February 28 – March 1, 2015 Truth2Freedom Weekend Briefing Report

A loving God who has no wrath is no God. He is an idol of our own making as much as if we carved Him out of stone. —R.C. Sproul

February 22 Quotes

Netanyahu And Obama On Collision Course 6 Years In The Making

The age-old battle of good versus evil continues

“Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his: And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding:” Daniel 2:20,21 (KJV)

We believe that both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and American President Barack Hussein Obama were placed into the offices they hold by the will of Almighty God. Netanyahu as God’s man at the helm of Israel to steer her through troublous times, and Obama as the leader of the United States working from within to tear it down in a traitorous of betrayal. 2 very different men, both chosen by God, but for two very different reasons.

On Monday in Washington, DC, their two paths will cross in what promises to be an epic showdown. Obama is furious that Netanyahu has the audacity to confront him on Iran’s nuclear program, so look for all sorts of nasty little tricks up his sleeve.


For six years, President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have been on a collision course over how to halt Iran’s nuclear ambitions, a high-stakes endeavor both men see as a centerpiece of their legacies.

The coming weeks will put the relationship between their countries, which otherwise remain stalwart allies, to one of its toughest tests.

Netanyahu is bound for Washington for an address to Congress on Tuesday aimed squarely at derailing Obama’s cherished bid for a diplomatic deal with Tehran. At the same time, Secretary of State John Kerry and other international negotiators will be in Switzerland for talks with the Iranians, trying for a framework agreement before a late March deadline.

In between are Israel’s elections March 17, which have heightened the political overtones of Netanyahu’s visit to Washington.

The prime minister is speaking to Congress at the request of Republicans. His visit was coordinated without the Obama administration’s knowledge, deepening tensions between two leaders who have never shown much affection for each other. source

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Obama Administration Says That Right-Wing Extremists Are The Real Terror Threat

Despite the fact that 99% of all terrorist attacks since 9/11 have been perpetrated by Muslims, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have once again issued a statement that they view the threat of domestic terrorists to be equal to, or even greater than the threat of an Islamic attack in this country.

They’re focused on domestic terror threats from “right-wing sovereign citizen extremists” who view all government as the enemy, and refuse to recognize local and national authority. There have been 24 violent sovereign citizen related attacks across America since 2010. That’s a slow afternoon for ISIS.

When the DHS was initially organized, one of its early reports caused an uproar from millions of Americans. The agency named who they considered to be the most serious threats to national security: Conservatives, right-to-lifers, Evangelical Christians, 2nd Amendment adherents, Constitutionalists, as well as those who viewed the power of the Federal government as a threat to freedom. Nary a word about Muslims!


Anyone who is awake can see that the Globalists are actively dismantling the government of the United States so their totalitarian New World Order, headed by the Beast/Antichrist, can rise. They know they must subdue the American people because we won’t give up our freedoms without a fight, but every time they pull a false-flag attack to persuade us to give up our weapons, it backfires. Much to their consternation, we stubbornly run out and buy more guns and ammo.

Knowing this, the U.S. Army is preparing for what seems to be an inevitable showdown with the American people. In February 2014, Infowars.com reported that a 300 acre ‘fake city’ was built in Virginia, complete with a sports stadium, school, underground subway, bank, churches and road signs written in English, designed to train troops for future combat scenarios.

This complex, which cost $96 million dollars and took two years to complete, was supposedly built to prepare troops to occupy foreign cities and train for house-to-house combat. In 2013, former Navy SEAL Ben Smith warned that the Obama administration asked top military commanders if they would be comfortable with disarming U.S. citizens, a litmus test that included firing on fellow Americans. Those who refused were forced out, resulting in the most prolific purge of top military officers from every branch of service in this nation’s history.

