Leading Atheist Becomes Disillusioned with New Atheist Movement

Shadow To Light

PZ Myers has long been one of the leaders in the New Atheist movement. Back in September, he started to come to terms with the inevitable failure of creating some Gnu Untopia. Myers wrote:

I’ve been writing about atheism for about 10 years now. What has driven me is a combination of awe at the amazing insights produced by science, so much deeper and more substantial than any collection of myths, and a furious rage at the lies and injustice and corruption of humanity by religion. For a while there, in the middle, there was also an ebullience at the growing success of atheism, and hope that someday we would be able to cast aside the follies of faith. The awe is still here, the rage is still burning, but the optimism is fading and is being consumed by a new anger at the incompetence and betrayal of the…

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