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December 18, 2014: Truth2Freedom Daily Headline Alerts Collection

Winning arguments does not create spiritual transformation. —Paul Wartman


Dec. 18, 2014


U.S. officials plan to announce this week that North Korea is behind the cyber-attack that crippled Sony Pictures Entertainment computers and forced the studio to pull “The Interview.”

“In 2013, the median wealth of the nation’s upper-income families ($639,400) was nearly seven times the median wealth of middle-income families ($96,500), the widest wealth gap seen in 30 years when the Federal Reserve began collecting these data,” an analysis of the Fed’s figures by the Pew Research Center concluded.

President Obama said that a high-level U.S. delegation will be heading to Cuba soon and his spokesman said that a presidential visit to the island nation is a possibility in the future.

The man, who provided intelligence to the U.S., was freed after being imprisoned in Cuba for almost 20 years. President Obama said he had furnished vital information used to break up Cuban spying operations in the U.S.

The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits fell last week as the economy’s continued improvement tempered dismissals. Jobless claims decreased by 6,000 to 289,000 in the week ended Dec. 13.

In a tell-tale sign that the plunge in the ruble is causing panic among Russians, the talk in a downtown Moscow nail salon this week was about stockpiling buckwheat.

Switzerland imposed its first negative deposit rate since the 1970s and threatened further action to stem a tide of money flowing from Russia’s financial crisis. Swiss National Bank President Thomas Jordan cited the Russian turmoil as a “major contributory factor” for the decision to introduce a charge of 0.25 percent on sight deposits, the cash-like holdings of commercial banks at the central bank.

Six years after Iceland’s banks brought the economy to its knees, a job in the financial industry still pays almost double what a person might make after graduating from a six-year program at medical school. The pay development has angered doctors, who are now fleeing the country in unprecedented numbers. And as the medical industry threatens a second round of strikes unless it’s paid more, Icelanders are left with the Nordic region’s lowest ratio of doctors to patients.

Consumer confidence rose last week to a seven year-high as falling gas prices and continued job growth burnish American attitudes.

AP Top Stories

The Russian economy will rebound and the ruble will stabilize, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday at his annual press conference.

Cameroon’s army killed 116 Boko Haram militants on Wednesday when they attacked a base in the Far North region of the country.

Boko Haram militants killed 32 people and kidnapped scores of others, including women and children, in a brutal attack on a village in the northeast.

Calling it the biggest disappointment of his career, Gov. Shumlin said he was abandoning plans to make Vermont the first state in the country with a universal, publicly funded health care system.

A human rights lawyer says 54 soldiers have been sentenced to death because they embarrassed Nigeria’s military by demanding weapons to fight Islamic extremists, and says they were justified in not going on what would have been a suicidal mission.

Police used pepper spray on Wednesday to disperse an unruly crowd of about 300 people lined up at a mall in Toledo, Ohio for a chance to buy new Air Jordan sneakers.

As more details emerge about the watershed normalizing of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba, we’re learning more about the instrumental role that Pope Francis played in helping to bring American and Cuban leaders together.

Two US military blimps flying 10,000 feet above the East Coast will act as a new missile defense system for the United States.


A judge has overturned the conviction of a 14-year-old black boy sent to the electric chair for murder more than 70 years ago. The young teenager’s prosecution for the killing of two white girls in South Carolina was a great injustice, the judge said.

World leaders welcomed an agreement between the US and Cuba to end more than 50 years of hostility and move towards restoring diplomatic ties.

The deadly cafe siege in Sydney sparked a debate about gun laws, with one senator calling for Australians to be allowed concealed weapons.

Obesity can constitute a disability if the health effects have an impact on people’s working lives, the European Court of Justice ruled.

Switzerland’s National Bank will bring in a negative interest rate cutting the value of any money left on deposit in the country.

The bodies of more than 230 people believed to have been killed by Islamic State (IS) have been found in a mass grave in eastern Syria.


A 14-year-old North Carolina boy shot and killed a 18-year-old man who was trying to break into his grandmother’s home Tuesday while he was there alone with the elderly woman.

Jeb Bush has long advocated for all 50 states to adopt Common Core national standards. Now that the former Florida governor has all but confirmed his plans to run for president in 2016, the issue threatens to overshadow his likely campaign.