A 2012 academic study about the future use of the military as a peacekeeping force within the United States depicted a shocking scenario in which the U.S. Army is used to restore order to a town that had been seized by Tea Party ‘insurrectionists. source

This study dovetails with a leaked U.S. Army manual that reveals plans for the military to carry out “Civil Disturbance Operations” in which troops would be used domestically to quell riots, confiscate firearms and even kill Americans during mass civil unrest. source

And, to round off the plans the wonderful luciferian elite have for us pesky, freedom-loving Americans, the manual also describes how prisoners will be processed and ‘re-educated’ in the numerous FEMA camps, scattered all over the country. source

Of course, all of this is in direct violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, passed in 1878, which limits the power of the Federal government in using military personnel to enforce state law. But then again, the Occupant of the White House has a phone and a pen, so what do silly laws matter?

Speaking of which, The Washington Examiner reported today that the Occupant is planning to use that pen of his to ban one of the most-used AR-15 bullets used by sportsmen and target shooters. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is proposing a ban on 5.56 M885 bullets by classifying them as ‘armor-piercing’ ammunition, despite absolutely no evidence this is true. Of course, this is nothing more than an attempt by this increasingly tyrannical administration to impose yet another backdoor method of gun control.

The government has spent the last few years hoarding untold billions—yes, that’s ‘billions’ with a ‘B’—of bullets, causing shortages for police forces and the general public, as well as driving the price of ammunition through the roof. I think it would be wise for any gun lovers out there start buying up all the rounds you can get your hands on. It appears you may need it to defend your family and your freedoms one of these days. God help us.

Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

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Iran’s Second Front Against Israel :: Spyer and Weinthal in PJ Media

by Jonathan Spyer and Benjamin Weinthal
PJ Media
February 26, 2015

Empowering Jihad: The Deadly Myth of a ‘Root Cause’ :: Chesler in New York Post

by Phyllis Chesler
The New York Post
February 26, 2015

Hatred as an Article of Faith :: Durie in Quadrant

by Mark Durie
February 23, 2015

Markell: Betrayal the Likes of Neville Chamberlain

“I do believe Barack Obama and probably [senior advisor] Valerie Jarrett are entering into a phase of negotiations never seen since the days of [British Prime Minister Neville] Chamberlain in World War II entering into an arrangement with our archenemy,” she laments. “Every Iranian missile has two destinations written on it: Israel and America.”

The ministry leader finds it unfortunate that many of the American Jews in attendance at AIPAC will swallow the administration’s agenda – hook, line, and sinker.

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A Deal With the Devil

What are the prophetic implications of the events in Europe, Israel, DC, and Iran? We cannot be certain because only God knows the exact way things will unfold. There is certainty in scripture and when we look at what the Bible says about Iran we can know that we are nearing the end times. Ezekiel 38 gives us the panorama of a large coalition of peoples coming down upon Israel from the north to invade Israel. Ultimately, Russia will be on the move against the land of Israel but it will be accompanied by other nations including Persia (Iran). These invaders will be coming against a land of unwalled villages and people who are dwelling securely.

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Thank You, Israel, for Lending Us Bibi

But millions of Americans, and others around the world will be grateful: to the nation of Israel, to Prime Minister Netanyahu, and to Speaker Boehner and the lawmakers of both parties who will welcome him.

They’ll be grateful because they are hungry to hear the truth spoken at the highest levels of international discourse –thankful that at least one leader (there may be others; Canada’s Stephen Harper comes to mind) is willing to speak the truth on the world stage when the spirit of hatred and murder is on the loose, radiating from the Middle East to every continent.

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Franklin Graham: Muslims Have Infiltrated Washington, D.C.

“One of the problems we have in the West is our governments, especially in Washington, have been infiltrated by Muslims who are advising the White House,” Graham tells O’Reilly.

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Remaking America for Global Governance

A plethora of global-change events should come as no surprise to students of the Bible. Last-day theology is a major theme throughout the poetic books, major- and minor- prophets, Pauline- and general- epistles, and gospels, not to mention the book of Revelation. Signs of the times are likened to birth pangs—ever increasing in intensity and earmarked by political-economic upheavals, armed conflicts, racial unrest, drug abuse, natural calamities, consensus, and totalitarian world order enforced in the bogus name of peace, but destined instead to mass destruction.

