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March 11, 2015 Truth2Freedom Daily Briefing Collection

It is better to go bruised to heaven than sound to hell. —Richard Sibbes

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Mar. 11, 2015


Days after Ashton Carter became defense secretary, he huddled with 30 American diplomats and generals on a U.S. Army base in Kuwait to review President Barack Obama’s plan for battling Islamic State. Emerging from the six-hour meeting, Carter delivered his verdict: The U.S., he said, has “the ingredients” of a strategy. That less-than-stellar endorsement of the president’s response to a major security threat comes six months after Obama promised to “degrade and ultimately destroy” the self-proclaimed Islamic caliphate. As Islamic State vows to consolidate its rule, Obama’s plan is being criticized on both political and military grounds.

Lawmakers assailed the administration over its foreign policy positions for the second time in as many days, this time on a bipartisan basis, as members from both parties pushed the White House to send weapons to Ukraine.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the chamber would consider Loretta Lynch’s nomination to be attorney general next week, even as one of his top lieutenants said the outcome of the confirmation vote was still in question.

Seven U.S. Marines and four soldiers are missing after a Black Hawk helicopter accident during a training exercise conducted out of Eglin Air Force Base in the Florida panhandle.

Billions of dollars in U.S. and international aid for Afghanistan’s security forces are at risk because the ministries that manage the money aren’t preventing waste and corruption, the Pentagon inspector general found.

Apple Inc.’s iTunes and App stores are experiencing outages, preventing users from making purchases or downloading applications.

About 15 armed robbers made away with an estimated 9 million euros ($9.5 million) of jewels being transported between Paris and Lyon Tuesday night.

U.S. banks that pass the Federal Reserve’s annual stress tests are strong enough to boost quarterly payouts to shareholders 53 percent on average, disbursing $109 billion over the next 15 months, according to analysts.

A decision by Whiting Petroleum Corp., the largest producer in North Dakota’s Bakken shale basin, to put itself up for sale looks to be the first tremor in a potential wave of consolidation as $50-a-barrel prices undercut companies with heavy debt and high costs.

AP Top Stories

An unwrapped moist towelette branded with the Malaysia Airlines logo has been found on a beach in West Australia — and it’s now being tested to see if it is the first confirmed piece of evidence from the airline’s missing plane.

The Islamic State jihadist group launched a major offensive Wednesday to try to capture a strategic town on the Syrian-Turkish border, leaving dozens dead in clashes, a monitor said.

Iraqi forces entered a district of Tikrit on Wednesday, stepping up an offensive launched 10 days ago to wrest the northern city back from jihadists, army officers said.

The historic winter of 2015 – which has dumped 105.7 inches of snow in Boston, 2.2 inches shy of the snowiest ever – is leaving mini icebergs on the shores of Cape Cod.

Scientists are virtually certain that California will be rocked by a strong earthquake in the next 30 years. Now they say the risk of a mega-quake is more likely than previously thought.

The Islamic State group has publicly beheaded three men in northern Iraq, two of them for allegedly engaging in homosexual acts, according to photos shared on social media.

President Obama signed a “student aid bill of rights” and spelled out an assortment of policy tweaks and projects to try to make it easier for people with student loans to pay back their debt.

China wants Taiwan to participate in commemorations later this year to mark the end of World War Two, and also plans events commemorating the end of Japanese rule over the island, a Chinese government spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

Delays in installation, testing and activation of electrical systems will push back delivery of the largest destroyer ever built for the U.S. Navy from this summer to November, officials said


Islamic State (IS) militants have posted a video online which appeared to show a young boy shooting dead an Israeli Arab prisoner.

Lawmakers in Utah passed a bill proposing the use of firing squads to carry out the death penalty if lethal injections drugs are not available.

Bullets that are able to pierce police officers’ protective vests will remain legal in the US after a proposed ban met with a fierce opposition from gun rights activists.

The parents of former Thai princess Srirasmi were jailed for defaming the monarchy, part of a crackdown on her family following her divorce.

Chinese Muslims from Xinjiang have fought with Islamic State militants and returned to conduct “terrorist plots”, a top Chinese official said.

Laws aimed at boosting Iran’s population reduced women to “baby-making machines”, the rights group Amnesty International warned.


A chaplain who used to provide services to Navy SEALS, Lt. Commander Wes Modder, could be booted from the military for failing to “show tolerance and respect” on issues of faith – or, more specifically, for failing to water down his biblical views of homosexuality.

Pope Francis has said he has accepted that he may be assassinated- but has asked God to make sure it doesn’t hurt too much as he is ‘a real wimp’.

There could be as many as 10,000 Europeans who will have joined the jihadist fighting bloody battles in Syria and Iraq by the end of 2015, a top French official has warned.

The Last, Great Run For The U.S. Dollar, The Death Of The Euro And 74 Trillion In Currency Derivatives At Risk

Are we on the verge of an unprecedented global currency crisis? On Tuesday, the euro briefly fell below $1.07 for the first time in almost a dozen years. And the U.S. dollar continues to surge against almost every other major global currency. The U.S. dollar index has now risen an astounding 23 percent in just the last eight months. That is the fastest pace that the U.S. dollar has risen since 1981. You might be tempted to think that a stronger U.S. dollar is good news, but it isn’t. A strong U.S. dollar hurts U.S. exports, thus harming our economy. In addition, a weak U.S. dollar has fueled tremendous expansion in emerging markets around the planet over the past decade or so. When the dollar becomes a lot stronger, it becomes much more difficult for those countries to borrow more money and repay old debts. In other words, the emerging market “boom” is about to become a bust. Not only that, it is important to keep in mind that global financial institutions bet a tremendous amount of money on currency movements. According to the Bank for International Settlements, 74 trillion dollars in derivatives are tied to the value of the U.S. dollar, the value of the euro and the value of other global currencies. When currency rates start flying around all over the place, you can rest assured that someone out there is losing an enormous amount of money. If this derivatives bubble ends up imploding, there won’t be enough money in the entire world to bail everyone out. (Read More….)

A New Way To Be Human: The Plan Is To Replace Existing Humans With ‘Transhuman’ Hybrids

Transhumanists believe that the time has come for humans to take control of their own evolution. Many of them are fully convinced that we can use emerging technologies to “fix” the flaws in the human race and ultimately eradicate sickness, disease, poverty and war. So would you like to have the eyesight of an eagle? Would you like to download an entire library of information directly into your brain in just minutes? Would you like to rid your family line of all genetic diseases? Would you like to extend your lifespan to 500 years or even longer? Transhumanists promise that all of these things will soon be possible, if we are willing to embrace a new way of doing things. They foresee a future in which we will all have lots of little nanobots running around inside of us, in which we are all connected directly to the Internet, and in which we have all been genetically modified to at least some degree. In fact, one prominent transhumanist recently stated that he believes that “eventually every human will be designed on a computer“. In the end, the goal is to produce a vastly improved version of the human race which will usher in a golden new age for the planet. But as we merge ourselves with animals, machines and weird new technologies that scientists cook up, at what point do we cease to be human? (Read More...)

Daily Digest

March 11, 2015


“Without justice being freely, fully, and impartially administered, neither our persons, nor our rights, nor our property, can be protected. And if these, or either of them, are regulated by no certain laws, and are subject to no certain principles, and are held by no certain tenure, and are redressed, when violated, by no certain remedies, society fails of all its value; and men may as well return to a state of savage and barbarous independence.” –Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833


Is the Threat of an Ammo Ban Past?