A Texas plumber is getting death threats after his old truck – still bearing his name – was tweeted on the front line by Islamic jihadists in Syria.

A popular seven-minute stress-reduction exercise widely used within the U.S. Armed Forces has just been released as a free iPhone and Android app for the general public, under the name “Cure Stress.”

Daily Digest

December 18, 2014


“Liberty is a word which, according as it is used, comprehends the most good and the most evil of any in the world. Justly understood it is sacred next to those which we appropriate in divine adoration; but in the mouths of some it means anything, which enervate a necessary government; excite a jealousy of the rulers who are our own choice, and keep society in confusion for want of a power sufficiently concentered to promote good.” –Oliver Ellsworth, A Landholder, No. III, 1787


Smothering Free Speech Via ‘The Interview’

Gone are the days when Hollywood released Charlie Chapman’s “The Great Dictator,” a film lampooning Adolf Hitler. Although the film was released March 1941 — months before the attack on Pearl Harbor — it was the comedian’s most successful film. Today, we have a studio poised to release another lampoon of another infamous dictator but essentially self-censoring the film at the threat of hackers, who appear to be connected to North Korea. The hackers broke into Sony Picture’s computer network, released sensitive information, apparently because of “The Interview.” After threatening 9/11-type terror on any theater that dared air the film, which is about the assassination of Kim Jong Un, the hackers forced Sony to bow to the rule of terror — even though DHS thought the threat was not credible. “In light of the decision by the majority of our exhibitors not to show the film The Interview,” Sony said in a statement, “we have decided not to move forward with the planned December 25 theatrical release. … Those who attacked us stole our intellectual property, private emails, and sensitive and proprietary material, and sought to destroy our spirit and our morale — all apparently to thwart the release of a movie they did not like.” The movie appeared to be a crass film dragged along by sex jokes. The product wasn’t worth defending, but the ideal of free speech is. More…

Obama Cries Racism for Being Handed the Keys

Barack Obama issued fresh race bait Wednesday in an interview he and Michelle granted to People magazine. For Barack, it’s racism when someone threw him the keys to their car. “There’s no black male my age who’s a professional who hasn’t come out of a restaurant and is waiting for their car, and somebody didn’t hand them their car keys,” he said, because, in his eyes, only black men are valets. As Ian Tuttle of National Review points out, it’s not like that stunt wasn’t included in a James Bond film. But Obama had to elevate his story to the status of racial injustice. He continued, “It’s one thing for me to be mistaken for a waiter at a nice gala. It’s another thing for my son to be mistaken for a robber and to be handcuffed or worse, if he happens to be walking down the street and is dressed the way teenagers dress.” That is another very cheap shot at cops nationwide from a guy who happens to be president of the United States, not a valet guy. Next thing you know, he’ll be complaining that he lives in the White House.

Michelle Obama Cheats at Race Cards

Michelle Obama twisted her tale about a trip to Target to add her two cents to the White House’s long-running race-bait narrative. In an interview with People magazine, Michelle said, “[T]he only person who came up to me in the store was a woman who asked me to help her take something off a shelf, because she didn’t see me as the first lady; she saw me as someone who could help her.” Michelle first told the story on The David Letterman Show in 2012, except in that version she said the person asked for her help reaching something “because she was short.” The customer didn’t ask for help because she confused her with a store clerk, but because Michelle was tall — and Michelle even said “I felt so good” helping her. But now she has a race narrative to spin — because she hasn’t done anything for anybody as first lady.

New Congress Will Tackle Keystone Pipeline First

Incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced the first order of business for the 114th Congress — hopefully with the 67 votes needed to override Obama’s veto powers. “We’ll be starting next year with a job-creating bill that enjoys significant bipartisan support. The first item up in the new Senate will be the Keystone XL pipeline,” McConnell told reporters. In an effort to show the Republican-led Senate is willing to work with the minority Democrats — who let’s just say haven’t been the most gracious majority in history — McConnell added, “We’ll hope that senators on both sides will offer energy-related amendments, but there’ll be no effort to try to micromanage the amendment process.” Hearing how now-Minority Leader Harry Reid is talking about obstructing “crazy stuff,” it seems like the olive branch won’t be received well. More…

