February 7-8, 2015 Truth2Freedom Weekend Blogroll Collection

I’ve Been Abused; Am I Still Pure?

by Erin Davis

February is the month of love. Many of us will be swept up in the emotion of it all, either googly-eyed and heart sick over the love in our lives, or crestfallen and heartbroken over the lack thereof. Because of that, us older, married types will seize the opportunity to teach you about God’s plan for love, romance, and sex in the hopes that you’ll grab on to His plan for your love life.

Until recently, I didn’t realize that teaching about God’s plan for romance, specifically His standards for sexual purity, could pick the scabs on some serious wounds. That’s why I’m so glad that Amy wrote these brave words to us in a comment on a previous blog post.

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Biblical Mentoring for Women: Our Titus 2 Calling

You’re reading Part Three of a multi-part Grace & Truth blog mini-series on Biblical Counseling and Women’s Issues. Men—you’d be wise to read these too—to learn more about a biblical understanding of women and about biblical women’s ministry. Today’s post is from Ellen Castillo on Biblical Mentoring for Women. Continue reading

De-Judging the Boy Scouts

Freedom of religion, freedom of association — these are rights guaranteed by the Constitution. But I guess a guarantee isn’t what it used to be.

4 Ways False Teachers May Indirectly Help the Church

I don’t advocate studying what false prophets teach. That would be a foolish waste of time for most, and a dangerous path for many. However, we can still learn important lessons from popular false teaching.

If Rick Warren is Right, Why Did These Martyrs Even Die At the Hands of the Roman Catholic Church?

LTRP Note: Please refer to our previous post titled “Rick Warren: Protestants, Catholics Must Unite to Defend Life, Sex, Marriage – ‘We’re on the Same Team’” to understand what we mean by the title of this article.

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Advice to Young Pastors from R. C. Sproul, Tom Schreiner, and Carlos Contreras | TGC | The Gospel Coalition

Scott Walker learned early lessons at father’s Iowa church

Pastor, are you having fun? | Tony Reinke

A Beautiful Picture of a Beautiful God | The Christward Collective

Jesus as YHWH – The Scriptorium Daily

becoming worldly saints | Don’t Stop Believing

Women & Suffering: Is It OK If We Just Don’t Know What To Say? – 20schemes

You Don’t Have to Say ‘Yo’ Around Me | Her.meneutics | Christianitytoday.com

Single-Focused: Nine Tips for Singles | True Woman

Thursday is for Thinkers: How to Love a Loved One with Mental Illness | The Exchange | A Blog by Ed Stetzer

8 Days w/o My iPhone | Counseling One Another

50 Micro-Book Reviews from 2014 | Scribblepreach

69 Great Links for Leaders, Readers, and Creatives – February 2, 2015

Jim Crow, Civil Rights, and Southern White Evangelicals: A Historians Forum (Matthew J. Hall) | TGC

The erosion of traditional families is affecting income inequality | Deseret News National

Canadian Justice: You Can’t Block Lawyers over Their Alma Mater Banning Gay Sex | Gleanings | ChristianityToday.com

Dear Justice Kennedy: An Open Letter from the Child of a Loving Gay Parent | Public Discourse

Finding the Rights Argument in the Same-Sex Marriage Debate | Canon and Culture

The Girl in the Tuxedo: Two Variations on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity | Public Discourse

Stephen Fry says God is ‘capricious, mean-minded, stupid’, but let’s not get angry. | Christian News on Christian Today

Building Better Secularists – NYTimes.com

Richard Dawkins wants to fight Islamism with erotica. Celebrity atheism has lost it – Telegraph


Fifty Shades of Genesis 3:16

“The popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey doesn’t surprise me, because God predicted it in Genesis 3. The woman’s desire or strong craving (addiction if you will) will be for the man, and he will rule over her. THAT is why Fifty Shades of Grey, the Twilight Series, and countless other lesser known masochistic ‘romance’ novels have flourished over the years.”