A bit of good news out of The Swamp for a change. The ATF says it’s scrapping plans to ban a popular round of ammunition after loads of negative public feedback. The Associated Press reports, “The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives says the agency received more than 80,000 public comments on the proposal to outlaw some types of 5.56 mm rounds, or .223 caliber. The agency says the comments were overwhelmingly critical of the proposal.” The ban was (supposedly) motivated by the “discovery” that “pistols” can now shoot armor-piercing ammo, but perhaps the ATF feared a successful court challenge to the National Firearms Act’s definition of “pistol.” Certainly, Second Amendment defenders think the NFA is in many ways incompatible with the Supreme Court’s Heller ruling.

But is this really good news, or just a tactical retreat? According to the ATF, “Although ATF endeavored to create a proposal that reflected a good faith interpretation of the law and balanced the interests of law enforcement, industry, and sportsmen, the vast majority of the comments received to date are critical of the framework, and include issues that deserve further study. Accordingly, ATF will not at this time seek to issue a final framework [emphasis added]. After the close of the comment period, ATF will process the comments received, further evaluate the issues raised therein, and provide additional open and transparent process (for example, through additional proposals and opportunities for comment) before proceeding with any framework.” So it really isn’t over.

Social Security Records Show Existence of 6.5M Zombies

It’s strike two against the Social Security Administration. First, the agency wrote to Sen. Ron Johnson, telling him it was still implementing Barack Obama’s executive actions granting legal status to millions of illegal immigrants. Now, an investigation showed the agency did not prosecute illegal immigrants it found committing fraud with Social Security numbers belonging to citizens who died. According to a report by the agency’s Inspector General, “In three cases, [the Office of Investigators] confirmed that illegal aliens were using deceased numberholders’ names and SSNs to work, but U.S. Attorneys in Arizona, Florida, and South Carolina declined prosecution.” The report goes on to say there are 6.5 million Social-Security-card-carrying citizens who are over the age 112. Right. But then there’s this example: In 2008, a man whose Social Security number indicated he was 122 applied for a job in Arizona, even though the SSA’s payment records show it stopped paying him benefits in 1965. Either there was a zombie collecting a salary in Arizona, or the SSA’s shoddy record keeping has allowed fraud to fester. More…

Walker and Obama Tussle Over Right-to-Work

After Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed right-to-work legislation Monday, Barack Obama bashed the Republican presidential hopeful. “Wisconsin is a state built by labor, with a proud pro-worker past,” Obama said. “So even as its governor claims victory over working Americans, I’d encourage him to try and score a victory for working Americans — by taking meaningful action to raise their wages and offer them the security of paid leave. That’s how you give hardworking middle-class families a fair shot in the new economy — not by stripping their rights in the workplace, but by offering them all the tools they need to get ahead.” Walker quickly fired back. “On the heels of vetoing Keystone Pipeline legislation, which would have paved the way to create thousands of quality, middle-class jobs, the President should be looking to states, like Wisconsin, as an example for how to grow our economy,” Walker replied in a statement. “Despite a stagnant national economy and a lack of leadership in Washington, since we took office, Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is down to 5.0 percent, and more than 100,000 jobs and 30,000 businesses have been created.” Obama has spent more than six years undermining working Americans all while claiming to be in their corner — his magic “middle-class economics.” But higher taxes based on class warfare aren’t going to grow the economy. Encouraging work will.

It Takes No Fewer Than 170 Days to Fire Federal Workers

Government employment usually entails good job security. Consider the EPA, where spending up to six hours per day looking at x-rated websites isn’t enough to get employees fired — even a year after the story broke. No matter which federal department or agency you represent, existing rules ensure that accountability is difficult to enforce, particularly when it comes to veteran workers. Based on a Government Accountability Office report published Monday, “A minimum of 170 days is required to fire a federal employee for poor performance, if a government agency properly follows the required dismissal process,” The Washington Free Beacon reveals. Administrators who follow chapter 43 of the United States Code allow misbehaving employees upwards of 110 days to make amends. And if that doesn’t work? “After dismissal, the employee is then given the opportunity to appeal, which itself takes an average of 243 days to complete,” the Beacon adds. “Alternatively, agencies can use chapter 75, which is ‘largely similar to chapter 43.’ Chapter 75 is generally faster since it does not require time to allow the employee to improve, but the ‘burden of proof for sustaining a dismissal’ is higher.” The infamous EPA porn-watcher by his own admission downloaded and viewed more than 7,000 files. What more “burden of proof” does the government need? More…

University Violated Speech Rights of Racist Frat Boys

University of Oklahoma violated the First Amendment rights of two frat boys when it expelled them after they were videotaped leading a racist chant. Over the weekend, the school’s student newspaper published a story after it obtained video footage of a group of Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat boys chanting that “there will never be a n—– at SAE.” But the university’s discipline of the students may have just elevated the students to free speech martyrdom. Legal scholar Eugene Volokh writes, “First, racist speech is constitutionally protected, just as is expression of other contemptible ideas; and universities may not discipline students based on their speech. That has been the unanimous view of courts that have considered campus speech codes and other campus speech restrictions. … The same, of course, is true for fraternity speech, racist or otherwise.” But in the nanny-state that is often called higher education, administration officials simply see students as children, whose rights they can violate at will. A better discipline would have been to call out the perpetrators — by name — in the square of public ideas. More…



Hillary: ‘I [Fill in the Blank] for Convenience’


Hillary Clinton finally addressed the brouhaha over her majesty’s secret servers at a press conference Tuesday, but beginning with the first seemingly planted question it amounted to partying like it was 1999.

Last week, Clinton handed over 55,000 pages of emails from her private clintonemails.com email accounts. It’s a fair guess that hardly covers her entire tenure as secretary of state. So where’s the rest? What’s she hiding?

Since the account is hers, she has sole access and control over it (well, besides potential hackers), and she’s refusing to turn over everything. She reiterated Tuesday that she would not turn over the actual emails or the servers, which “will remain private.” She claims 30,000 emails were personal — including messages with husband Bill, who claims to have sent all of two emails, ever — and she admitted to deleting many of them because she “didn’t see any reason to keep them.” That’s nice, but as a high-ranking public official it’s not for her to decide which emails are personal and which are official, or what’s relevant for keeping.

She explained her choice to exclusively use a private email account as merely a matter of “convenience” because it enabled her to “carry just one device for my work and for my personal emails instead of two.” Yes, we’re very sure it was “convenient,” but we’re not clear on how her inability to walk and chew gum at the same time commends her for the presidency.

Besides, she did carry both an iPhone and a Blackberry. Nice try.

She insisted Tuesday, “I fully complied with every rule that I was governed by.” But the fact that she used only private accounts during her time in office violates federal record keeping laws. She’ll never be prosecuted, but she wants to be our next president, so these are matters of great importance.

Not only did Clinton use this email to control the flow of information, it diverted her information to the wrong hands. Case in point: An unemployed Romanian taxi driver and part-time hacker called Guccifer discovered the existence of Clinton’s secret account in 2013. If a Romanian hacker can find it, surely the Chinese, Russians and others have too.

