Political earthquake in the epicenter raises question: Is “King Bibi” about to be dethroned? 60% of Israelis don’t want Netanyahu to be next PM. New elections are set for March 17th. Latest election news & analysis.

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>> BREAKING: Herzog, Livni join forces to oust Netanyahu, will rotate premiership

>> Former Likud MK Moshe Kahlon will indeed be running for the Knesset – and on Wednesday evening, he introduced his new party to Israelis. The party’s name will be “Kulanu,” meaning “all of us.”

>> Possible Likud challenger Sa’ar pans Netanyahu for ‘unfair’ play; Former minister Gideon Sa’ar says prime minister’s bid to reschedule party primaries is ‘changing the rules’


On May 17, 2012, Time magazine ran a cover story on “King Bibi.”

Today, there is a real possibility the “king” will be dethroned. Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu’s political future is suddenly in real doubt. A new Jerusalem Post poll finds that 60% of Israelis don’t want him to remain as head of the government. Only 34% want him to remain in power.

This week, amidst growing political turbulence — but also amidst rising threats from…

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