Perry Noble’s Apology



It’s All God’s Fault I’m an Idiot!

So Perry Noble gave what amounted to a disjointed TED talk for the 2014 Christmas Eve services at his church. In that talk, he explains how he was told by some guy in Israel that there is no word in the OT for “commandment,” and he then proceeded to rewrite and reexplain the 10 commandments.  I guess the rule of thumb is that if you are a guy living in Israel with an accent, you’re automatically an OT textual expert.

A number of sound individuals, you know, men who actually study the Bible and whose ministries are not marked by dressing like a skater and behaving like a man-child, pointed out that there was indeed an OT word for “commandment” in the Bible. I mean, anyone can break out their Strong’s concordance and see it for themselves.

Most people just rolled their eyes, made…

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4 thoughts on “Perry Noble’s Apology

  1. Manfred

    I am not saying one in defense of the pastor impersonator known as Perry Noble. But, the Hebrew word that is interpreted as commandment in most of our English Bibles has several meanings, including word, instruction, command. The Decalogue was known as the Ten Words (hence, Decalogue) until the Puritans published their Geneva Bible – at which time they began what is now the accepted practice of calling the Ten Words the Ten Commandments, and making them equal to God’s moral law. It’s not as simple as that, but most biblical doctrines aren’t.

    1. Truth2Freedom Post author

      Thank you for your insight & comment. The important thing to remember is that these “ten words” are distinguished from the rest of the law of God in that they are audibly delivered to Moses by God himself and later written by God on two tables of stone.

      1. Manfred

        I would respectively disagree with you. All of the words in the Bible were given to men by God, the method by which they were given is not important – the Author is. How they apply to us is an important aspect of properly understanding the Scriptures. The Scriptures tell us the Decalogue was a sign of God’s covenant with Israel, not His “moral law” – which is a notion developed by Thomas Aquinas. I’ve written about various aspects of the Decalogue that I pray will be helpful:

        Soli Deo Gloria!

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