Not to worry. The smartest woman in the world surely made her site ironclad secure. Right? No. Her site is so vulnerable that independent security expert and developer Nic Cubrilovic said, “It is almost certain that at least some of the emails hosted at clintonemails.com were intercepted.”

Meanwhile, Madame Clinton apparently takes national security as seriously as her former boss. Presidents are duty-bound to name inspectors general to police each agency of government, but Obama refused to name one for the State Department during Hillary’s entire tenure. How convenient. Whatever’s on the servers, Obama would almost certainly pardon Clinton if need be. But he can’t protect her politically if the stink of corruption rises high enough.

Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state was a rocky one, filled with crises and scandals. A good chunk of the emails most likely would shed light on her cover-up of malfeasance in the Benghazi disaster, but she might be hiding even worse information. The Clinton Foundation, now known as the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, has been doing the legal two-step ever since Slick Willie founded it in 2001. And we believe Clinton’s real reason for refusing to reveal the emails is the Foundation. After all, the Foundation’s history of accepting money from anyone who wants to give is legendary.

Ron Fournier, a long-time friend of the Clintons, wrote a particularly damaging op-ed in which he observed, “[T]he biggest threat to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential dreams is not her emails. It’s her family foundation. That’s where the money is: corporate money, foreign money, gobs of money sloshing around a vanity charity that could be renamed ‘Clinton Conflicts of Interest Foundation.'”

Furthermore, Fournier concluded, “Hillary Clinton’s secret communications cache is a bombshell deserving of full disclosure because of her assault on government transparency and electronic security. But its greatest relevancy is what the emails might reveal about any nexus between Clinton’s work at State and donations to the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation from U.S. corporations and foreign nations.”

From Whitewater to Lippogate to White House coffees and everything in between, the Clintons have never changed. Coming out of Arkansas with a judge in Bill’s pocket, they’ve always been about the acquisition of power and money — Hillary’s claims about being “dead broke” notwithstanding. They’ve done very well, rising from small-time lawyers to multimillionaires with a formidable political machine. But the damage they’ve wreaked on the nation is obscene. It won’t wipe away with a simple stroke of the “delete” key.

Unfortunately, nearly half the country doesn’t care. As Fox News commentator Juan Williams noted, “In terms of the big political picture, there is no evidence [the email charade] is damaging her with the Democratic base.” Far too many Americans couldn’t care less about a Democrat candidate’s behavior, as long as he or she keeps the free stuff coming.

Iran Letter Went to the Wrong Recipient


Forty-seven Senate Republicans sent a letter to Iran’s leadership earlier this week making clear that the nuclear deal currently being negotiated does not meet the standards of a binding treaty, and that a future U.S. president could nullify it at any time. In other words, stating the obvious. The reaction was swift and furious — from the Democrats, that is.

Every leftist from presumptive presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to Smiling Joe Biden piled on, calling the letter “dangerous” and “out of step with the best traditions of American leadership” (rimshot!), while claiming it was motivated by a “rush to war” by Republican “traitors.” If anyone is a traitor, it’s the guy negotiating the deal — John Kerry.

All that said, it would have been better if the Republican senators had not sent this letter to Iran. In addition to being a poor method of conducting diplomacy, it’s bad politics. It will be spun by the Democrats and their sycophants in the media as just another example of personal animus and racism toward Barack Obama. And it will probably end up being a self-inflicted political wound that could have been avoided. Those who defend it on the basis that Democrats have done it before miss the mark. Since when has imitating Democrats been good practice?

A better approach would have been to address the letter to Obama himself and the American public, and publish it in The Washington Post and other newspapers.

In doing so, the 47 senators, led by Iraq and Afghanistan veteran Tom Cotton, could have framed the issue in terms of the Senate’s role in treaty-making, and insisted the president respect the Senate in this regard. They could have emphasized the foolishness of accepting a handshake deal with Iran instead of a binding treaty. They could have highlighted Obama’s absurd notion that deals of this magnitude should be done in secret and then presented to the American people and their representatives as a fait accompli — something that would have resonated strongly given Obama’s past deceptiveness about keeping your health plan under the Affordable Care Act. The senators could have pointed out that Iran could nullify an agreement at any time, just as the United States could.

All of this could have been used to challenge Obama to make his case to the American people before reaching a deal with Iran — to explain how a deal would somehow not do fatal damage to the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

What’s done is done, and the letter may at least have the salient effect of making the current deal with Iran less likely to come to pass. It will also force 2016 presidential hopefuls to stake out their positions on this matter, which will be beneficial over the next 18 months. But this continues a trend in which Republicans are missing the target.



Political commentator Lawrence Auster (1949-2013): “Once the government becomes the supplier of people’s needs, there is no limit to the needs that will be claimed as a basic right.”

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins: “Like most Christians, Lt. Commander Wes Modder knew the military was changing. But he didn’t know how much until the battle landed on his doorstep. … [T]he 19-year veteran has been stripped of his duties for sharing the good news he was hired to share. … Believe it or not, he was targeted by his own assistant — who Modder didn’t realize was gay. Looking back, the chaplain says the young officer asked a lot of questions about homosexuality, which Modder answered as most would expect: in accordance with the Bible’s teachings. The mask finally slipped in December, when representatives with the Equal Opportunity office served Modder with papers accusing him of ‘discrimination.’ … Worse, he didn’t have a chance to defend himself. Almost immediately, the dad of four was relieved of his duties and told to clean out his office. He was guilty before proven innocent. And of what? Fulfilling his job description? … It isn’t supposed to be this way — and it doesn’t have to be this way — if Americans who love their freedoms and their country will stand up and speak out!”

Columnist Jonah Goldberg: “The trouble for [Hillary] Clinton is that, despite all of her preparation, all of her coordination, the world is going off her script. And for a woman who thinks off-the-cuff speaking is switching from her prepared remarks to her prepared note cards, that’s a scary place. That is surely why she set up her own private Internet server. Four times at the U.N., Clinton said she had created her ‘home-brew’ email system simply for ‘convenience.’ ‘I thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal emails instead of two,’ she said. Never mind that it’s much easier to set up two email systems on one device than it is to set up a whole dark server hidden from the government. And leave aside that a woman who travels with a very large entourage on non-commercial flights could probably manage two devices. I’m sure she’s right. She set up the server for convenience – but not the convenience of sparing her the load of an additional 4-ounce phone. When you want to hide what you’re doing, a private server is definitely the way to go.”

Fred Thompson: “Not only did Hillary Clinton use a private email address as Secretary of State, she ran it from her own private computer system. I’ll be THAT had a ‘Reset’ button that worked.”

Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis!

Join us in daily prayer for our Patriots in uniform — Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen — standing in harm’s way in defense of Liberty, and for their families.

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“Americans Battle the Arab-Israeli Conflict” – Pipes in MEQ, #1397

by Daniel Pipes
Middle East Quarterly
Spring 2015

Four Rival Factions Pick Over Syria’s Bones :: Spyer in PJ Media

by Jonathan Spyer
PJ Media
March 5, 2015

Judicial Watch: Obama Family’s 2014 Christmas Vacation in Hawaii Cost Taxpayers $3,672,798 in Transportation Expenses

I don’t care who the president is, Obama, Bush, TBD, this sort of extravagance is an insult to taxpayers. $3.6 million? For air travel alone? The below article reminds me of the time Obama flew the family dog to Martha’s Vineyard, by itself, because he forgot it at home.