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Obama Blatantly Deceiving The American People About Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions

Obama is neither delusional or incompetent, his continued acts of deception when it comes to Iran are willful and planned.

Barack Obama wants us all to simmer down about Iran. He wants Senator Bob Menendez, a fellow Democrat, and the donors he represents to butt out of the sanctions debate. He wants Republicans to quit crying wolf about Iran’s nuclear weapons program. He wants the media to stop hyping terror threats. He wants the American people in the dark about the secret correspondence he’s had for years with Iran’s supreme leader. He wants John Boehner to be mindful of protocol. And most of all, he wants Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop questioning his accommodationist approach to Tehran.


With the breezy confidence that is his trademark, the president has repeatedly delivered a reassuring message on Iran to the country and the world: Trust me.

With respect, Mr. President: No.

From the earliest moments of his first term, Obama sought to convince the country that threats from our erstwhile enemies were overblown. He forged an approach to jihadist attacks and rogue regimes meant to be a stark contrast from that of his predecessor. He ended the war on terror, quietly sought rapprochement with radical Islamist movements like the Muslim Brotherhood and the Taliban, and ostentatiously undertook a more conciliatory approach to terror-sponsoring regimes like Syria and Iran.

Notwithstanding periodic drone strikes on bad guys, Obama has demonstrated repeatedly that his instinct is to ignore, dismiss, or downplay threats to the United States and its interests and allies. The record over six years is a long list of mistaken judgments, awkward euphemisms, and false assurances.

Read the rest of the story on the Weekly Standard…

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FBI Admits That ISIS Is Active In All 50 States In America Right Now

One day after Egypt and Israel expressed their alarm at Obama, for including high ranking members of the Muslim Brotherhood in his “War on Terror” event, the director of our FBI declares that ISIS is now operating in all 50 states.

“FBI Director James Comey told the National Association of Attorneys General that ISIS is a “chaotic spider web” that avidly uses social media to radicalize people across the United States.

We have investigations of people in various stages of radicalizing in all 50 states,” said Comey, adding, “This isn’t a New York phenomenon or a Washington phenomenon. This is all 50 states and in ways that are very hard to see.” [1] – source


This IS alarming, but should we be at all surprised? The POTUS has close ties and very good friends in the Muslim Brotherhood organization. These terrorists come to the White House on a regular basis. At one event recently, the press was banned!

Obama’s dearest friend, Mohamed Morsi, sits in a prison cell in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood is outlawed in Egypt!! As they say — what is wrong with this picture?

The FBI Director Comey:

“Those people exist in every state. I have homegrown violent extremist investigations in every single state. Until a few weeks ago there was 49 states. Alaska had none which I couldn’t quite figure out. But Alaska has now joined the group so we have investigations of people in various stages of radicalizing in all 50 states,” Comey said.

“ISIL in particular is putting out a siren song with their slick propaganda through social media,” the FBI Director added.

In describing the jihadist group’s message, Comey said, “Troubled soul, come to the caliphate, you will live a life of glory, these are the apocalyptic end times, you will find a life of meaning here, fighting for our so-called caliphate. And if you can’t come, kill somebody where you are.”

The FBI director noted that the message “resonates with troubled souls, people seeking meaning in some horribly misguided way.”

But he still will NOT say Islamic Terrorist. As long as the narrative reads that we are not in a war with Islam, we are DONE.

God please help us.



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The Gathering Storm

Jan talks to Dr. Robert Jeffress for two segments about radical Islam, end-times, and current events in light of the Bible. We carry his new book, “Countdown to the Apocalypse: Why ISIS and Ebola are Only the Beginning.” Find ite here. With everything falling apart, Dr. Jeffress reminds us to be salt and light. Then Jan Markell gives a short commentary about the importance of Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress March 3. Obama continues to turn on old allies and befriend terrorists. We use the mobile app found at http://www.oneplace.com.

