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What Mr “Know it All” Doesn’t Know

Ironically, Mr Know-it-all only seems to have a lot of biblical knowledge. He can drop the 30 lb. words and effectively argue his point. Very often he is quite involved and appears to have things together. However, the fact that he is unteachable makes him dangerous in the local church and a detriment to his own spiritual health.

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Buying a Bestseller

According to former employee George Hale, Jeremiah’s ministry, Turning Point, purchased copies of at least three of Jeremiah’s books to push them onto The New York Times bestseller list. WORLD asked Jeremiah about his book marketing practices in an interview last year. He was vague on the specifics but did say: “You can’t just write a book and say I’m not going to have anything to do with marketing. If you don’t care enough about it to try and figure out how to get it in the hands of other people, nobody else is going to either.”

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Why Brian Williams’ Lies Mean More Than You Think They Do

The point here is not to tut-tut about political, journalistic, and homiletical liars. The more profound question is why they get away with it. When President Nixon was found to have lied about his role in the Watergate affair, he faced an almost certainly successful impeachment. He resigned in disgrace in August, 1974. Americans were scandalized. Today people seem more or less unfazed by such lies. I keep asking myself, how is that, in an age when everything is on video and available on YouTube after a momentary search, a public figure such as president Obama or Brian Williams can look at America and tell lies?

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Brian Williams and the Tragedy of the Male Ego

Like everyone else these days, I click on #BrianWilliamsMisremembers and laugh at the parodies of his runaway conceit. Yet I find that the laughter catches in my throat. I, too, am a man who lives “under the sun,” and my own little life also promotes feelings of insignificance and self-pity. My little ego has also felt desires for a fiction that is more spectacular than fact. If Brian Williams exposes the tragedy of the male ego, and mine is an ego much like his, where is the escape from the trap of this despair and deceit?

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The Not-So-Modern Yearning for Male Friendship

In more recent trends, biographers of famous figures search the journals of their subjects combing them over for homoerotic overtones or hints of impropriety in their masculine relationships. Modern men increasingly fear having their sexuality challenged in this way or being misunderstood by others. Increasingly, the path that many men (even godly upstanding men) choose is the path of least resistance: isolation, solitude, independence, and loneliness.

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No Grey Area

Christians shouldn’t try to “redeem” 50 Shades of Grey. We should not get cutesy and advertize a new sermon series on “50 Shades of Grace.” We should not give both art and holiness a bad name by thinking that somehow something as dark as 50 Shades is worth viewing or worth reviewing. According to Paul’s logic, it is possible to expose sin and keep it hidden at the same time (Eph. 5:11-12).

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What I Would Have To Deny To Deny Hell

If I am going to deny eternal damnation, I must radically rewrite the gospel. Gone is the gospel of sinners who have committed treason against God and who call upon themselves God’s just wrath. There are many gospels I can put in its place. But what is clear is that this gospel, this gospel of a substitutionary atonement must be a casualty.

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I Know God Loves Me, But Does He Like Me?

When Jesus first saved me I believed God forgave my sins. Gradually I came to believe God loved me. But perhaps because of my upbringing or my own lack of affection for others I wasn’t sure God liked me. I believed he put up with me because he’d saved me, but didn’t have any sense that he delighted in me. I was wrong. God delights in his children.

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The Perfect(ionism) Excuse

As we considered in the two previous entries on this topic ( Save us, Superman! and Our Father’s Likeness ), this pursuit is significantly stymied by the severe aversion to preaching and teaching which calls Christians to look to God’s law as the standard for the Christian life and to make strenuous efforts to keep it. The worry is that such emphases crush the hearts of Christians and create or reinforce a legalistic approach to the faith – and of course they do, when grace is not preached as the foundation and sustaining power of such efforts. Ironically, though, the antidote which some popular Christian teachers offer should, if their listeners think carefully, make them feel even worse!

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The Sword of Romans 13

by Bill Muehlenberg

My topic here involves how we are to understand the sword – and the state’s use of it – as found in Paul’s discussion of government authority in Romans 13:1-7. Many scholars understand this to be a reference to the death penalty, and that is the case I seek to make here.

I should first point out that the Bible makes it clear that God has ordained the death penalty (even before the giving of the Mosaic law), and it is not rescinded in the New Testament. But read this two-part article for much more detail on this:

On Capital Punishment, Part 1

On Capital Punishment, Part 2

The passage in Romans speaks about the reason why God has ordained human authorities to rule in a fallen world, and the first five verses provide the context for the verse about the sword (v. 4):

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Preparing for Gathered Worship: Put on Love

by Founders Ministries Blog

If we are to worship God in a way that honors Him, we must first be in Christ, resting in His righteousness alone, trusting in Him alone for our acceptance before God. But we must also, as people called by His name, put on love.