Granted the president has a little more to worry about when traveling than we do, but this is not a reasonable level of expense. Just because one is president does not mean that one has carte blanche with the taxpayer’s money. Sadly, I’ll bet expense to taxpayers isn’t an issue Mr. Obama concerns himself with. He’s the president after all. He deserves this.

Read More

Viral Video: Iraqi Girl Forgives ISIS

Little did the young Iraqi refugee girl know that her comments about forgiveness would go viral.

When interviewed recently by Sat 7 reporter Essam Nagy, 10-year-old Myriam shared her heart about life as a refugee in Erbil, Kurdistan. She told Nagy that she forgives ISIS for forcing her family from their home last summer in Qaraqosh, Iraq.

View moving short videos

Strong Delusion: World Wants to Topple Party That Is Trying to Save the World

A blind world tries to topple Benjamin Netanyahu – the only world leader calling out Iran . . .

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested Monday to a meeting of Likud activists in Kiryat Gat that there is an international effort to remove him from power.

In a recording of the meeting obtained by Army Radio and aired on Tuesday, Netanyahu is heard saying of the current election campaign, “This a very close battle. Nothing is ensured because there is a great, worldwide effort to topple Likud rule.”

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Blinding cases of syphilis found on West Coast, now potentially in L.A.

Posted: 10 Mar 2015 09:37 PM PDT

Blinding cases of syphilis found on West Coast, now potentially in L.A.A shocking report is coming from the Los Angeles Times as they indicate that Public health officials across the West Coast are urging medical professionals to look out for cases of ocular syphilis – a sexually transmitted disease that can cause blindness. The warning comes after two potential cases in Los Angeles recently. On Thursday, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health issued an advisory for primary and eye-care providers to look out for symptoms associated with the disease, which is usually a complication of primary or secondary syphilis infections. FULL REPORT

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Oklahoma could be in danger of strong Magnitude 6 or Higher Earthquakes

Posted: 10 Mar 2015 09:29 PM PDT

Oklahoma could be in danger of strong Magnitude 6 or Higher EarthquakesIn yet another warning to Oklahoma residents, thousands of tiny earthquakes in the past five years have mostly been annoying. However a new study in Geophysical Research Letters suggests the future could be more dire, with the state possibly seeing larger temblors. It found that the same fault lines that have triggered earthquakes of between 3 and 4 magnitude are capable of producing events as high as 6.  According to a study, led by Dan McNamara, a research geophysicist at the U.S. Geological Survey, found that there were 3,639 earthquakes in Oklahoma between late 2009 and 2014, which was 300 times more than in previous decades. Several of these earthquakes caused damage and many were felt, with over 153,000 individual reports for 474 separate earthquakes entered at the USGS. FULL REPORT

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Chance of Mega-Quake hitting California increases, Several Faults can shake at Once

Posted: 10 Mar 2015 09:24 PM PDT

Chance of Mega-Quake hitting California increases, Several Faults can shake at OnceAccording to a new report we may now have a timeline of when to expect the next “Mega-Quake to strike the West Coast, That is because scientists are virtually certain that California will be rocked by a strong earthquake in the next 30 years. Now they say the risk of a mega-quake is more likely than previously thought.  The chance of a magnitude-8 quake striking the state in the next three decades jumped to 7 percent from 4.7 percent, mainly because scientists took into account the possibility that several faults can shake at once, releasing seismic energy that results in greater destruction.  FULL REPORT

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Dow Plunges 333 Points

Posted: 10 Mar 2015 09:12 PM PDT

Dow Plunges 333 PointsWith only nine more days until a Solar Eclipse will occur that hasn’t been seen in Europe in over 20 Years the U.S. stocks closed more than 1.5 percent lower on Tuesday, pressured by a surge in the dollar and some weakness in oil. According to reports the Dow Jones industrial average fell more than 300 points to below the index’s 50-day moving average, wiping out gains for the year. The S&P 500 also traded in the red for the year and breached its 50-day moving average, which is an indicator of the market trend. Only the Nasdaq held onto gains of about 3 percent for the year. FULL REPORT

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US Navy sailors disappear as government, doctors bury truth about Fukushima radiation

Posted: 10 Mar 2015 09:04 PM PDT

US Navy sailors disappear as government, doctors bury truth about Fukushima radiation Are we seeing a massive coverup to mask the devastating results of the Fukushima disaster in Japan? According to a recent report from Natural News the U.S. Navy sailors exposed to radioactive fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster have been falling ill, even as the Defense Department insists that they were not exposed to dangerous levels of radiation. Many of the sailors have now joined in a class action lawsuit against Fukushima operators and builders Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco), Toshiba, Hitachi, Ebasco and General Electric. FULL REPORT

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Russia tells West to fear its Nuclear Arsenal

Posted: 10 Mar 2015 08:59 PM PDT

Russia tells West to fear its Nuclear Arsenal Are the winds of the Cold War blowing again in 2015? According to a recent report, Russian military officials have taken to reminding the U.S. and its allies that Moscow’s nuclear arsenal remains potent and could be used to devastating effect, if need be, to defend the country. As reported by Reuters, the Russian military’s top general, Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov, warned the West again in recent days that the country’s nuclear arsenal will ensure lasting military superiority over the West as multi-billion-dollar plans to modernize the country’s forces by 2020 begin. FULL REPORT

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Looming financial collapse of Greece spells beginning of the end of global debt Ponzi scheme

Posted: 10 Mar 2015 08:54 PM PDT

Looming financial collapse of Greece spells beginning of the end of global debt Ponzi scheme According to a report from Natural News, The European nation of Greece is in deep financial trouble, and it doesn’t look like its neighbors are going to open up their treasuries to bail it out this time around. More than that, what the country’s new leadership is planning could eventually spell the end of the euro. Recent elections the Syrizan party won heavily on promises to reverse conditions of austerity placed on Greece after the country received more than $250 billion in loans from the International Monetary Fund and the rich nations of the continent. Greece’s financial situation had grown untenable in the aftermath of the Great Recession of 2007-2009 after its economy tanked due to declining revenues and high pension costs. FULL REPORT

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Obama Takes Aim At Second Amendment With Draconian Ammo Ban

Posted: 10 Mar 2015 02:28 PM PDT

Obama Takes Aim At Second Amendment With Draconian Ammo Ban52 SENATORS WARN OF SWEEPING AMMO BANS, SAY SECOND AMENDMENT ‘AT RISK’ – A majority in both the Senate and House — 52 senators, 238 House members — have joined to oppose the Obama administration’s move to ban a popular type of ammo used in the top-selling AR-15 rifle and pistol because it pierces police body armor. A week after the House members, led by Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte, sent a letter of opposition to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley echoed that in his own letter signed by 51 others. FULL REPORT

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Magnitude 6.6 Earthquake Strikes N of Aratoca, Colombia

Posted: 10 Mar 2015 02:24 PM PDT

Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake Strikes N of Aratoca, Colombia

A magnitude 6.6 earthquake has hit the Colombian capital of Bogota, prompting mass evacuations from the city’s buildings. Strong and prolonged tremors sparked panic and a social media storm. SOURCE

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College conservatives branded ‘hate group’ for refusing LGBT sensitivity training

