J.D. GREEAR – Hezekiah’s Tragic End: A Warning & A Promise

by Pastor J.D.

It can get a little discouraging to see how many towering biblical figures fail to cross the finish line of faith. Noah responds to God with audacious faith, building an ark despite scoffers and years of waiting. Yet his story ends with him lying drunk and disgraced in his tent. Moses, the man who led God’s people out of the worst slavery they had ever known, couldn’t go into the Promised Land because of his sin. Even David—a man “after God’s own heart”—steals another man’s wife and murders hundreds to cover it up. He ends his life in a desperate civil war with his own son.

Like us, many characters in the Bible start out with excellent intentions. And many of them even continue in faith for a while. But it’s tough to end well.

King Hezekiah offers a tragic example of this. Despite seeing God’s miraculous deliverance throughout his reign, the conclusion of his life gives us a picture of a man utterly consumed with himself. The end of his life gives us both a warning and a promise.

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