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By Grace, We Are Free in Christ

“I have met some exceptionally intelligent people who cannot understand the Christian gospel. They hear its message as if it were a lecture on morality. Yet the gospel is not difficult to understand. The problem lies within us—in our spiritual blindness. If there is resistance in the heart to loving God, there will be resistance in the mind to knowing God—and therefore to listening to and seeking God. Only the truth can set us free.”

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How to Battle for Hearts and Minds

“The real issue for me has to do with the proper weapons for intellectual warfare. As a participant in many dialogues—ecumenical and interfaith—I have often encountered criticisms from fellow evangelicals who tell me that we do not have the leisure for the “niceties” of polite discussion with people with whom we disagree.”

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On Profession Of Faith And Communion

“Assuming that a child has been well catechized and raised in a reasonably normal Christian way, i.e., that the child has been lovingly disciplined, that he has been included in public worship and that the family has attended faithfully to the means of grace (preaching of the Word and the sacraments as appropriate) parents might ordinarily expect their child to begin to be ready as early as age 12—perhaps a little earlier or later.”

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Putting Sex In Perspective

“Nothing in the Bible encourages us to give sex the exalted status it has in our culture, as if finding our purpose, our identity, and our fulfillment all rest on what we can or cannot do with our private parts. Jesus is the fullest example of what it means to be human, and he never had sex. How did we come to think that the most intense emotional attachments and the most fulfilling aspects of life can only be expressed with sexual intimacy?”

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Why I Choose To Use The Word Reformed

“At the Reformed African American Network our core audience consists of “African Americans who self-identify as Reformed.” We created RAAN to address the need for a community of African Americans who had adopted Reformed theology, but who struggled to find others who shared their racial and cultural background.”

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Following Jesus Through Cancer: A Final Conversation With Steve Hayner

“In an intimate conversation with Hayner this October, when Hayner transitioned out of the presidency of Columbia Theological Seminary, Labberton said, “It would be hard to think of anyone other than my brother who has more fully bracketed my life as a person, a pastor, a leader, a disciple, a friend.”

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My Mouth Says Yes, My Body Says No

“Most Christian parents have good intentions to teach their children to love God. But what value are we communicating to our children’s hearts when we neglect corporate worship to attend an event of our own choosing like a music recital, sports event or hunting trip. Our instruction may be, “Love God, no matter what,” but our actions say, “Love God if you don’t have a better offer.”

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Building Better Secularists

“The point is not that secular people should become religious. You either believe in God or you don’t. Neither is the point that religious people are better than secular people. That defies social science evidence and common observation. The point is that an age of mass secularization is an age in which millions of people have put unprecedented moral burdens upon themselves.”

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Praying For Adult Children

“When they were younger, I prayed that they would love God’s word, serve Him faithfully, devote their lives to living a life which would reflect God’s glory. I still pray for that. I don’t really care about much else other than those things, because I think if those are their priorities, everything else will fall into place for them.”

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Rebutting Obama’s Anti-Christian, Pro-Islam Baloney

by Bill Muehlenberg

I certainly wasted no time in challenging the latest bit of nonsense to come forth from the American President’s mouth. His deplorable remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington were among the worst things ever that he said – and he has said an awful lot of bad things. See my response here: http://billmuehlenberg.com/2015/02/06/obama-dhimmi-in-chief/

It is gratifying to note that I was not alone in outrage and indignation over the diabolical lies Obama was peddling. I note that plenty of others have also come out swinging, and there is now so much good stuff out there that it is worth quoting a bunch of these folks.

Indeed, people of all stripes were rightly incensed by his moronic remarks, whether Jews, Christians or secularists. Let me begin with Michelle Malkin who got right to the point in a tweet: “ISIS chops off heads, incinerates hostages, kills gays, enslaves girls. Obama: Blame the Crusades.”

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“But how do we reach the youth?”

by Christopher Ames

T. David Gordon presses a very controversial button here, but he asks questions that move us beyond discussion of whether youth ministry model A or B “works” or not. What are we assuming when we discuss youth ministry?

