perfectly holy and infinitely beautiful image is twisted in innumerable ways by his primary image-bearers.

Sin separates man from God (Is 59:2). For a Christian, the grace of God has decisively dealt with sin’s penalty and its power over us. The position of a Christian is one of being accepted, completed and secured in Christ. Nevertheless, sin has a real effect on a Christian’s experience of God. Sin interrupts our fellowship with God because it soils our consciences and weakens our desire to come to God. It deceives us, defiles us, weakens us, and misshapes our desires. Instead of communing with God, we want to hide from God. We turn inward (to our own thoughts) and outward (to distractions), but not upward (to come back to God).

If our faith is to keep gazing on God in his presence, then we need to develop this right posture of heart and life towards the sin we frequently commit.

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