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March 16, 2015 Truth2Freedom Daily Briefing Collection

Gethsemane is not a place for hurried theological tourism: it is where the believer must linger, watch and pray. —Frederick Leahy


Mar. 16, 2015


President Obama’s administration moved to curb further interference with negotiations to limit Iran’s nuclear program, asking a top U.S. senator to keep Congress on the sidelines until a deal is done.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif says he’s counting on the United Nations Security Council to prevent U.S. lawmakers from overturning any deal to limit Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for lifting economic sanctions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin made his first public appearance in 11 days, an absence that prompted intense speculation about his health.

Russian President Putin ordered troops placed on full combat readiness in snap drills in western Russia, as the Defense Minister warned the country was facing new threats to its security.

After pledging to make women’s rights the corner-stone of its foreign policy, Sweden’s new Social Democrat-led government now finds itself in a crisis with Saudi Arabia and the Arab League after canceling a decade-old military cooperation agreement.

Six years into the U.S. expansion, the link between falling unemployment and rising wages — once almost as basic to economic theory as supply and demand — seems to be coming unhinged.

Factory production in the U.S. declined 0.2 percent in February, for a third consecutive month, signaling cutbacks in manufacturing will hold back economic growth this quarter.

When the Federal Communications Commission published the full text of its Open Internet rules last week, it set off the final countdown toward legal assault that has been inevitable for months. The lawsuits can begin once the rules are published in the Federal Register, which should happen as soon as this week, setting off what both supporters and critics of the FCC hope will be the last chapter in a decade-long struggle over federal regulation of the Internet.

France, one of the first countries to regulate commercial drone use in 2012, now has some 1,250 registered drone businesses – enough to outnumber the country’s wine appellations. “France is clearly one of the most advanced,” said Philippe Botteri, a London-based partner at Accel Partners, a venture capital firm that was one of the first investors in Facebook. “The market potential is in the billions.”

BlackBerry introduced a modified Samsung Electronics Co. tablet computer that lets government and corporate users access consumer applications such as YouTube and WhatsApp while keeping confidential work-related information away from spies and crooks.

AP Top Stories

More than 45,000 Russian troops as well as war planes and submarines started military exercises across much of the country on Monday in one of the Kremlin’s biggest shows of force since its ties with the West plunged to Cold War-lows.

The highest-ranking Chinese military officer to fall victim to President Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption drive has died of cancer, official media reported, heaping opprobrium on his memory.

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad he was waiting for action from Washington after Secretary of State John Kerry acknowledged talks with Damascus were necessary to end the country’s conflict.

In Russia’s Siberian south, near the border of Mongolia, the world’s largest freshwater lake is shrinking. The surrounding communities depend on Lake Baikal, which contains about one-fifth of the earth’s unfrozen freshwater reserves, for their power, water and livelihoods. But in the past four months the lake’s water level has dropped so low that experts are calling it a crisis – one they warn could lead to conflicts in Russia over water.

A former hostage held in Syria by Islamic State extremists for six months has described mock executions and other forms of psychological torture against him and other captives.

China has eased ahead of Germany and France to become the world’s number three arms exporter after the United States and Russia, a Stockholm-based think-tank said Monday.

Oil slumped to the lowest price since March 2009 in New York on speculation that record U.S. supply may start to strain the country’s storage capacity.


Boston has broken the record for the snowiest winter in the city’s recorded history. The National Weather Service said the city received 108.6in of snow this winter, beating the 1995-1996 record of 107.6 inches.

For the first time, two gay and lesbian organizations marched in the St Patrick’s Day parade in the US city of Boston after the organizers lifted a ban.

Hundreds of thousands of people across Brazil joined demonstrations against President Dilma Rousseff over a corruption scandal at Petrobras oil company.

The wife of Burundi opposition politician Agathon Rwasa has been shot and wounded in the capital amid rising tensions ahead of elections.

A senior member of the Saudi royal family warned that a deal on Iran’s nuclear program could prompt other states to develop atomic fuel.