Canadian Jihadi May Have Been ‘In Direct Contact’ With ISIL

In October, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau attacked the Canadian Parliament after killing a soldier. Leftmedia reports were quick to insist it was a “lone wolf” attack. We declared that wrong at the time. We were right. Josh Rogin writes at Bloomberg, “Canadian Justice Minister Peter MacKay told me in an interview that not only did the Canadian government believe that Zehaf-Bibeau and Martin Couture-Rouleau, a Muslim who drove over two soldiers only days earlier, were radicalized by the Islamic State, they now suspect both men may have been in direct contact with the group.” According to MacKay, “They were influenced by ISIS there is no question.” Before his attack, Zehaf-Bibeau made a video, and MacKay said his statements in it are “consistent with our belief that his motivations were very much as a result of being radicalized by the Islamic State.” Perhaps the jihadi in Australia will turn up similar connections. More…

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Obama’s Bay of Pigs

Obama wearing Che wearing Obama

Nothing like making friends with commies to bring on the holiday spirit — peace on earth and good will and all that. Taking a break from complaining about being mistaken for a valet driver, Barack Obama announced Wednesday the re-establishment of diplomatic relations with the communist dictatorship of Cuba.

“Today,” Obama’s statement read, “the United States of America is changing its relationship with the people of Cuba.” Well, for starters, the U.S. has never had a problem with the people of Cuba; it’s the communist government with which our Liberty-loving nation has taken issue. But casting principle — not to mention law — aside, Obama extended to Cuba the hand of America’s friendship and tossed in an embassy to boot. It’s a metaphorical Bay of Pigs betrayal all over again.

As Red State’s Erick Erickson writes, Obama’s “mentor, communist activist Frank Marshall Davis, would be proud of him.”

The announcement came after 18 months of secret talks between the U.S. and Cuba and on the heels of Cuba’s releasing U.S. contractor Alan Gross, who had been imprisoned there since 2009. Cuba also released a U.S. intelligence agent who had been imprisoned for 20 years, while the U.S. let loose three convicted Cuban spies.

Yet Obama’s vain attempt to write a foreign policy success story accomplished nothing for Cubans, which is even more remarkable at a time when low oil prices have weakened Cuban sponsors Venezuela and Russia. In other words, the U.S. was in prime position to negotiate for human rights improvements in Cuba. Instead, Obama just offered Cuba a huge influx of dollars for nothing in return.

In heralding this Christmas gift to Fidel and Raul Castro, a senior administration official said, “We are charting a new course toward Cuba. The president understood the time was right to attempt a new approach, both because of the beginnings of changes in Cuba and because of the impediment this was causing for our regional policy.” Translation: Not to worry, Castro brothers, we forgive you. Care for some U.S. economic investment?

Lifting the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba will require congressional action, but that’s never stopped Obama before. As the Guardian reports, “The White House hopes that by using a series of executive actions to minimize its enforcement [of the embargo], it can provide a breakthrough that will encourage political reform in Cuba and soften political opposition in the US.” Congress and the Constitution be damned. Full speed ahead.

Of course, this is hardly surprising, seeing how well Obama was able to get away with amnesty, along with the fact that Congress has gone home for the holidays. And he’s never cared much for the Constitution or Rule of Law anyway.

The truth remains, though, that there is a reason the U.S. closed our embassy in Cuba in 1961 and imposed a trade embargo that same year. That reason was Castro’s oppressive regime. And that regime — and reason — still stand.

Cuban-Americans on both sides of the political aisle aren’t pleased with Obama’s actions. Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), soon-to-be former chair of the powerful U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee and whose parents came to America from Cuba just before his birth, said, “President Obama’s actions have vindicated the brutal behavior of the Cuban government.”

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), incoming chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Western Hemisphere Subcommittee and whose parents, like Menendez’s, were Cuban immigrants, also slammed the president’s actions. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Rubio wrote, “The announcement by President Obama on Wednesday giving the Castro regime diplomatic legitimacy and access to American dollars isn’t just bad for the oppressed Cuban people, or for the millions who live in exile and lost everything at the hands of the dictatorship. Mr. Obama’s new Cuba policy is a victory for oppressive governments the world over and will have real, negative consequences for the American people.”

