February 12, 2015 Truth2Freedom Daily Blogroll Collection

Words of Comfort: Abandon the ship!

Imagine for a moment that you are standing on the seashore gazing at a large ocean liner. The sun is shining. There is no wind and the sea is calm. To your amazement, about thirty people suddenly dive off the end of the ship and cling to a lifeboat. You shake your head in disbelief at their foolishness. Then without warning, the great ocean liner strikes an iceberg and suddenly sinks, taking all on board with it. Those who looked like fools in abandoning the ship were actually wise, and those who seemed wise by staying on board were, in truth, fools.

The world scoffs at those who abandon the ship of this world and cling to the lifeboat of the Savior. But Christians know that this great pleasure-cruiser will eventually come into contact with the immovable iceberg of the Law of God, sink into hell . . . and take all those on board with it.


The Power of Hymns

by Christopher Ames

Jonathan Aigner provides a very good list of reasons to use hymns in your worship, as well as what to expect from the hymns that you use in worship. This list might also be useful in selecting good hymnody from lesser hymnody: those hymns that do these things best ought to be highest on our lists.

Ponder Anew | 8 Reasons Every Christian Should Sing Hymns

The Most Frequent Burdens Church Staff Face

Living in a ministry silo – Staff love their sphere of ministry (e.g., students, music), but few others share their level of passion. Others make decisions that affect their ministry without discussion or dialogue. Calendaring events becomes competition rather than cooperation. The silo gets lonely.

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Religious College Presidents Agree On ‘Calling’ And Common Threats To Their Schools

“Faith-based universities are not about to deny their raison d’etre,” said Joel, whose university is a new member of NAICU. “I think that more and more universities, particularly private universities, have to say what we are about and what makes us indispensable.”

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Scott Walker Learned Early Lessons At Father’s Iowa Church

“‘Twas grace that taught my heart to fear, and grace my fears relieved,” the congregation sang. Scott Walker learned the words of faith here, language that he commands with ease today. “First off, I want to thank God,” Walker said in his November re-election speech. “I want to thank God for his abundant grace and mercy. Win or lose, it is more than sufficient for each and every one of us.”

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Women on Trial: One Observer’s View

A minister has just been found guilty in an OPC trial of failing to get his chronically ill and disabled wife to church regularly enough. In this report, I examine how a disregard for women’s physical needs characterized not only the trial itself but also the experiences of the women attending it.

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5 Ways to Pray for Your Daughters

Tim Challies

As a dad, I pray for each of my kids just about every day, and I take it as both a joy and responsibility to bring them before the Lord. Praying for the kids is a helpful way of training myself to remember that they are his before they are mine, and that any good they experience will ultimately find its source in God himself. And I believe that prayer works—that God hears a father’s prayers for his children, and that he delights to answer those prayers.

One of my most common prayers for my girls is a prayer for their protection. Here are 5 ways that I pray for God to protect them…

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Here it is . . .

You wanted to know how it is that a person can change his lifestyle? The answer is simple:

Anyone can change if he is determined to do so. Some change for health reasons (they may stop smoking). Others change in order to please a certain girl—or fellow—as the case may be (they change their language habits, for instance). And, it is true, that there may be certain temporal benefits to the change. Life may be easier. But if the person isn’t a believer, then his change isn’t pleasing to God (Romans 8:8[1]). And in the long run, it isn’t for the better at all. Even a believer (by ignoring the Spirit) may change in the same way—and not please God (cf. 1 Corinthians 3:1-4, where believers were acting like unbelievers). True biblical change is different.

How so?

When a Christian changes in ways that do please God it is by

  1. Doing so because he wants to obey and honor Him. He seeks to make a certain change because it is God’s will for him to do so—as he finds it in the Bible; by
  2. Doing so by replacing sinful ways with righteous ones (or as the apostle Paul put it: by putting off the former and putting on the latter; Colossians: 3:9); by
  3. Doing these things through seeking the help of the Spirit a) enabling him to understand God’s will in the Word; b) empowering him to make the changes involved (cf. Philippians 2:13).

