Jesus and the Buddha

The Reformed Reader

Siddhartha Gautama lived around 2,500 years ago in the area that today is called India and Nepal.  The story goes that Gautama was a very wealthy man who became disillusioned with temporary happiness.  He tried asceticism, but didn’t find happiness in it.  Then one day he was meditating beneath a tree where he purged his mind of all contamination and impurities.  From that time on he taught people how to find this state of tranquility (also called Nirvana).  Gautama is often called “the Buddha,” which means, “the awakened one.”

So what else do Buddhists believe about the Buddha?  The Buddha cannot take negative and ignorant thoughts from people’s minds.  He can’t “wash away our defilements with water.”  “The Buddha has impartial compassion for all sentient beings and cherishes them more than himself, so if he could have eliminated our suffering by his actions, the Buddha would have done so.”  Since…

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