He also noted, “The opportunity for Cuba to normalize relations with the U.S. has always been there, but the Castro regime has never been interested in changing its ways. Now, thanks to President Obama’s concessions, the regime in Cuba won’t have to change.”

Other nations like Iran are taking note.

It remains to be seen whether Congress will at last take a stand against the president’s recklessness and uphold our constitutional government. In the meantime, somewhere, Comrades Castro are smiling.

Pouring Cold Water on ‘Hottest Year Ever’


The Lima Climate Change Conference hosted by the power-hungry United Nations came to a close Sunday, but not before burning through a whopping 50,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide, the organization’s dirtiest carbon footprint to date. The dismissal capped a two-week ordeal that laid the groundwork for a pivotal meeting in Paris late next year, where delegates from across the globe will attempt to hash out a universal blockbuster deal targeting fossil fuels. That event, dubbed COP21, will mark the 21st anniversary of the Conference of the Parties — ironically a few short years older than the global warming hiatus that alarmists have swept under the rug.

The UN assembly preceded what is expected to be a major announcement next month by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Should current trends continue, that announcement will effectively crank up the alarm dial right when ecofascists need it most. What is this big news, you ask? Pending the outcome of December’s temperature anomaly, alarmists are drooling over the likelihood of 2014 going down as the world’s “hottest” year yet, providing a nice garnish to policymakers’ narrative going into next year’s symposium.

According to NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center, “The first 11 months of 2014 was the warmest such period on record, with a combined global land and ocean average surface temperature of 1.22°F (0.68°C) above the 20th century average of 57.0°F (13.9°C), surpassing the previous record set in 2010 by 0.02°F (0.01°C). The margin of error is ±0.18°F (0.10°C). 2014 is currently on track to be the warmest year on record if the December global temperature is at least 0.76°F (0.42°C) above its 20th century average.”

Aside from the obvious disclaimer — the sample size is puny given our relatively brief history of record keeping — there are two important questions that arise. First, is NOAA’s assertion correct? Second, if so, doesn’t that stand in stark contrast to some of the other claims floating around the conservative world?

To answer the first question, we must first determine what methods NOAA uses to compile data. The agency uses two tools: The Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN-Monthly), defined as a “data base [that] contains historical temperature, precipitation, and pressure data for thousands of land stations worldwide,” and The Extended Reconstructed Sea Surface Temperature (ERSST), “a global monthly sea surface temperature analysis derived from the International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Dataset with missing data filled in by statistical methods.”

Simply stated, the government’s standard heavily relies on land-based instruments that are vulnerable to discrepancies, the most axiomatic of which is the heat island effect among metroplexes. Consequently, those measurements are skewed. And even if they weren’t, NOAA’s report cannot be considered complete. Case in point: The year-to-date temperature departure graph included in the research depicts globs of red ink (heat) intermingled with considerably less blue (cold), but there’s another color that takes up a lot of real estate — gray — which represents the areas that did not have data and were therefore excluded. That would include all of Antarctica and a large portion of the North Pole.

Apparently, publishing a report that omits data from the coldest places on earth — and, importantly, areas where ice is rapidly expanding and rebounding — doesn’t warrant a giant asterisk.

Back to the original question, determining if NOAA is right depends on how you construe data — or, in this case, refuse to consider it. And obfuscating your findings is generally not a good way to build trust. Moreover, this malfeasance extends to the manipulation of pre-satellite records to fit the narrative. WeatherBell Analytics meteorologist Joe Bastardi wrote in an email to The Patriot Post, “The current methods [used by NOAA] involve ‘normalizing’ temperatures in the pre-satellite era, in many cases cooling previous warm periods, making today look warmer.”

And here we thought science was “settled.”

The government does not use one method considered superior by many, and it tells a different story. Remote System Satellite (RSS) measurements reveal that this year doesn’t even rank among the top five warmest. The Daily Caller’s Michael Bastasch says, “2014 is nowhere near the warmest year on record, so far only ranking as the seventh warmest on record.”

That’s important because WeatherBell’s Bastardi considers satellite measurements the most objective way to accurately record global temperatures. Added Bastardi: “[W]hat we can know is what we see today — and that is the leveling off and eventual downturn in global temperatures as measured objectively. This eliminates any of the ‘fox guarding the henhouse’ arguments, as many people on my side of the argument believe is going on here.”