Posted: 10 Mar 2015 02:20 PM PDT

College conservatives branded ‘hate group’ for refusing LGBT sensitivity training How do you get branded as a “Hate Group”? Well you simply do what a conservative student group at a Washington, DC, college is doing and now has been branded a “hate group” and fears it could lose its funding for refusing to take part in gay, lesbian and transgender-oriented sensitivity training. A report indicates that Members of the Young America’s Foundation student organization at The George Washington University believe the traditional values they espouse merit a religious exemption from taking part in the training. They are asking the student government to allow them to sit out the LGBT sensitivity training, and a requirement that they use the “preferred pronouns” of the people they address or refer to. FULL REPORT

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On today’s Episode of The Briefing

1) Erskine College criticized by students, others, for making Christian convictions explicit

Erskine College’s View on ‘Sin’ Jolts Gay Athletes, New York Times (Jeré Longman)

South Carolina college denounces homosexuality after two volleyball players come out as gay, Washington Post (Marissa Payne)

2) Ohio eyes legal marijuana, as awkwardness between state and federal government increases

What, Ohio a trendy pot state?, USA Today (Don Campbell)

3) Addition of Muslim holidays to New York public schools a victory for religious liberty

New York City Adds 2 Muslim Holy Days to Public School Calendar, New York Times (Michael Grynbaum and Sharon Otterman)
In other news…

Pastor Matt Chandler Says Favoritism of Wealthy Is as Much a Sin as Murder, Adultery

American Baptist College Defends Decision to Invite Lesbian Bishop to Lecture Students

ISIS Orders Christian Hostages to Convert, but All Boldly Refuse to Deny Jesus Christ

Israeli Cave Explorers Make Discovery So MASSIVE, Location Kept Secret

The Secret Your Cellphone Company Doesn’t Want You To Know

Recently, AT&T surprised everyone when it added a new option to its GigaPower fiber Internet service: privacy. Yes, for just $29 more a month, AT&T promises it WON’T sell your search and browsing history to advertisers. How generous.

While there’s still some doubt about how private your information is even after you pay the $29, at least AT&T is being honest about how it finances operations. The truth is, the major cellphone carriers are more than happy to sell your information to advertisers and serve you targeted ads over their networks. I’m going to tell you how to stop them, and at the end I’ll discuss other ways carriers and advertisers are working to get your information.


If you’re an iPhone user, go into Settings, and then tap Privacy. Scroll all the way down to Advertising. You’ll see a button that says “Limit ad tracking.” Slide this button to make it green. This will stop ad companies from tracking what you do with your phone and from serving up targeted ads.


Right underneath that setting, by the way, you’ll see the “Reset Advertising Identifier” option. Tapping on that will zero out the anonymized identifier linked to your personal data on Apple’s servers.

In other words, to trackers you’ll appear to be a new user. This can make it more difficult (but not impossible) for advertisers to build up a profile on how you browse.


To turn off the Google “AdID” system, do NOT go to your Android phone settings. Go instead to your Google Settings app. (You may have to look under your full list of apps to find it.)

Once you’re in Google Settings, tap the Ads link and then tap “Opt out of interest-based ads.” You can also see your advertising ID and tap “Reset advertising ID” to make a new one. This will make you look like a new user to advertisers.

Ads aren’t the only way you’re tracked on your phone. Google and Apple might be tracking your searches. Use this search app instead to make private searches.

Windows Phone

To turn off Personalized ads in Windows Phone, go to Microsoft’s ad opt-out page, and under “Personalize ads whenever I use my Microsoft account,” click “Off.”

You will need to be signed in with a Windows account to do this. Make sure you sign in with the same account you use on your Windows Phone. This also turns off personalized ads for Internet Explorer in Windows 8.

The future of tracking

Of course, carriers are working on ways to track you that you can’t stop. Verizon and AT&T have experimented with “supercookies” that let any website know who you are when you visit.

AT&T eventually dropped the idea when customers complained, but Verizon still does it. You can opt out at https://www.verizonwireless.com/myprivacy/, so Verizon won’t track your information or show you targeted ads. But Verizon still adds the supercookies to your browsing, which can give away your identity to websites or hackers.

One solution is to use Wi-Fi instead of your cellular signal for browsing, but that isn’t always possible. Click here to learn more about Verizon’s supercookie problem and how you can protect yourself.

Tracking and selling your information isn’t just a problem with cellular carriers, though. There are ways every ad company can track where you go online. Click here to protect your privacy against online advertisers.

You should also know that Facebook shares your information with advertisers as well. Click here to stop Facebook from tracking everywhere you go online. source – Fox News Kim Komando

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The Birds

It comes at the end of a passage that describes, for Matthew’s audience (i.e., the Jews) the sequence of events over that last seven years of horror, known as the tribulation, under the reign of a deceitful and arrogant king. First Jesus warns His followers that this unrighteous king will again desecrate the Temple; an act known as the Abomination of Desolation (Matthew 24:15) at the midpoint of the seven years. He then tells them that the second three and a half years will be much worse than the first. Finally, He gives them a very important warning; when you see the abomination of desolation, flee to the mountains.

Lickety split, because it will truly be a matter of life and death.

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The New Christian Left Is Twisting the Gospel: Here’s How

Peek behind the curtain of some “progressive” or “hip” evangelical churches, past the savvy technology and secular music, and you will find more than just a contemporary worship service. You’ll find faith leaders encouraging young evangelicals to trade in their Christian convictions for a gospel filled with compromise. They’re slowly attempting to give evangelicalism an “update”—and the change is not for the good.

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Obama’s Attacks on Religion in America

Americans tend to take the liberties spelled out in the Bill of Rights for granted. This is especially true of freedom of religion in which the First Amendment protects “the free exercise thereof” while at the same time prohibiting “an establishment of religion” to ensure that neither a state nor the federal government can stipulate a specific religion as the “official” one.

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Protection of Christians in the Middle East must become an international priority

Jihadists are perpetrating heinous crimes on the lands of “the caliphate” and are forcibly imposing obscurantist views by killing Christians, including clergymen, burning them alive, selling them into slavery, robbing them of their property, driving them from their lands or taking them hostage.

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9 Things To Do to Prepare for Hard Times Ahead

Most Prepper types that I know appear to have a common trait: they are good at evaluating risks then moving to mitigate those risks in a nimble manner. What that means, in somewhat plainer English, is they have the ability to evaluate a situations, make a plan, learn from it, and ultimately act in a responsible manner.

Along those lines, more recently I have done some personal analysis and put more focus on what I call “hard times ahead”. With my disaster preps more or less in order, I want to ensure that my own household will get through a period of difficulty when, for instance, there is not enough food, work, or money to go around.

A couple of years I shared 7 Tips to Prepare for Hard Times. Today, with even more concern about an eminent financial collapse, I suggest 9 more tips to prepare for hard times ahead.