The tomb of ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein has been almost completely levelled in fighting near the city of Tikrit, new footage revealed.


Jon Voight, one of Hollywood’s star conservatives, came out swinging against the White House’s stance on Israel, saying in a personal video message that it’s clear: President Obama has no love for the Jewish nation.

The signs are everywhere of an imminent “catastrophic collapse” of the U.S. health-care system that will leave Americans clamoring for medical attention, medical supplies and hospital care, says the former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

The world’s largest education company, Pearson, has been “monitoring” the social media accounts of students while they take their PARCC Common Core tests, journalist Bob Bruan reported on his website on Friday, calling the practice “spying.”

California Is Turning Back Into A Desert And There Are No Contingency Plans

Once upon a time, much of the state of California was a barren desert. And now, thanks to the worst drought in modern American history, much of the state is turning back into one. Scientists tell us that the 20th century was the wettest century that the state of California had seen in 1000 years. But now weather patterns are reverting back to historical norms, and California is rapidly running out of water. It is being reported that the state only has approximately a one year supply of water left in the reservoirs, and when the water is all gone there are no contingency plans. Back in early 2014, California Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency for the entire state, but since that time water usage has only dropped by 9 percent. That is not nearly enough. The state of California has been losing more than 12 million acre-feet of total water a year since 2011, and we are quickly heading toward an extremely painful water crisis unlike anything that any of us have ever seen before. (Read More….)

It’s Official: Americans R Stupid

As Americans, we tend to be pretty full of ourselves, and this is especially true of our young people. But do we really have reason for such pride? According to a shocking new report from the Educational Testing Service, Americans between the ages of 20 and 34 are way behind young adults in other industrialized nations when it comes to literacy, mathematics and technological proficiency. Even though more Americans than ever are going to college, we continue to fall farther and farther behind intellectually. So what does this say about us? Sadly, the truth is that Americans are stupid. Our education system is an abysmal failure, and our young people spend most of their free time staring at the television, their computers or their mobile devices. And until we are honest with ourselves about this, our intellectual decline is going to get even worse. (Read More….)

If Netanyahu Loses, You Can Blame Barack Obama

It’s no secret that Barack Obama greatly dislikes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But officially, Obama says that he is not trying to influence the outcome of the Israeli election. Unfortunately, just like with so many other lies that Obama tells, that simply is not true. A couple of months ago, it looked like Netanyahu was going to cruise to an easy victory in this election. But then a flood of money and an army of Obama operatives started heading into Israel. Now, the latest opinion polls project that Isaac Herzog’s Zionist Union will take 26 seats in the Knesset, and Netanyahu’s Likud Party is only being projected to take 22 seats. Netanyahu is blaming this dramatic swing in the polls on an “international conspiracy“, but he won’t mention Obama by name. However, anyone with half a brain can see what is happening. Even CNN admits that “corks will be popping at the White House and State Department if Netanyahu loses”. (Read More…)

The McAvany Intel Memo

As the old French proverb says: “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” The Republicans have captured majorities in both houses of Congress, but will that actually alter the direction of the country? Will that actually change anything? There are many that hope that this could represent a “turning point” for America, but history tells us that almost certainly will not be the case.

Over the past 30 years, things have changed very little, no matter which party has controlled the White House or Congress. During that time, the national debt has continued to explode, our long-term economic problems have continued to get even worse, our liberties and freedoms have continued to erode, and our nation has increasingly become a moral cesspool. And the truth is…that at this point there is very little real difference between most Democrats and most Republicans. The corruption in Washington D.C. in both parties runs extremely deep, and very few politicians are able to enter that environment without being fundamentally affected by it.

In 1994, the Republicans decisively took both houses of Congress (i.e., the so-called Gingrich Revolution), but nothing changed. The country continued down the path of financial irresponsibility, expanding socialist people controls, and moral/spiritual/cultural decline. And Bill Clinton, against all predictions, decisively won the 1996 presidential election against a very weak liberal Republican candidate, Sen. Bob Dole, who barely campaigned. The Gingrich Revolution was still-born, Clinton vetoed most GOP initiatives, and the country continued its plunge to the political left.