As for the global warming pause, that was also discovered via RSS. No wonder policymakers discard it too — objectivity has no place among ideologically driven political leaders. Is it really any wonder what the United Nations would have to say about RSS measurements if its findings happened to fit the narrative?

During the Lima Climate Change Conference, Bolivian President Evo Morales delivered an accurate description of the UN’s core motivating philosophy. “The deep causes of global warming,” he complained, “are not being dealt with here. The origin of global warming lies in capitalism. If we could end capitalism then we would have a solution.” His honesty is somewhat refreshing, if disconcerting all the same.

This war that’s being orchestrated by alarmists is not against fossil-fuel-emitting power plants, the greenhouse gas effect or rising sea levels; it’s against the free-market enterprise that springs from the foundation of Liberty. The ones who declare the debate over because Science™ says so are the same ones trashing other reputable scientific findings for their own political gain. Remember that in January when they claim, falsely, that 2014 was “the hottest year ever.”



Economist Friedrich August von Hayek (1899-1992): “When it becomes dominated by a collectivist creed, democracy will inevitably destroy itself.”

Historian Victor Davis Hanson: “Drones blow up everybody nearby. Waterboarding does not affect other nearby prisoners who are not being interrogated. If the wrong suspect is waterboarded, he can be exempt from further such interrogation. If the wrong target is blown up, he has no second chance. Did saving American lives distinguish between the two practices? We do not know. But the suspects incinerated by drones never had any opportunity to be interrogated. Their knowledge of terrorist networks went up in smoke with them. However, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the waterboarded mastermind of 9/11, may have offered information about several supposed copy-cat operations to follow. Was President George W. Bush more nonchalant about enhanced interrogation techniques than was President Obama about drone killings? Not really. The charge against Bush is one of laxity. Supposedly, CIA interrogators freelanced without proper executive-branch supervision. In contrast, Obama is said to go over the drone hit list himself.”

Columnist R. Emmett Tyrrell: “Will Rogers, the late American humorist and corn-pone philosopher, once said, ‘All I know is what I read in the papers.’ That statement earned him a place in Bartletts’s Familiar Quotations. Were he alive today it would most likely be inviting widespread derision. Today’s newspapers abound with bogus stories. … The story that originated in Italy’s Corriere della Sera and quickly traveled around the world claimed that Pope Francis, while attempting to console a grieving young boy who had lost his pet, asserted that heaven is open to pets. … Pope Francis never made the idiotic statement and there was no grief-stricken boy. The news story was based on a misreading of the pope’s general audience at the Vatican Nov. 26. Yet the Reverend Ciro Benedettini, a Vatican spokesman, did have a helpful bit of information for journalists. He said, ‘There is a fundamental rule in journalism. That is double-checking, and in this case it was not done.’ Nor was it done at New York magazine or at Rolling Stone, and, apparently, it will not be done at the University of Virginia’s campus newspaper. Thus we can anticipate more amusements from American journalists in the years to come.”

Comedian Jimmy Fallon: “Obama recently said that his day is all about politics, so in the mornings he likes to watch ESPN. So if you get the feeling he’s repeating himself every half hour, that’s where he learned it from.”

Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis!

Join us in daily prayer for our Patriots in uniform — Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen — standing in harm’s way in defense of Liberty, and for their families.

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The Castro regime is on its last legs. Its sponsors in Moscow and Caracas are going bankrupt due to failing energy prices. The last hope of the Butcher of Havana was a bailout from Washington D.C.

And that’s exactly what Obama gave him.

Obama has protected the Castros from regime change as if Communist dictators are an endangered species.

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Bachmann plans to continue her mission to make America a better place from outside the beltway by writing, speaking across the country at different venues, appearing on media and associating with various groups.

