February 14-15, 2015 Truth2Freedom Weekend Blogroll Collection

Truth-Telling and the News Media

NBC announced Tuesday that it suspended its lead news anchor Brian Williams for six months without pay. Network brass concluded that Williams embellished his experiences covering stories over the years; most notably that he was in a U.S. Army helicopter that was hit by enemy fire during the Iraq War in 2003.I’ve taken more than a passing interest in the story since I share a couple of things in common with Mr. Williams. First, before coming to Ligonier Ministries, I spent nineteen years in a position similar to his, as the lead news anchor for the Christian Broadcasting Network. Second, during an earlier stint as a news anchor for a local station in Jacksonville, Florida, I was suspended without pay. Station management didn’t take kindly to me telling a group of politically active Christians that I believed the news media had a bias against them. So, I can relate to Brian when he admits, “I am presently too much a part of the news.” Some observations regarding the current controversy:

Telling the whole truth

As much as I applaud NBC News for its desire to get to the bottom of this controversy and protect its reputation, I would argue the news media’s problem goes far beyond a news anchor’s embellishment of his wartime experiences. If we’re going to hold one man accountable, let’s also hold every news organization in this country accountable for their failure to tell us the truth about a number of stories, particularly abortion.

It’s my opinion that the bias of many network news organizations exists, not just in the stories they cover, but ones they refuse to cover. It is shameful that none of the networks have told us the truth about the physical and emotional pain caused by the slaughter of millions of unborn babies in this country.

Information vs. Wisdom

Let me encourage you to try an experiment. Watch any newscast on any network tonight and take an inventory of the stories covered. Then ask yourself this question: “How many of these stories have a real bearing on my life?” I suspect your answer will be, “Very few.”

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Sola Sisters: Pastor Matthew Trewhella: “Tyrannicide – To Kill A Tyrant”

Posted by Christine Pack

Justin Edwards of airō website has just recently published an excellent article entitled Christian Submission vs Belligerent Discontentment Before Civil Authorities. The article is about Theonomist Matthew Trewhella, and his views on how Christians should live under tyranny. As a side note, Theonomy as a movement within Christendom continues to gather steam and roll along, so I’m glad we have a few Christian men today who are aware of it, and are willing to publicly oppose their views.

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Theology Unplugged: Does God Know the Future?


Join Michael Patton, Tim Kimberley, J.J. Seid and Sam Storms as they discuss whether God knows the future.

The post Theology Unplugged: Does God Know the Future? appeared first on Parchment and Pen Blog.

Is It Because Christians Are Now More “Progressive” That We Don’t Put Law Breakers to Death?

Visitor: You are pretending Christians are progressive and infallible in 2015. Keep up with Uganda? How about Russia? The treatment of LGBT doesn’t really count, because they’re wrong right?

Campus Ministry Wins Job Discrimination Case

“In 2011, supervisors in InterVarsity’s Grand Rapids, Mich., office put a “spiritual formation specialist,” Alyce Conlon, on paid leave to work on repairing her marriage. Later that year, the organization fired her when she and her husband moved forward with a divorce.”

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Pornography: How It Works and How To Reverse Its Effects (Part 2)

“The work of God in salvation begins a definitive work in us whereby we progress in our sanctification and thus desire all sin, porn included, less and less over time. We must avail ourselves to God’s many means of grace so that we increase in our affection for Him and thereby diminish our desire for porn.”

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William Tyndale on God’s Sovereign Election

“Tyndale understood it was God who first chose His elect, not sinners who first chose Him, and that God made this distinguishing choice in eternity past. This is to say, all saving grace is traced back to this sovereign choice of God unto salvation.”

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The Day God Spoke To Katy Perry

“Did God speak to Katy Perry? Does he tell the televangelist to raise money? Did a little boy have a transcendent experience of heaven? If so, we’re compelled to listen. I, however, am compelled by biblical conviction to say, “Absolutely not!” But to my evangelical friends who may not agree with me, I would simply encourage you to consider these things and weigh them carefully.”

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My Spouse Doesn’t Enjoy Sex

“A wife may have a stronger sex drive than the husband — or the other way around. And it may switch from one spouse to the other over time. Dozens of factors add to the mismatch, including daily demands, work pressures, body image perceptions, health, age, and changing seasons of life.”

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Advice For A New Elder

“As a new elder you will likely feel the pressure to “prove yourself.” Don’t fall into this trap. Jesus has called you to serve, and the church has recognized this calling. Listen to the other elders, especially those who have served for a long time. During meetings, listen to how the conversations progress and keep your input succinct.”