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WVW-TV Presents: A Biblical Response to Race-Baiting & The Need to Repent For Wrong Views on Repentance

Author(s): Worldview Weekend News Team

WVW-TV Presents: A Biblical Response to Race-Baiting & The Need to Repent For Wrong Views on Repentance. Your host is Mike Abendroth. Watch now before this program rolls into the Situation Room for members only. Click here:http://www.worldviewweekend.com/tv/video/biblical-response-race-baiting-…


How Sex Trafficking Became a Christian Cause Célèbre

Human trafficking—and sex trafficking in particular—has become something of a Christian cause célèbre. There are prayer weekends, movies, magazine covers, Sunday school curricula, and countless church-based ministries. (Graham, Slate)

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Our Time is Short

Read: Recommitting Your Life To God and Jesus Christ – Restoration and Forgiveness With God and Jesus Christ (Updated Version)

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March 11, 2015 Truth2Freedom Daily Blogroll Collection

It is better to go bruised to heaven than sound to hell. —Richard Sibbes

March 9 quotes


The Daily Discovery (March 11, 2015)


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9 Marks of an Unhealthy Church – “Thanks to Mark Dever, many of us have become well acquainted with the 9 Marks of a Healthy Church. While these were never meant to be the last word on everything a church should be or do, the nine marks have been helpful in reminding Christians (and pastors especially) of the necessary substance we often forget in an age fixated on style.”

Discipling Guys: 20 Years of Reflections – “The idea of pouring into younger disciples was engrained in me from the very beginning of my Christian life. But in the last two decades, I have seen more specifically the need to focus on training men.  Every follower of Christ, should be taught to obey everything Christ has commanded. Yet God places a special burden of leadership on men, and there is no better way for men to be prepared to shoulder that burden than in the context of a committed mentoring relationship with a godly man in a local church.”

Summary of the Inerrancy Summit and the 2015 Shepherd’s Conference – “Hard to believe that the Shepherd’s Conference started with less than 20 people. This year there were approximately 4500 in attendance. There are so many reasons to attend the Shepherd’s Conference, but this year’s focus on Inerrancy was the singular reason. This conference was nothing short of amazing. Not just the fact that some of the church’s most well known and respected pastors, scholars and theologians were present but because of what they presented. Powerful preaching, strong exhortations, biblical sagacity and gracious unity. We need conferences like this. The hour is late, the times are dark and the church is splintered in a thousand directions. For those reasons I am incredibly grateful to Shep-Con.”

The Trinity – “Using this illustration from nature, St. Patrick was able to help some of the pagan Celtics to accept the doctrine of the Trinity.  I think an even better illustration of the Trinity is the universe itself (though no illustration is perfect).2 Isn’t it interesting that the entirephysical universe (uni = one) consists of three and only three aspects—space, time, and matter? If you were to take away any of these three, you would no longer have a universe.”

Youngest Gay Kiss On US TV – “The ABC Family show The Fosters has reportedly made TV history with the youngest same-sex kiss on the US screen. Two male characters, who portray 13-year-old seventh graders in the show, apparently kissed one another on a recent episode of the show, which also features a lesbian couple raising five biological, adopted, and foster kids. The media is praising the gay kiss as ‘setting a fantastic standard’ and as a ‘more accurate representation of LGBTQ youth in entertainment.’”


Church of Tares: Purpose Driven, Seeker Sensitive (Must-See Documentary)


The Cross (Sermon Jam)

Heaven Is For Real

“If you alter or obscure the Biblical portrait of God in order to attract converts, you don’t get converts to God, you get converts to an illusion. This is not evangelism but deception.” – John Piper

God’s Battle Plan for the Mind: The Puritan Practice of Biblical Meditation

Now whatever shortcomings they may have had, the Puritans certainly sought to ground their faith and practice in the Bible. We may disagree about the extent to which they accomplished that aim, or about whether that was even a good aim in the first place. But they left plenty of clear instruction with regard to the practice of meditation.

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Is the God of the Old Testament a Moral Monster?

When God brings judgment on people such as Pharaoh or the Canaanites is He being malicious, or does He have some other purpose in view? In most of these situations, God’s first response is not judgment. Even in a case like Sodom and Gomorrah, God comes first to Abraham to reveal His plans to him. Abraham pleads with God, and God is willing to save the cities if there are 10 righteous people in them. So we see that God’s first response is not one of judgment. Usually God’s judgment comes after an extended period where people refuse to change, and evil reaches epidemic proportions.

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Passionately Pleading with God is a Good Thing!

As Christians, we should not shrink from pleading in prayer to God. Rather, let it occupy a routine place in our prayer lives. In all humility, let us fervently make our case before the great God of the Heavens and the Earth, while resting and content in His sovereignty.

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4 Ways Inerrantists Undermine The Bible

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones believed that the most important battle in his day was not over the inerrancy of Scripture but over the authority of Scripture. I believe both were and are equally important issues. What’s the point in fighting to the death for the inerrancy of Scripture if we undermine it by rejecting its authority in our lives, especially in our ethics? We end up with a perfect book that has no impact on our lives.

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Keep Up the Good Work!

Happy Pastor’s Wife Appreciation Month! Thank you for serving God and loving Jesus every day. You are valuable in His sight, and He loves you. We appreciate that you are willing to make sacrifices for others. Your job can be thankless, but God knows and will reward those who seek Him. Please don’t grow weary of doing good. We think of and pray for you. Below you will find a virtual appreciation swag bag, just for you.

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Here’s How the New Christian Left is Twisting the Gospel

Popular liberal evangelical writers and preachers tell young evangelicals that if they accept abortion and same-sex marriage, then the media, academia and Hollywood will finally accept Christians. Out of fear of being falsely dubbed “intolerant” or “uncompassionate,” many young Christians are buying into theological falsehoods. Instead of standing up as a voice for the innocent unborn or marriage as God intended, millennials are forgoing the authority of Scripture and embracing a couch potato, cafeteria-style Christianity all in the name of tolerance.

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It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

I understand my dissatisfied evangelical friends. For my money it is Geneva, Heidelberg, or Edinburgh you want. Before you make your trip to Rome, Constantinople, or Pusey House give us a visit first. Please do not assume that you already know the Reformed faith, that you’ve already “been there, done that.” You probably haven’t.

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God Doesn’t Want Matt Chandler to Be Your Pastor

Your pastor knows you (at least he should). He knows about your struggles with worry. He knows about your eating disorder. He knows about your battle with greed. He knows about your ongoing chronic illness. Both God and your pastor are shaping the sermon with you, as well as other members of the church, in mind. For your encouragement. For your conviction. For your refreshment. And God intends to use your pastor’s sermon to help sustain your faith.

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The Gospel According to Pinterest

My salvation does not rest on whether I feed my family a gluten-free, paleo, vegan, organic diet. My salvation is not found in making my own laundry and dishwasher detergent. My salvation is not earned by decking the halls of my home for every season. Pinterest has given me some wonderful recipes and household tips that have blessed my family. Yet I must remember that my salvation is in Christ, and in Him alone.

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The unique significance of corporate worship

by Scott Aniol

As I have explained many times before, Christian worship should be defined in terms of the believer’s relationship to God through Christ, and thus worship understood this way applies to the entirety of a Christian’s life. This may give the impression, however, that there is nothing distinct or sacred about corporate worship. Indeed, this is exactly what many evangelicals today appear to believe. They emphasize all of life as worship, but for them the Sunday morning gathering of the church is in essence no different from what goes on the other six days of the week.

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What you’re for and against?

I’m “For” It. by Pastor Chris I hear people say, from time to time, that those who take the narrow view of sticking to God’s Word and who reject the modern church culture are “against” everything and not “for” anything. So, as a public service to those critics, allow me to look at a passage […]

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Living Well in a Digital World

The world has changed, hasn’t it? The world we live in today is not the world as it was a few years ago. In just the past few decades we have entered into a digital world, and you and I are the ones who are learning how to live in it, and how to live in it with virtue. We are the trailblazers here, learning how to use these incredible, world-changing technologies to carry out the commission God has given us. These new technologies can be used to do so much good, but they can also be used to do such evil.