10 Ways to Give a Terrible Presentation

by Philip Nation

On a regular basis, I present information. Weekly, I preach sermons and teach Bible studies. Periodically, I teach at universities. Suffice it to say that I’ve been a bad presenter in the past and have been witness to some bad presentations in my time. So, let me give you 10 warnings.


Children’s Bible + Faithful Discipline Does NOT Equal Salvation

by Stephen Altrogge

I did grow up in church and have seen many of my friends leave the church, so I may have a bit of insight into the question. I’ve seen friends get hooked on heroin, get entangled in sexual affairs, get slapped with handcuffs, renounce God, and turn their backs on all things Jesus. Why does this happen?


An Amazing Conversation

by Association of Biblical Counselors

The Scripture provides a wide range of case material packed with truth and meaning for counseling ministry. The story of Cain offers a prime example (Genesis 4:1-16).


A Unique Ministry for Stay-at-Home Moms

by Brian Croft

There are so many different kinds of people in the local church who provide a helpful service for the pastors to care for elderly widows, but I have found a specific group that shows to be especially valuable: stay-at-home moms.


What a Girl Wants

by Terrell Clemmons

A Word to the Guys With violent, abusive sex in the public eye right now thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey, there seems to be a lot of bewilderment among the male half of the population. What exactly do women want from men, anyway? Jerry, a thirty-something single man expressed it to me in an […]

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UPDATE: Local High School responds to parents’ concerns about Gay Men’s Chorus anti-bullying program

by A. S.

It appears that one local high school is responding to a parent’s concerns about the “It Gets Better” campaign, an anti-bullying presentation designed to encourage homosexual students and “create a discussion on bullying and how we can be a more welcome and inclusive community.” When the Neenah High School principal got an email this week […]

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Can We Trust the New Testament?

by Jonathan McLatchie

Can the New Testament documents be trusted? Do the Gospels accurately report what Jesus said and did? In this presentation, I investigate the historical data bearing on the dating of the New Testament documents, and asks whether there is good reason to think the four canonical gospels are written by the individuals with whom they are […]

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Church, shouldn’t we challenge, rather than celebrate Evolution?

by A. S.

This weekend hundreds of churches around the nation are celebrating, are you ready? Evolution. (See, Hundreds of ‘Churches’ To Celebrate ‘Evolution Sunday’ As Others Celebrate ‘Creation Sunday’ In our first segment we are joined by Bob Sorensen, creator of Question Evolution Day (February 12, Darwin’s birthday). It was Inspired by the “Question Evolution! Campaign” of […]

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True Love

by Ben Edwards

Valentine’s Day is this weekend (in case you have not been out of your house in weeks and missed all of the promotional reminders to show your love by spending money).

In honor of this one day of love each year, I’d like to consider what love really is. A variety of different movies, television shows, novels, and songs discuss the question of true love (a.k.a. twue wuv). We are told that true love is powerful, it overcomes obstacles, it must never be thwarted, and a whole host of other platitudes. But what makes love true love? What is the essence of love?

The apostle John discusses love extensively, especially in his first epistle. 1 John 4:10 is particularly helpful at understanding the essence of love, because here John tells us “in this is love.” Thus, John is helping us to know what is at the heart of love.

In this is love, not that we have loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins (1 John 4:1).

This verse highlights at least four characteristics of true love.

True love is supernatural. John begins, as he often does, by offering a negative example to explain his point. True love is not defined by our love for God. Our love for God may be genuine, but it is also natural. God is the most lovely being, so the failure to love God is strange–the only reason we would not love God is if our desires are out of order due to sin.

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When the church does church

by A. S.

Acts 2:42 describes what the church did when the church did church. How are we doing with that? Scott Alan Buss joins us today to discuss. Today’s Episode: [powerpress] Subscribe (RSS | iTunes) Having trouble with this podcast? Click Here for tips. We are 100% Listener supported. Donate now! Want our news delivered? Get our […]

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by Kevin T. Bauder

Occasionally I have written and spoken on what I call “hyper-fundamentalism.” My argument is that some self-identified fundamentalists incorporate unnecessary and even harmful features into their definition of fundamentalism, resulting in a position that deviates from normal fundamentalism by going beyond it. This assertion is often greeted with incredulity. People seem to think that I have invented a category for my own polemical purposes.

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Family Christian Bookstore Chain Files for Bankruptcy

by A. S.

America’s largest Christian bookstore has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Yet the ministry assured customers yesterday that it “does not expect” to close any of its more than 250 stores or lay off any of its approximately 4,000 employees. “We strive to serve God in all that we do and trust His guidance in […]

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Our Time is Short

Read: Recommitting Your Life To God and Jesus Christ – Restoration and Forgiveness With God and Jesus Christ (Updated Version)

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