(Excerpt from McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, December 2014

Daily Digest

March 16, 2015


“[I]t is a maxim, founded upon the universal experience of mankind, that no nation is to be trusted farther than it is bound by its interest; and no prudent statesman or politician will venture to depart from it.” –George Washington, Letter to Henry Laurens, 1778


Ferguson Man Busted for Shooting Two Cops

When he was arrested Saturday and charged with one count of discharging a weapon inside a vehicle, two counts of first degree assault and three counts of armed criminal action, Jeffrey Williams admitted to shooting two police officers outside the Ferguson Police Department headquarters March 12. But his story doesn’t add up. Williams said he had a dispute with someone and the cops were collateral damage; he never meant to shoot officers. But the physical evidence suggests something else. Williams fired his .40-caliber handgun about 120 yards away from inside a vehicle and managed to hit two police officers standing next to each other. Aim small, miss small. Furthermore, there’s disagreement as to who Williams is in the drama unfolding in Ferguson. On Sunday, Ferguson police said they saw Williams amid the protesters. But protesters deny Williams’ participation in their movement. Of course they’d deny him; he’s messing up the Left’s narrative.

DHS Arrests Four in ‘Pay to Stay’ Student Visa Scam

Give the government credit for actually trying to enforce immigration law. The Department of Homeland Security arrested the operators of four Los Angeles Schools for running a scam that allowed immigrants to stay in the U.S. on a student visa without actually going to school. When the DHS stopped in unannounced at one school, they discovered only three foreign students attending an English class — even though the school said 900 foreign students attended regularly. In a statement, Acting U.S. Attorney Stephanie Yonekura said, “Officials at several schools allegedly abused their responsibility to ensure that only legitimate foreign students were allowed to stay in the country. This type of fraud against the United States will be thoroughly examined to bring those responsible to justice and to protect the integrity of our immigration system.” Such examples of abuse upend the Obama administration’s rhetoric that immigrants only want to come here for better lives and we shouldn’t fault them if they cheat the system. Ryan Lovelace reports at National Review that 36 terrorists entered the United States on student visas in the past. A lawless administration isn’t helping. More…

Carville: Hillary Just Didn’t Want Congressional Oversight

Clintonista James Carville is one of the few rushing to defend Hillary Clinton over her secret email servers. But after his most recent comments she may not want his “help” any more. “At the end of the day,” Carville said, “the Republicans can’t pass a budget, alright, [so] we got another investigation, just like we had the Whitewater, just like you go through the file-gate, you go through travel-gate, you go through seven or eight different congressional committees. And you wonder why the public is not following this? Because they know what it is.” In other words, Carville says it’s a political distraction contrived by Republicans — a standard talking point. But he wasn’t finished, adding, “I suspect she didn’t want Louie Gohmert rifling through her emails, which seems to me to be a kind of reasonable position for someone to take. It amounts to … nothing but a bunch of people flapping their jaws about nothing.” Oops. Hillary Clinton just wanted to avoid congressional oversight. How inconvenient to have Congress “rifling through her emails.” Who’d want that? Of course, that oversight is precisely the point, but the Clintons have always played by their own rules.

Kerry: The Climate Debate Is Settled … Because Gravity!

In remarks to the Atlantic Council, which bills itself as “an essential forum for navigating the dramatic economic and political changes defining the twenty-first century,” State Secretary John Kerry presented skeptics of man-made global warming a lesson on science. “When an apple falls from a tree,” he explained, “it will drop toward the ground. We know that because of the basic laws of physics. Science tells us that gravity exists, and no one disputes that.” He continued, “Science also tells us that when the water temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it turns to ice. No one disputes that. So when science tells us that our climate is changing and human beings are largely causing that change, by what right do people stand up and just say, ‘Well, I dispute that, or I deny that elementary truth’?” For starters, science once pontificated earth was flat. And earth was the center of the universe. And high-cholesterol diets ensured heart disease. And socio-economic collapse resulting from global warming should already have happened. And… You get the picture. What Kerry won’t admit is that there is no “scientific consensus” on the issue, and even if there was it wouldn’t make one iota of difference. Climate change is well documented through the ages. So while Kerry disses “climate deniers,” as they like to call us, he’s only illuminating his complete ignorance of history.

