Lifeway has pulled “The Worst Book Ever”….But we found one even worse!

Polemics Report

Several days ago, at the beginning of #the15 movement, we posted this article which we asked “Is this the WORST book Lifeway sells?” We were of course referring to  The Mystic Way of Evangelism: A Contemplative Vision for Christian Outreach, by Elaine A. Heath. This book, among other things, told us how we ought to learn evangelism practices from the great Roman Catholic mystics, including Ignatius of Loyola, who was known for starting the Jesuits and battling the Protestants during the counter-reformation.

In a thankful turn of events, and as a direct response from the pressure and bad publicity that Lifeway has received from #the15, they have pulled this book from their online store. That’s not to say of course that it still won’t be sold. As we have uncovered and written about just recently, even though Lifeway doesn’t sell in store or online books by…

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