Access Programming Here or Here

Atlanta’s Former Fire Chief Sues The City, Says He Was Fired Because of Religious Beliefs

“Cochran, who is an evangelical Christian, was terminated in January after a city investigation pertaining to his self-published book, “Who Told You That You Were Naked,” a Bible study-style text that covers a range of his personal religious beliefs.”

Read more

Fukushima Has Been Leaking Radioactive Water Since May, But Tepco Didn’t Tell AnyonePosted: 27 Feb 2015 08:24 PM PST

Fukushima Has Been Leaking Radioactive Water Since May, But Tepco Didn't Tell Anyone

Workers in protective suits and masks wait to enter the emergency operation center at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Fukushima prefecture, November 12, 2011. DAVID GUTTENFELDER/POOL/REUTERS

A new report from Newsweek might explain the Mass Animal Deaths happening to much Ocean Life in various locations around the World! According to reports Tepco announced it had detected elevated levels of radiation in rainwater pooling on the roof of a plant building back in May, but had failed to disclose the finding until now, according to NBC News. The radioactive water had likely leaked into the sea through a gutter when it rained, Tepco announced. Tepco has been “aware since last spring” that the rainwater pooling in one corner of the roof contained 23,000 becquerels per liter of radioactive material cesium 137, which is more than 10 times more radioactive than samples of water taken from other parts of the roof, Reuters reports. FULL REPORT

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Chicago nears fiscal free fall with latest downgrade, two steps above junkPosted: 27 Feb 2015 08:15 PM PST

Chicago nears fiscal free fall with latest downgrade

Reuters/Reuters – The Chicago skyline is seen above a partially frozen Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois, January 5, 2015. REUTERS/Jim Young

Things just got a lot more chilly for Chicago after after they drew closer to a fiscal free fall on Friday with a rating downgrade from Moody’s Investors Service that could trigger the immediate termination of four interest-rate swap agreements, costing the city about $58 million and raising the prospect of more broken swaps contracts. The downgrade to Baa2, just two steps above junk, and a warning the rating could fall further still, means the third-biggest U.S. city could face even higher costs in the future if banks choose to terminate other interest-rate hedges against fluctuations in interest rates. All told, Chicago holds swaps contracts covering $2.67 billion in debt, according to a disclosure late last year. FULL REPORT

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Microchipped office workers feel ‘very modern’ using hand-implanted chips to open doorsPosted: 27 Feb 2015 08:01 PM PST


“You have your own identification code and you’re sending that to something else which you have to grant access to, so there’s no one else that can sort of follow you on your ID, so to say. It’s you who decides who gets access to that ID,” Mesterton said.

Would you Microchip your hand to make it more convenient to open doors and operate machines and equipment? Would you put a chip under your skin in the name of “Convenience”? Well that’s what’s happening in Stockholm At the newly opened Epicenter office complex in central Stockholm. Office workers have been opening doors and operating the photocopier with a chip implanted in their hands. Now if you have any knowledge of the Word of God you will immediately think of a verse mentioned in the Book of Revelation Chapter 13!

Revelation 13:16-17  – He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Now you may say “Wait a minute, This isn’t the Mark of the Beast mentioned in that verse”! No, It may not be the Mark of the Beast but I would say it’s safe to say that this technology is paving the way for humanity to embrace this system when it is introduced by the Antichrist and the False Prophet in the future! The radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip is made from Pyrex glass and contains an antenna and microchip, with no need for batteries. Instead of using identification cards and pass codes, all the staff at companies based in the Swedish tech business incubator Epicentre are using microchips implanted into their hands to get into and around the workplace. According to this report All each member of the staff has to do is wave their hand in front of a sensor and the door opens. Speaking of “Open Doors” I believe this story is a perfect example of how the “Door” will be “Opened” in the future to openly accept something placed in the Forehead and / or the Forehand! – Source

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Presbyterian Church USA Voting on Redefining MarriagePosted: 27 Feb 2015 07:43 PM PST