‘A Radical Change in Climate Conditions’

Report from the AP.

Now that meteorological winter 2014-2015 is in the books (though the season isn’t formally recognized as ended until the Spring Equinox on March 20), anti-fossil fuel gurus are warning that, despite frigid cold spells over the Eastern United States, overall it was the 19th warmest on record. “Averaged together,” weather.com reported, “temperatures across the country this winter were 2.1 Fahrenheit degrees above the 20th-century mean, according to NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center.” Moreover, based on measurements from the National Snow & Ice Data Center, seasonal ice buildup in the Arctic is on pace to set a new record low. So it’s officially time to freak out, right? Well, no. Before you start preparing for The Great Climate Apocalypse, consider this:

“The Arctic Ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from Consul Ifft, at Bergen, Norway.

“Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers, he declared, all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard-of temperatures in the Arctic zone. Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met with as far north as 81 degrees 29 minutes. Soundings to a depth of 3,100 meters showed the gulf stream still very warm.

“Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth and stones, the report continued, while at many points well known glaciers have entirely disappeared. Very few seals and no white fish are found in the eastern Arctic, while vast shoals of herring and smelts, which have never before ventured so far north, are being encountered in the old seal fishing grounds.”

That sounds awfully familiar because that’s exactly what alarmists are clamoring about today. Only the excerpt is from an article published by the Associated Press on Nov. 2 … 1922. Nearly a century later, it still appears the climate is, well, repetitious. As are propagandists on a mission.



How One Man Turned Americans Against Government


Gallup conducted a poll of 1,025 Americans March 5-8 that captured the nation’s growing disgust with the federal government. But the Leftmedia stopped one question short of finding the real reason for this discontent.

“Dissatisfaction with government” now beats out concerns of the economy, terrorism, illegal immigration and unemployment, despite the direct influence of these pocketbook and kitchen-table issues. Don’t underappreciate these rankings. Survey participants most frequently respond to questions through the prism of, “I’m concerned because this issue impacts me directly.”

So why, Mr. or Mrs. American, do you have this increasing dissatisfaction with government?

It boils down to one word, and, no, it’s not racism. It’s “Obama.”

When Barack Obama declared with glee that we are “days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” most voters failed to fully realize the magnitude of his plans. Few understood that a community organizer raised on the milk of anger, hate and socialist indoctrination would so quickly shred the Constitution. But our Founders warned of such tyranny.

How many Democrats or even Republicans back in 2008 imagined Obama would so egregiously overstep the jurisdiction of the executive branch through ObamaCare’s implementation and effective amnesty? Or that today he would be on the verge of a nuclear agreement with Iran, giving the world’s leading terrorist sponsor much of what it wants?

Have you ever dined at a restaurant described as some delightful experience or marketed to fulfill your culinary dreams only to leave with an excessive tab, disastrous service and a meal you could’ve cooked better at home?

Obama marketed himself with promises of transparency, a government that serves all Americans, and all-around, feel-good “Hope ‘n’ Change™.

Yet after six years, the American people have endured lie after lie. To name but a few:

  • “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”
  • “I didn’t set a red line on Syria.”
  • “I didn’t call the Islamic State a ‘JV team.'”
  • “Republicans have filibustered 500 pieces of legislation.”
  • “The sequester is not something I’ve proposed.”
  • “Here’s what happened [at Benghazi]. … You had a video that was released by somebody who lives here, sort of a shadowy character who — who made an extremely offensive video directed at — at Muhammad and Islam.”