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The Swimsuit Issue and the Failure of Egalitarianism

“Egalitarianism is the flattening out of differences. It tries to destroy hierarchy in the name of “all men being equal.” In reality it is a fight against gravity, against the way God made the world. One would assume in world devoted to the “advancement of women” that the Swimsuit Issue would slowly fade away and become a relic of a bygone era of male domination.”

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Is Your Marriage A Picture Of The Gospel?

“If our marriages aren’t filled with kindness and joy, why would anyone want what we offer? But when they see in us a mutual delight, a gentle and easy trust in one another, they can’t help but ask, “What’s your secret?” And we can tell them that it’s no secret at all. It’s Jesus.”

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Obama on Marriage: Bigot or Liar?

But progressives who attack those who disagree with them about marriage as “bigots” should not be able to get away with this smear while simultaneously giving liberal politicians such as Barack Obama a pass. They need to give us an answer: If opposing the redefinition of marriage is bigotry, then what is Barack Obama, a bigot or a liar?

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Christians, Crime and the Death Penalty

by Bill Muehlenberg

Ideally, controversial issues should be discussed with careful, logical assessment, with an eye to the facts, and in the case of Christians, with the biblical worldview fully in place. But sadly this is often not the case, and what we tend to get are kneejerk reactions, emotional outpourings, and angry responses – even from Christians at times.

Issues like the death penalty will certainly see such reactions coming forth. And with a very public case now fully in the news, there is plenty of this occurring at the moment. But since so much fuzzy thinking, unbiblical thinking, and downright anti-biblical thinking is being thrown around over this case, let me try to state once more a few basic biblical principles which we must not lose sight of as we think about such cases.

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by Michael Minot

Question: Did the miracles described in the Bible really happen?

My Response: The position skeptics hold is that miracles aren’t possible. They believe the laws of nature are unchangeable and always perform in predictable ways.Because of this skeptics dismiss all of what the Scriptures say, from the beginning to the end, claiming the accounts of these “inconceivable events” taint the entire work.

But most of the hundreds of documented miracles were claimed to be observed by many people. For example, the Bible describes how a man’s walking stick changed into a snake before many witnesses (Exodus 7:10-12). Later, possibly thousands of others witnessed that same stick budding a flower (Numbers 17:1-5). In a different time and place, with many inhabitants inside, the walls of a city fell flat when the attacking army merely gave a great shout (Joshua 2:1-11). On another occasion, after one man died from the heat while standing too close to a fiery pit, three other men, to the amazement of many onlookers, emerged from the middle of the pit unsinged (Daniel 3:19-27).

Some of the more recent miracles documented in Scripture were performed by Jesus—thirty-seven recorded in all.

A review of the biblical accounts of Jesus’ miracles reveals that He almost always performed them in the midst of large crowds or that the results became known to many people. Here’s a few examples.

The first involves the account of the healing of a paralyzed man. The Scriptures claim that Jesus was teaching in one of the houses in Capernaum after returning from healing many people of their various sicknesses and diseases in the surrounding villages. By this time, people from all over Galilee and Judea, including some Pharisees, had come to investigate reports of Jesus’ healing powers. Four men carrying a paralyzed man on a stretcher attempted to reach Jesus. After being unable to reach Him because of the crowds, they carried the man upstairs to the roof of the house where Jesus was teaching and let him down through an opening in the roof. After Jesus healed the paralyzed man, the man stood up, picked up his bed and walked out of the house glorifying God…

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When the New Christian Left Twists the Gospel and Perverts Morality

by Dave Sterrett

Almost a decade ago, I remember attending Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, packed with thousands of young evangelical leaders. It was there, that I first heard a young creative pastor named Rob Bell, pastor of the fast growing Mars Hill in Michigan. At the age of 25, I was finishing up seminary, but felt rejuvenated when I heard the line up of Catalyst speakers like Rob Bell, Donald Miller, and Andy Stanley. These teachers were creative but avoiding a lot of the controversial doctrinal issues that I heard from my alma mater Liberty University’s founder Jerry Falwell.

Rob Bell and these Catalyst communicators did not have pulpits, but were either walking, or sitting in comfortable chairs and bar stools. They weren’t talking about politics, or hell, or inerrancy of Scripture, or homosexuality and certainly not abortion. By no means were these guys like James Dobson or Falwell’s Moral Majority.