When the Bible tells us how to live as Christians, it so often tells us that we need to put on and put off. It tells us that there are habits, patterns, and behaviors we need to stop, and new habits, patterns, and behaviors we need to begin. Today I want to look at 3 things we need to put off and put on as individuals, and tomorrow I will look at 3 things that we need to put off and put on as families.

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Question: I am a physician (pulmonology) and, until recently, a lifelong atheist, although one who saw great non-religious value in Judeo-Christian culture and civilization. I became increasingly convinced by the moral arguments that atheism could not lead to a society with moral values and thus by the moral arguments for God. Your site, and debates and your Reasonable Faith book, along with CS Lewis and other reading, now have me convinced in at least the likelihood of Christianity.

My question is what are the next best steps for someone who has taken this rarer intellectual path towards Christianity? As someone who never attended Church, who has no preferred denomination or family tradition, it is a bit hard to know where to begin. Any advice would be welcomed. Thank you very much for your incredibly useful site and work and the clarity of thinking behind it.

Dr. Craig’s Answer: Such an encouragement to receive your letter, Mark! I’m so glad that you thought through the implications of the human predicament and the moral argument for the existence of God.

So let’s assume that Christianity is likely to be true. What should you do next? Several things come to mind:

1. First and foremost, make a personal commitment to trust Christ as your Savior and Lord. It’s one thing—a vital part of being a Christian—to give intellectual assent to the truth claims or doctrines of Christianity, but it’s not the whole thing. Intellectual assent now needs to be followed up by trust. Trusting Christ as Savior means trusting God to forgive your sins solely on the basis of Christ’s sacrificial death. It means that we are not trusting in any way in our good works to save us or make us acceptable to God. Salvation is by grace alone. There’s nothing we can do to earn God’s pardon; we can only humbly and gratefully receive it. Trusting Christ as Lord means that you are giving your whole life to Christ to follow and obey him. Trusting in Christ is not just some sort of fire insurance. It is a commitment of all that you are and have to him. This is no more than his due, for he is God incarnate, and God alone is worthy of worship…

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Why Our Children Don’t Think There Are Moral Facts

By Justin P. McBrayer

George Washington, depicted here taking the oath of office in 1789, was the first president of the United States. Fact, opinion or both?

What would you say if you found out that our public schools were teaching children that it is not true that it’s wrong to kill people for fun or cheat on tests? Would you be surprised?

I was. As a philosopher, I already knew that many college-aged students don’t believe in moral facts. While there are no national surveys quantifying this phenomenon, philosophy professors with whom I have spoken suggest that the overwhelming majority of college freshmen in their classrooms view moral claims as mere opinions that are not true or are true only relative to a culture.

What I didn’t know was where this attitude came from. Given the presence of moral relativism in some academic circles, some people might naturally assume that philosophers themselves are to blame. But they aren’t. There are historical examples of philosophers who endorse a kind of moral relativism, dating back at least to Protagoras who declared that “man is the measure of all things,” and several who deny that there are any moral facts whatsoever. But such creatures are rare. Besides, if students are already showing up to college with this view of morality, it’s very unlikely that it’s the result of what professional philosophers are teaching. So where is the view coming from?

A few weeks ago, I learned that students are exposed to this sort of thinking well before crossing the threshold of higher education. When I went to visit my son’s second grade open house, I found a troubling pair of signs hanging over the bulletin board. They read:

Fact: Something that is true about a subject and can be tested or proven.

Opinion: What someone thinks, feels, or believes.

Hoping that this set of definitions was a one-off mistake, I went home and Googled “fact vs. opinion.” The definitions I found online were substantially the same as the one in my son’s classroom. As it turns out, the Common Core standards used by a majority of K-12 programs in the country require that students be able to “distinguish among fact, opinion, and reasoned judgment in a text.” And the Common Core institute provides a helpful page full of links to definitions, lesson plans and quizzes to ensure that students can tell the difference between facts and opinions.

So what’s wrong with this distinction and how does it undermine the view that there are objective moral facts?

First, the definition of a fact waffles between truth and proof — two obviously different features. Things can be true even if no one can prove them. For example, it could be true that there is life elsewhere in the universe even though no one can prove it. Conversely, many of the things we once “proved” turned out to be false. For example, many people once thought that the earth was flat. It’s a mistake to confuse truth (a feature of the world) with proof (a feature of our mental lives). Furthermore, if proof is required for facts, then facts become person-relative. Something might be a fact for me if I can prove it but not a fact for you if you can’t. In that case, E=MC2 is a fact for a physicist but not for me.

But second, and worse, students are taught that claims are either facts or opinions…

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9 points: It takes Great blind faith to be an atheist

by James Bishop

1) What is faith? Atheists certainly have it.

According to many atheists faith is something to mean belief without evidence, or where there is no evidence – in other words faith is always blind, and irrational. However, this is not the way a Christian views faith, or how the Biblical record defines it, rather they view it as evidence based, therefore, rational. In fact, both the Christian and the atheist have faith in unprovable things. For example, atheists have to have faith that reason and evidence are reliable ways to get at truth, that we can trust our senses, that the universe is rationally intelligible. Atheists, like all humans, try to make sense of their existence, and the universe in which they live. This inevitably results in beliefs regarding morality, of the purpose of life, of what happens when we die and so on – all of this constitutes a worldview. More often than not this worldview is called naturalism, which is the view that nature is all there is, and that no supernatural reality exists.

Now, atheism is not a religion but it entails a set of beliefs that come with it, yet to refer to it as a religion is fallacious. The way I see it and what this article will best attempt to illustrate is that the worldview of atheism requires faith in the sense of blind-belief, the very thing they accuse God believers of.

2) From Evolution:

Atheists have to hold dogmatically that evolution presupposes their naturalism. Not only would this be unprovable but it can’t be used to dismiss God’s activity in the world, for God could have guided, overseen or initiated the process. An atheist like Dawkins claims that Darwin has made God unnecessary in biology, but that would be the case only if theists believed in a god-of-the-gaps. By no means do Christian theists believe in such a god, rather we believe in a God who oversees the entire process, hence cannot be explained away by scientific discovery. Dawkins’ statement is not scientific, but philosophical, hence why Albert Einstein once mused that: “The man of science is a poor philosopher.”

Yet on top of this the atheist has to hold to a mindboggling and incomprehensible improbability that the human genome evolved in the way they believe it did. In a book called the ‘Anthropic Cosmological Principle’ two prominent scientists Barrow and Tippler lay out ten steps that human evolution would need to have gone through in order to bring about modern man as we know him. But here is the central issue for atheistic evolution – each of these steps are so improbable that even before it could ever possibly occur our sun would have burnt out and ceased to exist, and in the process it would obliterate our planet Earth. In fact, the number that Barrow and Tippler calculate the chance of atheistic, unguided evolution of ever occurring in the human genome to be somewhere between the values of:

4^-180^110 000 and 4^-380^110 000.