Presbyterian Church USA Voting on Redefining MarriageDid you ever believe the day would come where a “Church” would actually vote on whether or not to “Change the definition of Marriage“? Well welcome to 2015! According to a report from Christian News Network the Regional presbyteries of the Presbyterian Church (USA) are voting on whether to ratify a vote taken by the General Assembly and regional delegates last year to change the definition of marriage in its law book and to allow ministers to perform same-sex “marriages” in states where the practice is legal.  Not only is it shocking that we are actually voting on such apostasy but the majority in this particular topic voted in favor of this abomination!  As previously reported, last June, the General Assembly of PCUSA, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, voted 76-24 to allow licensed ministered to officiate such ceremonies. Delegates within the denomination also approved a proposal to change language in the PCUSA Book of Order to redefine marriage from being a union between “a man and woman” to rather only “two persons.” FULL REPORT

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Iran Test-Fires ‘New Strategic Weapon’ to Destroy AmericaPosted: 27 Feb 2015 07:27 PM PST

Iran Test-Fires ‘New Strategic Weapon’ to Destroy AmericaWhile America is busy throwing Israel under the bus and laying the welcome mat down for Iran, a massive naval and air defense war games was just conducted by Tehran by successfully test-firing a “new strategic weapon,” which the country says will play an important role in the future battle against the US.  The test was performed on the final day of the Great Prophet 9 exercises, which above other activities included a simulated attack on an American aircraft carrier. So let’s summarize this real quick! While America is busy stabbing the back of Israel, Iran is carrying out War Games simulating the destruction of America! Anything wrong with this picture to you? FULL STORY

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Rev. Graham: ‘Washington Has Been Infiltrated by Muslims Who Are Advising the White House’Posted: 27 Feb 2015 07:14 PM PST

Rev. Graham: ‘Washington Has Been Infiltrated by Muslims Who Are Advising the White House’In a recent interview with Reverend Franklin Graham on the Feb. 26 edition of The O’Reilly Factor , Graham was asked whether Western countries can unite to defeat Islamic radicals, Rev. Franklin Graham said one of the major problems is that Western governments have “been infiltrated by Muslims,” and in the United States in particular Muslims “are advising the White House.” They “are part of the problem,” said Rev. Graham. “And we see this also in Western Europe. They have gotten into the halls of power and they are an influence.” “We need God’s help,” he said. “This is a huge crisis. This isn’t something small. This is huge.” said Graham. – FULL STORY

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The Sun Is Extremely Quiet, Scientists Worry We Are Entering Ice AgePosted: 27 Feb 2015 07:03 PM PST

The Sun Is Extremely Quiet, Scientists Worry We Are Entering Ice AgeScientists are sounding the alarm that Humanity could be headed for another “Ice Age” A new report is indicating that for the 6th day in a row, solar activity remains very low. No sunspots are flaring, and the sun’s X-ray output has flatlined” says spaceweather.com Scientists say that if the solar flatlining continues it may be an indication we are about to enter into a mini ice-age. “The main driver of all weather and climate, the entity which occupies 99.86% of all of the mass in our solar system, the great ball of fire in the sky – has gone quiet again during what is likely to be the weakest sunspot cycle in more than a century,” “Not since cycle 14 peaked in February 1906 has there been a solar cycle with fewer sunspots. We are currently more than six years into Solar Cycle 24 and today the sun is virtually spotless despite the fact that we are still in what is considered to be its solar maximum phase.”  Jesus indicated that there would be “Signs in the Sun” – LUKE 21, Prior to his Coming! Full Report

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Never Seen Before Comet survives encounter with Sun, Heads towards Earth, Scientists BaffledPosted: 27 Feb 2015 06:51 PM PST