To me, their teaching seemed like a breath of fresh air compared to the dry doctrine. I felt burnt out on from seminary. There was excitement like the energy of a concert. I was not alone, thousands of those who grew up in non-denominational, Southern Baptist or Church of God congregations were drawn to this new kind of Church. Out of this generation, some sons and daughters of conservative Bible expositors, including Andy Stanley, Jonathan Merritt and Rachel Held Evans would drift away from their father’s evangelical fundamentalism and rise up to become today’s defenders of tolerance, social justice and gay “rights” at bakeries.

Ten years ago, at my first Catalyst conference, I did not agree with everything these younger communicators were saying, but I thought perhaps they could bring more balance. Weren’t these guys like Rob Bell and Donald Miller authentic by asking questions? We were the generation that was more about what we were “for” and not “against.” After all, there was no need for me to also always be discussing controversial things like abortion, gay marriage, doctrine and apologetics. In my young ignorance and piety, I told myself that I appreciated their “tone.”

So as a 25-year-old senior pastor of the SBC Immanuel Baptist Church, I got rid of the pulpit, bought some skinnier jeans began showing Rob Bell’s Nooma videos to the church on Wednesday nights. As I sipped on my Starbuck’s latte and saw an excitement from younger people, I felt relevant. I thought Bell’s teaching was authentic and fresh. But as time passed, I noticed things that concerned me…

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Evangelicalism in Crisis?

Alas, “gay evangelicals” fail to recognize the “D-Day” face-off between the only two worldviews on offer and the cosmological significance of Twoism, both for theology (the nature of God) and sexuality (the nature of humanity, made in God’s image). They ignore the place homosexuals have played in pagan religion, as perfectly-adapted shamans throughout the millennia. Without a theological understanding of these issues, the future of the evangelical church in certain parts will be severely compromised.

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Worldview Education: the Good and the Not So Good

A good worldview book is all many people can process, but they almost surely should process that much. Read Nancy Pearcey’s Total Truth not as the last word on any topic, but as a good word from a careful Christian public intellectual. As for the rest of us who write, if we disagree with Pearcey, then we should work hard to present readable alternatives agreeing where we can and dissenting where we must.

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Military Chaplains the New ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?’

Strueker said on the front lines, complaints against chaplains are very rare. “Sharing the Scriptures with somebody who’s about take their last breath on a battlefield are the kind of complaints people that are way back in the rear make,” Strueker added. “The guys that are on the battlefield don’t ever make those kind of complaints to me as a chaplain.”

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The Myth of Personal Privacy

When he sees and hears such communication, he is very pleased. So let us carefully watch the tongue; it is a restless evil. And let us guard not only our mouth, but our eyes, our feet, our hands, and our thoughts. As we are under constant surveillance today, let us see how many times we can bring a smile to our Father’s face as he sovereignly spies on us from a place we cannot see.

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Will the Real Bonhoeffer Please Stand Up? Part 1

My contact with Bonhoeffer centered primarily on his most evangelical works until I had to choose a thesis topic for the Master of Sacred Theology degree. I finally decided on the Christological substructures of Bonhoeffer’s Life Together. It was a topic that forced me to read wider in Bonheoffer’s corpus. And while working on that thesis I found myself face to face with what appeared to be two different Bonhoeffers; one that was very warmly pietistic and evangelical and the other a liberal German theologian.

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Presidents Day Reflections: James Madison and the War of 1812

Madison penned the extremely influential Memorial and Remonstrance Against Religious Assessments in 1785 to argue for ending Virginia’s Episcopal establishment and providing complete religious freedom. Historians label it “the most powerful defense of religious liberty ever written in America.” No other founder had as much impact on the nation’s conception and practice of freedom of conscience and the separation of church and state.

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Protecting Your Kids From Sexual Abuse: A Brief Guide For Parents

Be aware of sudden changes in behavior such as avoiding certain individuals and inappropriate and advanced sexual play. Familiarize yourself with this Protecting Kids From Abuse and neglect checklist for churches as well. The definitions and counsel here apply beyond our church walls.

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Sin, Sleaze and Hyper Grace

by Bill Muehlenberg

One of the biggest problems in the Christian church in the West today is that of antinomianism. The Greek word for law is nomos, and most folks know what the prefix anti means, so this term basically means “against the law” or just plain “lawlessness”

The term can have various meanings, but theologically speaking it has to do with the belief that the Christian has no real obligation to, or involvement with, God’s law and righteousness. Because we are saved by grace alone, we are no longer under the law in any form, and we need not worry about the law and its demands.

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Our Time is Short

Read: Recommitting Your Life To God and Jesus Christ – Restoration and Forgiveness With God and Jesus Christ (Updated Version)

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