Thus, in essence, it is change that one makes in consort with God Himself. Thus both the motive and the method are of God as well as of the believer.

[1] To be in the flesh is to be without the Spirit of God.


15 Concerns in Children’s Ministries

By Chuck Lawless

Recently, I spent time with a church that is upgrading their children’s wing. In the midst of those discussions, we talked about some of the common problems our Lawless Group consulting team sees in a children’s ministry.

The Radical Demands of the Gospel

Must Christians choose between pursuing social justice and promoting moral clarity? Only if we want to undermine the radical claims of the Gospel. I’ll explain.

No Grey Area

Kevin DeYoung nails it, as did Marshall Segal the day prior.

Girls vs boys


Learning My Children are not Machines

Aaron Earls:

When I push the button on my laptop, it should start up. If it doesn’t, it can’t blame its nonexistent emotions. It should respond immediately and appropriately because that’s what it has been created to do.

In evaluating my parenting, I realized much of my anger with my children arose from my having the wrong perspective about them. I was viewing them as if they were machines.

Can Jobs Be Stolen?

R. Campbell Sproul’s on the right track here: “Jobs are not property, and since jobs are not property, it is impossible to steal them.”

The Act of Rigorous Forgiving

David Brooks:

There’s something sad in Brian Williams’s need to puff up his Iraq adventures and something barbaric in the public response.

The sad part is the reminder that no matter how high you go in life and no matter how many accolades you win, it’s never enough. The desire for even more admiration races ahead. Career success never really satisfies. Public love always leaves you hungry. Even very famous people can do self-destructive things in an attempt to seem just a little cooler.

Why Is the Number of the Beast 666?

Greg Beale:

The problem is that no clear identification can be made linking 666 with any particular ancient historical name. Attempts have been made to alter spellings and incorporate titles to try to make a multitude of names fit, but nothing conclusive has emerged. Most commonly, the number has been identified with Nero, on the basis of a Hebrew transliteration of the title “Nero Caesar.” However, this option flounders on confusion concerning the exact Hebrew spelling of Caesar, and does not fit the fact that John’s readers were largely Greek-speaking, and that Nero had many titles other than Caesar. Additionally, if John were using gematria, he would have alerted his readers by saying something like, “the number in Hebrew (or Greek) is . . .” as he uses the phrases “in Hebrew” or “in Greek” in 9:11 and 16:16, when he wants to draw the readers’ attention to certain significance.



Life’s Scary Choices: A Letter to My Teenage Children

Alone on Valentine’s… for the First Time in 53 Years

1 Cor. 13: For So Much More Than Reading at Weddings

Avoiding a Spirit of Lethargy (Part 1)

Do I have what it takes? It’s a question that all of us have asked ourselves. Some of you ask it every day. Do I have what it takes to succeed in this life?

What Jesus Said Before He Was Born–Part 4

Did God save people before time began? Is God free to choose His children? Pastor Mike continues the series of things Jesus said in eternity past.

Believe in Your Heart


A Bible Study by Jack Kelley

If you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead you will be saved (Rom 10:9).

We’ve all confessed (give assent to or acknowledge) with our mouths that Jesus is Lord and understand its importance to our salvation, but what about the “believe in your heart” portion of the verse?

continue reading


Redefining Marriage Redefines Parenthood

Redefining marriage isn’t just about marriage. It also redefines parenthood. Just ask those children. Stay tuned to BreakPoint.

A Theology for Fifty Shades of Grey

Millions will mark this Valentine’s Day weekend by taking in the new release of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” a modern-day publishing phenomenon that became the basis for the highly anticipated movie adaptation.

75+ Online Resources on Disability & Special Needs

Here are a number of articles on disability and special needs I’ve collected over the last several years.

Let’s start our focus on disability with a couple of series from parents with special needs children.

Our Time is Short

Read: Recommitting Your Life To God and Jesus Christ – Restoration and Forgiveness With God and Jesus Christ (Updated Version)

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