Never Seen Before Comet survives encounter with Sun, Heads towards Earth, Scientists BaffledJesus told us in Luke Chapter Twenty One that there would be “Signs in the Heavens” Prior to his return and that there would be Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars! A report from Daily Mail is reporting a story that defines that warning. According to a report an unusual comet that is unlike anything seen before by scientists is expected to become visible from Earth in the coming weeks. Nasa and the European Space Agency’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, also called SOHO, spotted the comet as it skimmed past the sun. This comet is not thought to belong to any known family of comets and scientists have been left baffled as to how it survived its close encounter with the sun.  Most comets that come that close do not survive the trip, according to solar scientists who study images beamed back by SOHO. FULL STORY

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Where would you go when civilization collapses?Posted: 27 Feb 2015 01:19 PM PST

New Study Reveals Where To Go When Civilization Collapses: "Head For The Hills"Where would you go if there was economic collapse, a massive natural disaster, cyber attack or widespread pandemic? Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that there would be millions of people looking for food, clean water and other essential resources?  The cities will be plagued with violence and supply shortages. Government officials will, as Homeland Security has previously admitted, not be able to provide any meaningful support. The masses will be left to fend for themselves. So where would there be any Safe Havens? FULL REPORT

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Iran cleric vows to ‘raise flag of Islam on White House’Posted: 27 Feb 2015 01:10 PM PST

Iran cleric vows to 'raise flag of Islam on White House'Iran is at it again with their threats to America! the latest comes as A Senior Iranian Cleric with close ties to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei vowed on Friday that “we will raise the flag of Islam over the White House” in response to the killing of Hezbollah and Revolutionary Guards operatives on the Golan Heights last month. The cleric, Ali Shirazi, made the remarks to the official Revolutionary Guards web site. His comments were reported by the Saudi-owned news network Al Arabiya. FULL REPORT

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‘Love Not Limited?’: Three Thailand Men ‘Marry’ Each Other, Photos Go Viral

(CN) — Photos of three Thailand men who recently “married” each other have gone viral, garnering societal support for the concept of same-sex “throuples” worldwide, but also generating remarks from Christians about the confirmation of the slippery slope that has long been predicted.

The men, who have only been identified as Joke, Belle and Art Thani, reportedly participated in a traditional water-pouring ceremony on Feb. 15 and had photographs taken of their union. However, the act was more of a symbolic gesture as neither homosexuality or polygamy are legal in Thailand.

Alabama Governor at Odds with Own Pastor’s Sermon Opposing ‘Gay Marriage’ Ruling

(CN) — A recent sermon delivered by the pastor of Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley reveals that Bentley’s recent decision to follow a federal court ruling striking down the state’s Sanctity of Marriage Act as being unconstitutional is at odds with his church’s teachings on obeying God rather than men.“Here’s what I said to our governor yesterday,” Gil McKee, pastor of First Baptist Church Tuscaloosa, told the congregation on Feb. 8. “‘Governor, I don’t care if all 49 states go for this same-sex marriage business, let’s be different in the state of Alabama. Let’s do what we know is the right thing to do. If you’ll just step up and lead out in this thing, if you’ll give the word to our chief justice to call all our probate judges … and say, ‘Don’t you issue one single license until the federal government does their thing and until we decide whether we’re going to follow that or not; don’t issue one of them,’ I’m telling you the people of this state would rally behind that.”

Archaeologists May Have Uncovered Ruins of Important Old Testament City

(CN) — Archaeologists are increasingly confident that they have discovered the remains of Libnah—an ancient city in Israel that is mentioned multiple times in the Bible.Since 2009, researchers have studied the remains of an ancient village at a dig site named Tel Burna, located 20 miles southwest of Jerusalem. The area was once a strategic border region between ancient Israel to the east and the Philistines to the west.

‘Hasten to Heaven’: Islamist Video Calls for Attack on Mall of America, Other Western Malls

(CN) — Officials with the Mall of America are taking extra security precautions after an Islamic terror group considered to be an affiliate of al Qaeda released a video calling for attacks on malls in the Western world.Al-Shabaab released the video online on Saturday, citing three specific malls in the footage: the Oxford Street shopping strip in London, England, the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada and the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota.

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Our Time is Short

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