Is The Roman Catholic Church Responsible for Killing “Only” 3,000 People Over 600 Years or 50 Million People?

Hear Shocking Audio clips of Todd Friel Declaring the Catholic Inquisition Killed Only 3,000 People Over 600 Years. Why Do Evangelicals Help Rewrite Vatican History? | Worldview Weekend

What is Todd Friel Thinking? Topic: Hear shocking audio clips of Todd Friel declaring that the Catholic Inquisition killed only 3,000 people over 600 years. This is the same liberal line his friends at American Family Radio Network, which carries his program, were spouting a few days ago on the Facebook page of one of their radio hosts. Why would Todd Friel say something that is historically documented as being false? As we have discussed many times before, the Church of Rome… slaughtered 50 million Christians over 600 years and not 3,000 as Todd reports. Dr. David Plaisted documents the 50 million figure in his 84 page report that is online for free. Dr. Plaisted has many sources that document this figure of 50 million. Topic: Todd also says he is not defending this branch of Christianity that carried out the Inquisition. This sounded like Todd was saying that Catholicism was a branch of Christianity, which it is not.

Topic: Todd says that there were 150,000 trials during the inquisition but only 3,000 killed. These figures do not even pass the smell test and should reveal to Todd that his reporting is flawed. This would mean that the Church of Rome only convicted about 2% of those they put on trial for heresy and 98% they set free. Topic: Todd says that part of the Inquisition was being carried out by the Church of Rome against Catholics that were not practicing Catholicism correctly, and the Inquisition was more of an in-house event. Topic: Todd says the Inquisition was not a reign of terror per se. Tell that to the 50 million Christians killed that included people that were burned alive and buried alive. Todd might want to become less of a comedian and more of a researcher if he is going to cover such topics. Topic: Chris and Brannon discuss why these comments by Todd are very troubling. Topic: We take your calls.

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(Part Two) Todd Friel Declares the Catholic Inquisition Killed Only 3,000 People Over 600 Years. Why Do Evangelicals Help Rewrite Vatican History? | Worldview Weekend

Guest: Justin Peters. Topic: A few people on Facebook wanted to know why it mattered if the Todd Friel was saying 3,000 people were killed in the 600 year inquisition versus the real number of 50 million. Today Brannon explains that it goes to the heart of the gospel and not allowing the Church of Rome to re-write history and thus portray itself as Christian and Christian friendly for their ecumenical agenda.

Topic: On the previous program Brannon did not play the clip of ho…w Todd started his discussion on the inquisition. Today you will hear that Todd starts his program and discussion on the Inquisition with a short clip from a Mel Brooks comedy skit on the Inquisition. If you Google the words of this comedy skit then do so at your own risk as it contains vulgar content. Is this appropriate? Is this how Christians or a serious and credible Christian broadcaster should set up a serious discussion of the Inquisition? Does Todd not know how or when it is or is not appropriate to be a comedian?

Topic: If Todd is so concerned about the Strange Fire facing evangelicalism from the Word of Faith and New Apostolic Reformation then why is he still on the air with American Family Radio that seems intent on continuing to promote and interview such NAR/WOF folks as Rick Joyner, Heidi Baker, Rod Parsley and others? Not to mention the AFA sponsored prayer rally in January of 2015 that featured as a keynote speaker Governor Jindal giving his testimony and describing himself as an evangelical Catholic. If Todd is really concerned about truth, ecumenicalism, and strange fire then we believe it is time for him to cut ties with AFR.

Topic: Justin Peters joins us to give his thoughts on the comments by Todd. Justin also joins us to discuss audio clips of Rick Joyner being interviewed by Sid Roth describing how he went to heaven, discussed sports with the Lord, and then went swimming with the Lord. It is interesting to note that Rick Joyner was recently interviewed by Tim Wildmon on American Family Radio Network. Topic: Sid Roth and Joyner talk about Catholic mystic monk Brother Lawrence in a positive light. This is nothing more than the promotion of mysticism. Justin explains why all of this is a real warning to true believers.

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The Historical Proof That Church of Rome Killed 50 Million Christians (Download the 84 Page Report Now)

by Worldview Weekend News Team [1]
February 27, 2015

The Historical Proof That Church of Rome Killed 50 Million Christians (Down Load the 84 Page Report Now)

Download PDF here:

50_million_protestants_killed.pdf [2]

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The Historical Proof That Church of Rome Killed 50 Million Christians (Down Load the 84 Page Report Now) [3]

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