And then there was, for example, the political targeting by the IRS and the politicization of the Department of Justice by his criminal co-conspirator, Attorney General Eric Holder.

The distrust that has been sown, watered, fertilized and is now at full harvest is a testament to Obama’s successful “transformation” of America. He has left Americans with buyer’s remorse of monumental proportions. Voters didn’t bargain for this mess — even if some of us tried to warn them.

Democrats were walloped in two straight midterm elections, which served notice to everyone but a petulant Obama that his policies, his tactics and his results were rejected. Those Democrats who remain in elected office either have to distance themselves from the radical in the White House, or they represent districts where voters embrace Obama’s radical policies.

The Obama approach to elections has been to place each voter in some interest group — black, homosexual, pro-abortion, illegal immigrant, etc. — and win by mobilizing those groups nationally. Identity politics worked for Obama but failed most Americans.

If there’s a silver lining, it’s that Chief Radical Obama’s failed policies have resulted in a weak bench of leftist extremists down the ballot. The Republican wave was so thoroughly successful that it wiped out vast numbers of state and local Democrats around the nation, from whom the next generation of the party’s leaders will come. It is by no means a permanent defeat, but it’s most certainly a real setback.

Americans are fed up by government because Obama overpromised and under-delivered. His solution to everything is a government program, and, increasingly, Americans are seeing that as the wrong approach.

Now, imagine a nation led by those who say what they mean, mean what they say, and follow through on principled policy. Americans want that type of government leadership and are waiting, impatiently.

Oklahoma’s Campus Totalitarians


A video showing Oklahoma University Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity members chanting racial slurs and singing about lynching has put the spotlight on the inherent conflict between First Amendment-protected speech and college speech codes begetting “zero tolerance” policies. These policies have mistakenly enshrined the “right” not to be offended.

There is little question the chant was offensive. “There will never be a n—– at SAE. There will never be a n—– at SAE. You can hang him from a tree, but he can never sign with me. There will never be a n—– at SAE,” belted out students on one of five buses chartered to take them to a Founder’s Day party at a country club in Oklahoma City two Saturdays ago.

The fraternity’s national organization conducted its own investigation and announced it was shutting down the OU chapter. “We apologize for the unacceptable and racist behavior of the individuals in the video, and we are disgusted that any member would act in such a way,” their statement reads. “Furthermore, we are embarrassed by this video and offer our empathy not only to anyone outside the organization who is offended but also to our brothers who come from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities.”

All well and good, but then University President David Boren crossed the line. He expelled two students identified as leaders of the chant, using the dubious rationale that has usurped the Constitution on far too many college campuses. It is the idea that offensive speech creates a hostile learning environment, and, as night follows day, such an environment engenders a “zero tolerance” policy. “I have emphasized that there is zero tolerance for this kind of threatening racist behavior at the University of Oklahoma,” said Boren. “I hope that the entire nation will join us in having zero tolerance of such racism when it raises its ugly head in other situations across our country.”

Barbara Arnwine, president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, claims Bowen and OU “would’ve been compelled to do something” or the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division would have gotten involved via Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. Title VI “prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, and national origin in programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance.”

Several legal scholars weighed in on the issue, and most believe the university trampled the Constitution.

“The courts are very clear that hateful, racist speech is protected by the First Amendment,” said Erwin Chemerinsky, a constitutional scholar and dean of the law school at the University of California, Irvine. UCLA constitutional expert Eugene Volokh agrees, explaining there is no constitutional exception for speech that creates the aforementioned hostile environment, nor speech that simply refers to violence absent a direct threat to an individual.

Geoffrey Stone, a professor of law at the University of Chicago, addressed the Title VI argument, noting that it is intended to combat literal discrimination, and statements by students in a private environment aren’t close to violating it. “The statements were made in the innocuous setting of a bus,” he explained, “and any disruption came from the showing of the video, not from the students’ speech.”