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Moscow has no doubts about Washington’s involvement in deliberate and targeted efforts to create a difficult situation in the Russian economy, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Wednesday. “We have pointed out on numerous occasions that US officials have commented with poorly hidden satisfaction on negative trends in various segments of the Russian market lately, including the currency market,” Ryabkov told reporters in Geneva. More

Jordan presents draft of resolution on Palestinian state to UN

Jordan formally submitted to the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday a draft resolution calling for peace between Israel and the Palestinians within one year and an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank by the end of 2017. The Palestinian-drafted resolution was formally submitted to the 15-member council, which means it could be put to a vote as soon as 24 hours later, but it does not guarantee it will happen. Some drafts formally submitted have never been voted. More

Radar ‘blimps’ to monitor Washington-area skies

The first of two radar-detecting blimps is slated to rise up over Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland on Friday as part of a three-year exercise testing the integration of an Army air surveillance system with the North American Aerospace Defense Command. The 80-yard long, radar-fitted surveillance balloons, floated to an altitude of up to 10,000 feet, are intended to pinpoint beyond-the-horizon targets such as incoming enemy missiles, aircraft or drones. A second balloon, technically aerostats because they’re tethered and do not float or maneuver independently in the sky, is expected to go up by the end of January. More

Active sunspot AR2242 erupted on Dec. 17th, producing an M9-class solar flare.

Active sunspot AR2242 erupted on Dec. 17th, producing an M9-class solar flare. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the extreme ultraviolet flash: The explosion caused a brief HF radio blackout on the daylitt side of Earth. The event was minor, however, and would have been noticed by only a small number of mariners and ham radio operators. Of greater interest is the CME. SOHO coronagraphs have detected a bright and massive cloud of plasma emerging from the blast site: More

Obama Signs Ukraine Freedom Support Act, Imposes More Sanctions

US President Barack Obama signed the Ukraine Freedom Support Act, the State Department’s spokesperson said. “He signed it yesterday,” Jen Psaki, the State Department’s spokesperson said Wednesday at a press briefing, when asked about the sanctions bill that president Obama is about the sign. A December 17 update to the White House website shows the legislation is still pending Obama’s signature. Despite his opposition to the bill, Obama said he intended to sign the Ukraine Freedom and Support Act after the measure easily passed the US House of Representatives and Senate. More

Muslims Must Save Islam from Islamists :: Fatah in Toronto Sun

by Tarek Fatah
The Toronto Sun
December 16, 2014

Video – Real Discernment Glory Clouds at IHOP

Responding to the LGBT Movement’s Southern Strategy

If the Human Rights Campaign can make it there, they can make it anywhere — but it’s not New York.

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10 Marks Of True Conversion

Through the Eyes of Spurgeon – This new documentary looks at the life and ministry of Charles Spurgeon.

How to Spot a Religious Sociopath

Church Of England Names Its First Female Bishop

Muslim Teens Join Adventists in Refusing Sabbath Exams

Survey: Most U.S. Doctors Now Support Assisted Suicide

Michelle Obama To High-School Grads: Monitor Your Parents For Thoughtcrime

Exodus: According to Ridley Scott

by Nate Sala

The late Roger Ebert once described Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ as a movie that “depends upon theological considerations.” In other words, the movie stands or falls on theological grounds. His astute observation is one I believe holds for all biblical stories interpreted for the silver screen.

I think the importance of weighing these theological considerations can be shown by considering Gibson’s Passion as well as Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. In both instances the directors (as do many) reinterpreted or embellished parts of the story to represent their take on biblical events; but one did so carefully and the other did not.

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Sola Sisters: God Came Near

Posted by Christine Pack (originally published 12/10/10)

Christmas was always my guilty pleasure every year as a New Ager. My wiccan-pagan-hindu friends would give me a hard time for putting up a tree and decorating, and not having the “strength of my convictions.” But I just always loved the gaiety of the season: the parties, the food, the sparkle, the fun, the decorating. And it seemed so hopeful at heart, this idea that God could have actually come into the world. Impossible, of course, but hopeful.

Once I was born again, of course, Christmas became the most wondrous time of year to me because it was TRUE……God did step into humanity, piercing the veil between the natural and the supernatural, but even more than that, He did it so that wretched men and women could be reconciled to a high and holy God.  Amazing!

Soli Deo Gloria.

photo credit: HikingArtist.com via photopin cc

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The Attack on Christmas (Answers in Genesis)

 4 Part Series by Dr. Richard P. Bucher 

Christmas Is Not Pagan, Part 1 , Overview

Christmas Is Not Pagan, Part 2, Answering the Argument: “Christmas is obviously pagan because there is neither Biblical command nor precedent for celebrating Christ’s birth.”

