Albert Mohler Blog: “The Only Intelligible Explanation for the Incarnation: A. T. Robertson on the Virgin Birth of Christ”

In his recent Blog Essay, “The Only Intelligible Explanation for the Incarnation” Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr. defends the doctrine of the virgin birth of Christ and rehearses the argument A.T. Robertson mounted in defense of an orthodox understanding of this doctrine in 1925. Mohler writes,

“Robertson, who was among the most famous scholars of his day, taught at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary from 1888 until 1934. He understood exactly what was at stake. The modernists, as theological liberals liked to be known, accepted a distinction between the ‘Jesus of history’ and the ‘Christ of faith.’ They wanted to present a Jesus worthy of moral emulation, but not a supernatural Christ who was God in human flesh. In between, theological ‘moderates’ attempted a compromise between orthodoxy and heresy, offering a Jesus who was supernatural, but not too supernatural. They were eager to reject the virgin birth but tried to hold to other facts of the incarnation. Robertson saw through both the modernists and the moderates. Neither presented a Jesus who was truly God in human flesh.”

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