Consider the fact that the number of electron particles in the known universe is estimated to be 10^87 – even such an incomprehensible number (10^87) such as that shrivels in comparison to the calculated number above. Now, if we were to be rational we would never even consider the chance of something occurring with such an enormous improbability. Yet, the atheist has to as he has no other option…

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Always being prepared to…what?

One of the key passages that comes up when talking about apologetics is 1 Peter 3:15-16.  Every apologist out there cites it at some point, and everyone has a pretty similar take on it (seeing that many use the text to justify their very existence).  It’s apparently a divine command for every Christian to be continuously ready to let rip when someone challenges some aspect of Christian belief.  Seeing that most Christians aren’t prepared to defend the Christian faith against the wide variety of attacks that come against it, the apologists are the big guns that are necessary to help defend the faith (and train others to do so).


Now I don’t doubt or question the value of apologists, but rather I do question the generally accepted interpretation of 1 Peter 3:15-16.  Most apologists are decent enough theologians, but almost none of them are properly trained biblical exegetes.  In other words, I can only think of a handful who know their biblical languages and have seminary training that’s relevant to exegesis.  That’s not to condemn them but rather to recognize that there is an area of apologetic thinking that I can help with.  I’m not a trained philosopher, historian or theologian (well, that last one is partially untrue) but I am a trained exegete and I’d like to walk through 1 Peter 2:13-3:16 an offer a little exegetical insight into a commonly cited text.

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Our Time is Short

Read: Recommitting Your Life To God and Jesus Christ – Restoration and Forgiveness With God and Jesus Christ (Updated Version)

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This blog is an aggregator of news and information that we believe will provide articles that will keep people informed about current trends, current events, discussions and movements taking place within our church and culture.

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Did Republican senators do anything wrong by writing a letter to Iran’s leaders?


Map of the Middle East Map of the Middle East

Stephen Hayes is the foreign policy expert for the Weekly Standard and he has some facts that undermine the left-wing media narrative.

He appeared on the Special Report panel, and thanks to Newsbusters, you can see the video of it on their web site, and read the transcript.

Hayes also had a longer form article posted at The Weekly Standard:

In a tweet this morning, NBC News senior political editor Mark Murray writes: “With GOP Senators’ Iran Move, Politics Goes Beyond the Water’s Edge.” 47 Republican Senators sent to the Supreme Leader of Iran reminding him that Congress is not bound by deals that Congress does not approve. The article Murray links to describes this as “stunning” and “unprecedented” and implies that the letter constitutes a breach of protocol so significant that it ends the long tradition of bipartisan foreign policy.

This is…

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Protesting Papal Snares

The Reformed Reader

http://covers3.booksamillion.com/covers/bam/0/14/043/477/0140434771.jpgSometimes we Protestants forget our protest.  The Reformation came about because certain Christian men boldly protested the heinous abuses of the Roman Catholic Church.  These weren’t minor abuses; it wasn’t like the Reformers were simply upset about a few songs, candle arrangements, and the writings of one or two priests.  The Reformers protested against Rome because her official teaching contradicted the heart of Scriptural truth: salvation from sin by grace alone (not grace + merit) through faith alone (not faith + works) in Christ alone (not Mary’s or anyone else’s merits), which we are taught from Scripture alone (not ecclesiastical tradition) for God’s glory alone (not for the glory of the Pope or any man).

It’s important to keep this in mind when reading Reformed works that criticize the theology and practice of Rome.  Protestants have often used harsh language when writing against Rome.  Although these Protestant writers were not…

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Hillary Clinton deleted 32,000 e-mails, refuses to turn over her home-based server


The Washington Times reports on her press conference, which only featured questions from reporters handpicked by her spokesman Nick Merrill.


Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton deleted nearly 32,000 emails she deemed private from her time in the Obama administration and refused Tuesday to turn over her personal email server, insisting she “fully complied” with the law and that voters will have to trust her judgment.

Answering questions for the first time about her emails, Mrs. Clinton said she’s turned over to the State Department 55,000 pages of emails she deemed work-related, but said she got rid of the rest last year. She defended her decision to keep control of her emails by using a private account, saying previous secretaries did the same thing, and saying it was more “convenient” for her this way.

“I wanted to use just one device for both personal and work emails…

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40 Days to the Cross: Reflections from Great Thinkers (Week Three: Wednesday)


Day 19: Did the people who saw Jesus after His death see His physical body or a vision?

Confession: Psalm 38:16–20

For I said, “Help, lest they rejoice over me,

lest they boast against me when my foot slips.”

For I am ready to stumble,

and my pain is before me continually.

For my iniquity I confess;

I am anxious because of my sin.

And my enemies without cause are numerous,

and those who hate me wrongfully are many.

And those who repay evil in return for good

accuse me in return for my pursuing good.

Reading: Mark 12:18–27

And Sadducees—who say there is no resurrection—came up to him and began to ask him, saying, “Teacher, Moses wrote for us that if someone’s brother dies and he leaves behind a wife and does not leave a child, that his brother should take the wife and father descendants for his brother. There were seven brothers, and the first took a wife. And when he died, he did not leave descendants. And the second took her, and he died without leaving descendants. And the third likewise. And the seven did not leave descendants. Last of all the woman also died. In the resurrection, when they rise, whose wife will she be? For the seven had her as wife.” Jesus said to them, “Are you not deceived because of this, because you do not know the scriptures or the power of God? For when they rise from the dead, they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven. Now concerning the dead, that they are raised, have you not read in the book of Moses in the passage about the bush how God spoke to him, saying, ‘I am the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob’? He is not God of the dead, but of the living. You are very much mistaken!”


Christ’s loved ones are despised and hated, “of whom the world was not worthy, wandering about on deserts and mountains, and in caves and holes in the ground” (Heb 11:38). They have to put up with all kinds of contempt; that’s what Christ’s people have to endure here. And we’ll have to bless God for it all. It keeps us from linking ourselves with this world, from settling all our hopes and desires upon it.

If we are to serve Christ and to reach heaven, we must sail right against the world and its way. It’s an old saying that a dead fish always swims with the current, and we can always tell the living fish when we see it swimming against the current. In like manner, if you are dead, you will very likely be sailing smoothly enough with this world and very well satisfied with yourself. If you are alive in Jesus Christ, you will be struggling against the world, its sins, and its temptations. And you will be seeking to win souls for Christ, regardless of the world’s scoffs, sneers, and frowns.

—Dwight L. Moody

Life Words from Gospel Addresses


It is tempting and often convenient to create a framework within the gospel that is not supported by Scripture, as the Sadduccees did in Mark 12:18–27. Have you taken the focus off what is truly important in any areas of doctrine? How can you center your focus back on Christ?[1]


[1] Van Noord, R., & Strong, J. (Eds.). (2014). 40 Days to the Cross: Reflections from Great Thinkers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Jesus is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Possessing the Treasure

by Mike Ratliff

1 Now after the Sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to look at the grave. 2 And behold, a severe earthquake had occurred, for an angel of the Lord descended from heaven and came and rolled away the stone and sat upon it. 3 And his appearance was like lightning, and his clothing as white as snow. 4 The guards shook for fear of him and became like dead men. (Matthew 28:1-4 NASB)

Jesus is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! According to Paul in his first epistle to the church in Corinth, the doctrine of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the lynchpin of our faith.

13 But if there is no resurrection of the dead, not even Christ has been raised; 14 and if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is…

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