Christmas Is Not Pagan, Part 3, Answering the Argument: “The first Christians never observed the celebration of Christ’s birth until emperor Constantine in 313 AD officially tolerated Christians.”

Christmas Is Not Pagan, Part 4, Answering the Argument:  “The date of Christmas (December 25), and its many customs all come from pagan sources. Therefore Christmas is pagan.”


It Must Be Good

Rick Warren and his kind have built their churches audiences on a pragmatic philosophy that says whatever draws the biggest crowd is a good and godly method. This pragmatism goes back farther than the modern megachurch movement.


The role model for contemporary pastors is not the prophet or the shepherd—it is the corporate executive, the politician, or worst of all, the talk-show host. The contemporary church is preoccupied with audience ratings, popularity polls, corporate image, statistical growth, financial profit, opinion surveys, demographic charts, census figures, fashion trends, celebrity status, top-ten lists, and other pragmatic issues. Gone is the church’s passion for purity and truth. No one seems to care, as long as the response is enthusiastic.

Tozer noticed that pragmatism had crept into the church of his day, too. He wrote, “I say without hesitation that a part, a very large part, of the activities carried on today in evangelical circles are not only influenced by pragmatism but almost completely controlled by it.” Tozer described the danger posed to the church by even so-called “consecrated” pragmatism:

The pragmatic philosophy . . . asks no embarrassing questions about the wisdom of what we are doing or even about the morality of it. It accepts our chosen ends as right and good and casts about for efficient means and ways to get them accomplished. When it discovers some­thing that works it soon finds a text to justify it, “consecrates” it to the Lord and plunges ahead. Next a magazine article is written about it, then a book, and finally the inventor is granted an honorary degree. After that any question about the scripturalness of things or even the moral validity of them is completely swept away. You cannot argue with success. The method works; ergo, it must be good.

—John MacArthur, Ashamed of the Gospel (Crossway, 2010), 91.


‘Twas the Night Before the Last Christmas!

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New Video: Through the Eyes of Spurgeon

A Twisted Crown of Thorns ®

There is a new free video out about the life of the man, Charles Spurgeon, who loved the Lord Jesus Christ and loved to preach and proclaim the gospel.
Here is a trailer but go here for the free full feature.

Through the Eyes of Spurgeon – Official Teaser Trailer from Stephen McCaskell on Vimeo.

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Does foreign policy matter? Obama’s appeasement policy comes with a cost


Obama shakes hands with communist dictator Castro Obama shakes hands with communist dictator Castro

Just a quick rundown of the foreign policy news that just ruined my day.

Investors Business Daily:

Just as its patron Venezuela hit the rocks, Cuba got a last-minute rescue from none other than President Obama, who announced a Santa Claus-like package of wish-list goodies for the Castro brothers. Why?

In many ways, President Obama’s announced plan to normalize relations with Cuba, lift the embargo, extend trade credits and remove Cuba from the state sponsors of terror list is about on par with the rest of his foreign policy.

It was done by executive order without consulting Congress, just like last month’s decision to temporarily legalize 5 million illegal immigrants.

It was justified by a claim the U.S. embargo was “not working,” comparable to Obama’s claim the U.S. immigration system is “broken.” In reality, the problem in both cases is that of…

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The Cripplegate: Sorrow, Depression, and the Holidays


depressionDepression and discouragement are not respecters of the holidays. For many reasons, the normal sorrow of life can reach a highpoint this time of year for some.

It may be a reminder that we are without a loved one. It may be financial stress, or loss, in a time where the pressure is to purchase. It might be emotional pressure of getting together with broken family. We just may not have a clue why we are discouraged, which can be discouraging itself. We can, even unintentionally, place big demands on this time of year to deliver and fulfill us in impossible ways, apart from God.

And Christmas time or not, many of us experience the normal, heavy weight of discouragement and depression as a regular thing; dejection, confusion, frustration, sadness, hopelessness, anxiousness, anger, darkness, despair.

But God has answers and real hope from his word for the battle.

Here are 11 truths for strength in sorrow:

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