Is it wise to ghetto-ize young people, retarding and delaying their entrance into adulthood?

Ordained Servant Online | Youth Ministry?

A Layman’s Take on R2k

Basically, the idea of two kingdoms is a modest one. It says that God rules over everything in His Creation. There are two primary aspects of that rule – the world and His church. While these aspects are not mutually exclusive, God ordinarily rules the affairs of the church in a way that is different from the way he rules secular government and culture. As with any generalization, there are nuances, and some differences in how that is applied. But the difference reflects more the special way God guides His people in a world He says is not their home.

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Jonathan Edwards’ Collected Works Now Available For Download

“Edwards is widely recognized as one of the most important American thinkers and religious figures and as a major figure in the history of Christian thought,” said Kenneth Minkema, executive director of Yale’s Jonathan Edwards Center. “Publication of his works is important for providing resources for those, such as students, who wish to learn for the first time about his influences, thought and legacies.”

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The Persecution of Gordon College

Gordon College’s case may never become a popular cause. The college is unlikely ever to enjoy the pop-culture power of chicken restaurants and craft stores. But few battles will have more enduring meaning than the fight for Christian education, for the very ability to transmit knowledge and values from one generation to the next.

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Preaching: 500+Resources

Here are over 500 resources on preaching that will help the preacher to continue to develop his preaching skills. The resources are categorized under fourteen headings, such as basics of preaching, expository preaching, commentaries, delivery of a sermon, Old Testament preaching, evaluating preaching, and so much more.

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When You Don’t Have Time to Pray

I was there, kneeling upon the immeasurable graces that he has worked in my life, resting my elbows on his unfailing mercies, thousands and thousands of mercies. It occurred to me then, by his grace, because of what he has done, that as rusty as my heart may feel, as stupid, frazzled, and fractured my day might seem, as distracted a man I might be, I am still his. I’m his.

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Inventing The Crusades: A Review of ‘The Crusades, Christianity, and Islam’

On September 11, 2001, there were only a few professional historians of the Crusades in America. I was the one who was not retired. As a result, my phone began ringing and didn’t stop for years. In the hundreds of interviews I have given since that terrible day, the most common question has been, “How did the Crusades lead to the terrorist attacks against the West today?” I always answered: “They did not. The Crusades were a medieval phenomenon with no connection to modern Islamist terrorism.” That answer has never gone over well.

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Ryrie famously reduced dispensationalism to three essentials, which he reiterated in the later revision to his book, retitled Dispensationalism. Thesesine qua non include the following. First, dispensationalism “keeps Israel and the church distinct.” Second, this distinction arises from “a system of hermeneutics that is usually called literal interpretation.” Third, God’s underlying purpose in the world consists not only in the provision and application of salvation, but in the glory of God.

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A Sequel To The Bible

Ask a Bible Teacher

Q.  In the 1000 year reign of Christ, do you think there will be a sequel to the Bible to prepare us for eternity. I can’ t imagine  what eternity would be like if time is a creation of God. Jesus said in John’s gospel that there is more to know but we can not bear it now. I know  that one reason for the millennial reign is to prove that man is still sinful even without Satan’s influence. Perhaps  the real reason for the literal 1000 year reign of Christ is to bring him glory, which is long overdue.

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Waiting Upon The Lord

Ask a Bible Teacher

Q.  Would you please tell me what it means to wait upon the Lord”  Thanks.

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Still More On The Body And The Bride

Ask a Bible Teacher

Q.  Is the Body of Christ the same as the Bride of Christ?  It seems in Philippians 3:10-11 that Paul makes a distinction between the two words for “resurrection” found in both verse 10 and 11.  Could there be a “taking out of” that first resurrection of the Body to create the Bride?  Another thought:  when God created a bride for Adam, He took her “out of” his body.

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Our Time is Short

Read: Recommitting Your Life To God and Jesus Christ – Restoration and Forgiveness With God and Jesus Christ (Updated Version)

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