Volokh also tackled the burden of proof issue, explaining the university might be able to discipline students involved in the frat’s admissions decisions if they can be shown to “have denied membership to people based on race, or intentionally tried to communicate to potential members that they would deny them membership that way.” And while SAE may insist that those who depart from its principles no longer use its name, and students who have engaged in the chant may pay a social and economic price for their actions in the court of public opinion, Volokh insists the government or University of Oklahoma “generally cannot add to this price, whether the offensive speech is racist, religiously bigoted, pro-revolutionary, or expressive of any other viewpoint, however repugnant it might be.”

On the other hand, the university might pay a price for expelling those students based solely on what they said. A board representing OU’s disbanded SAE chapter hired lawyer Stephen Jones, who served as Timothy McVeigh’s lead defense attorney during the Oklahoma City bombing trial, “to assist them in evaluating” their legal position, Jones revealed. He further explained he was retained “to protect the due process rights, the First Amendment rights, and the Fourteenth Amendment rights” of the fraternity’s members. The board is primarily concerned about their “physical safety,” Jones said, adding that some of them “have frankly been afraid to go to class.”

Jones outlined the parameters of a possible lawsuit, insisting the university’s response to the video was a “premature rush to judgment” that implicitly painted all fraternity members “with a tar brush” identifying them as bigots or racists.

For far too long, university campuses have been strangled by political correctness that actively promotes a stultifying conformity at best, and outright totalitarianism at worst. In his book “Unlearning Liberty,” Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) president Greg Lukianoff chronicles hundreds of examples of campuses where the need for “intellectual comfort,” an obsession to punish those who “offend,” the emergence of “free speech zones,” and student demands for “trigger warnings” for “sensitive” course materials have rendered the free and open exchange of ideas completely obsolete. Even worse, students who fail to abide by such restrictions face mandatory sensitivity training, kangaroo student courts where they are presumed guilty until proven otherwise — or, as this case and many others like it indicate, expulsion for constitutionally protected speech.

America has long abided the immortal words attributed to Voltaire: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” That is the essence of the First Amendment, and it doesn’t evaporate once one steps onto a college campus — no matter who gets offended by something as “uncomfortable” as Freedom of Speech.



The Gipper: “The Founding Fathers knew a government can’t control the economy without controlling people. And they knew when a government sets out to do that, it must use force and coercion to achieve its purpose.”

FRC president Tony Perkins: “Senate Democrats would rather yield to human trafficking than put a stop to taxpayer-funded abortion! … Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) party didn’t pass the bill to find out what’s in it — but they got close. Obviously, a number of Democrats still think reading legislation is overrated, even at a manageable 68 pages. Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), who like a growing number of leaders, wants to end one of the greatest human rights crises of our time, was stunned earlier [last] week when his colleagues on the other side of the aisle suddenly — and vehemently — objected to the proposal’s text. Like most spending bills, Cornyn’s Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act included routine language that bans taxpayer-funded abortions. For almost four decades, it’s been standard U.S. policy, through the Hyde Amendment, that taxpayer dollars not be used to kill innocent unborn children. That must be news to Democrats, who exploded in outrage a full two weeks after they voted the bill out of committee. … In the Judiciary Committee, they tried to amend the same pages the Hyde Amendment was on! … A measure that was supposed to free women from bondage is itself being taken hostage by a party too obsessed with abortion to care about the hurting.”

Columnist Burt Prelutsky: “It seems to me that when the President or members of Congress question the constitutionality of an executive edict or a piece of legislation, it should be fast-tracked to the Supreme Court. Why should it have to go through lower courts when everyone knows the final decision is inevitably going to rest with the Supremes? It’s obviously far more important to decide whether Obama had the authority to change the Affordable Care Act a dozen times or grant executive amnesty to five million illegal aliens than whether the justices give their blessing to same-sex marriages. And just maybe if the justices didn’t take four month vacations, they’d have time to do both.”

Twitter satirist @weknowwhatsbest: “Barack & Michelle took separate jumbo jets to Hollywood on the same day. I’m sure the combined 32 tires were inflated properly to save fuel.”

Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis!

Join us in daily prayer for our Patriots in uniform — Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen — standing in harm’s way in defense of Liberty, and for their families.

“The Patriot Post (http://patriotpost.us/subscribe/ )”

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Oklahoma Bill Would Give Clergy Power Over Marriage Licenses

14 Killed in Two Pakistani Church Bombings Carried Out by Taliban Splinter Group

A Season of Spiritual Warfare: Jezebel’s Witchcrafts Rising

Posted: 16 Mar 2015 07:02 AM PDT

A Season of Spiritual Warfare: Jezebel’s Witchcrafts RisingJennifer Leclaire has wrote a stunning article recently where she speaks of real “Spiritual Warfare” after revealing one of the most powerful Spirits gripping the Church today! According to her article from Charisma she said “When I wrote The Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to Defeating Jezebel in 2012, I got sick six separate times. I literally didn’t completely heal from one infirmity before another one manifested—and I had several out-of-the-blue migraines in the middle of it all.” Given that I rarely get sick, eat organic foods, exercise at least five days a week, sleep plenty, drink lots of water, pray for divine health and otherwise lead a healthy lifestyle, it was abundantly clear that this spurt of various ailments was a spiritual attack. The enemy didn’t want me exposing the works of Jezebel and released spiritual witchcraft against me. The Bible talks about Jezebel and her witchcrafts in 2 Kings 9:22. I believe infirmities are part of Jezebel’s witchcrafts. Witchcraft is a spiritual force that the enemy uses to attack us. I don’t know if this qualifies as a “fiery arrow of the evil one” that Paul describes in Ephesians 6, but I do know that we’re in a spiritual war and it heightens this time of year. The question is, why? FULL ARTICLE

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The biggest shock to hit Christianity in 2,000 yearsPosted: 16 Mar 2015 06:55 AM PDT

The biggest shock to hit Christianity in 2,000 years Joel Richardson is causing some controversy with a new book that may shock many believers! Most Christians agree Jesus is coming back some day. But what form will that return take? Will believers just be spontaneously “raptured” into heaven like the movies and best-selling novels depict? How will Jesus judge individuals and the nations? What role will the modern nation of Israel have in His return? Those are some of the topics in a groundbreaking new book by New York Times bestselling author Joel Richardson provocatively titled, “When a Jew Rules the World: What the Bible Really Says About Israel in the Plan of God.” There’s only one conclusion you can draw by taking the prophecies of the Bible literally, says Richardson. It may be quite shocking to many who call themselves Christians: Someday soon, a Jew named Yeshua – or Jesus, as He’s known in the West – will rule the world from Jerusalem. In “When a Jew Rules the World,” Richardson paints a vivid picture of what a 1,000-year reign will be like, along the way blow-torching the notion that Gentile Christians have “replaced” the Jews and Israel as the people of promise. Richardson lays out the tragic history of anti-Semitism within the church from the very beginning in what may be the most thorough repudiation of what has become known as “Replacement Theology,” or, as Richardson calls it, “Supersessionism.” FULL REPORT


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Oscar winner: Obama ‘doesn’t love Israel’Posted: 16 Mar 2015 06:49 AM PDT

Oscar winner: Obama 'doesn't love Israel'Do you believe President Barack Obama loves the Nation of Israel? Well According to a report from WND a Hollywood Star seems to think Obama doesn’t! According to the report Jon Voight, one of Hollywood’s star conservatives, came out swinging against the White House’s stance on Israel, saying in a personal video message that it’s clear: President Obama has no love for the Jewish nation.  “I want to see Israel survive and not be overtaken by the madmen of this world,” he said, Mediaite reported. “President Obama does not love Israel. His whole agenda is to control Israel. And this way, he can be friends with all of Israel’s enemies.” Voight also said that “America has not been the same since his presidency.” The actor then referred to the reelection campaign of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the surprise challenge from Isaac Herzog, cochair of the leftist Zionist Union. Herzog critics suggest he would be a dangerously conciliatory leader. FULL REPORT

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Orwellian nightmare unleashed on schoolkidsPosted: 16 Mar 2015 06:44 AM PDT

Orwellian nightmare unleashed on schoolkidsThe face of education is changing rapidly and may be setting our Children up for for what WND is calling a “Orwellian Nightmare” Parents and students have been “opting out” of high-stakes testing in record numbers over the past year, saying the standardized tests waste valuable instruction time, cause undue stress and often measure “skills” that have nothing to do with academic knowledge.  Rather than merely asking for a right or wrong answer to a math, history or science question, the new assessment industry is capable of boring into a child’s attitudes, values, opinions and beliefs, all of which parents and privacy advocates say is no business of the government’s. The pushback has led some state education systems to recommend a reduction in the amount of high-stakes testing in public schools. But, parents beware, the sudden realization that maybe too much testing is going on is not going to lead to less data being collected. Quite the opposite. In fact, traditional testing may no longer be needed. Schools have found they have better, more efficient ways to collect even more data on your child, without resorting to paper and sharpened No. 2 pencils. FULL REPORT

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More signs in sky point to coming collapsePosted: 16 Mar 2015 06:39 AM PDT

More signs in sky point to coming collapseThe approaching solar eclipse on March 20, followed by another blood moon on Passover, brings warnings of judgment coming to an unrepentant nation that has turned its back on God, says the author of two New York Times-bestselling books on America’s place in an increasingly chaotic world.  Jonathan Cahn, author of “The Harbinger” and “The Mystery of the Shemitah,” says he will be watching and taking notes on the landmark Supreme Court decision expected this summer on same-sex marriage while also keeping an eye on ISIS and Israel in the Middle East. Throw in a volatile U.S. stock market, and Cahn expects to be a busy man for the remainder of the Shemitah year, which reaches its halfway point at sundown on March 20. That also happens to be the day of a total solar eclipse. The second half of the Shemitah and its ultimate climax on Sept. 15, which is Elul 29, the infamous “wipe-out day” on the Hebrew calendar, is dreaded by financial investors. This is the same day that brought the two biggest single-day stock market crashes in U.S. history to that point, Sept. 17, 2001 and Sept. 29, 2008. In the 2008 crash, the Dow fell 777.7 points on the news that the House of Representatives voted down a $700 billion bailout deal. FULL REPORT

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America to lose one-third of its fresh produce when California runs out of waterPosted: 16 Mar 2015 06:33 AM PDT

America to lose one-third of its fresh produce when California runs out of water The severe drought in California could not only be devastating to California but could produce catastrophic consequences for the entire United States! Awareness of this is only now beginning to spread, but almost no one truly grasps the implications of what losing California’s Central Valley agricultural output means to grocery shoppers. Almost no one realizes, for example, that one-third of all the produce grown in the United States comes out of California’s Central Valley. As the NYT explains: Unlike the Midwest, which concentrates (devastatingly) on corn and soybeans, more than 230 crops are grown in the valley… melons, lettuce, asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, chard, collards, prickly pears, almonds, pistachios, grapes and more tomatoes than anyone could conceive of in one place. (The valley is the largest supplier of canned tomatoes in the world too.) That same article also mentions that 85% of the carrots consumed by Americans are grown in the valley. As Michael Snyder mentions in this article, California also produces: FULL REPORT

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How and Why ISIS Will Use Texas to Enter the US if They Choose to Cross the BorderPosted: 16 Mar 2015 06:28 AM PDT

How and Why ISIS Will Use Texas to Enter the US if They Choose to Cross the Border A chilling report coming out of Texas reveals that Despite tough rhetoric from national and Texas leaders, the vast majority of the U.S.-Mexico border remains unsecured. Areas with frighteningly insufficient security are of particular concern in the state of Texas, largely due to differences in the nature between the transnational criminal organizations that control Mexico immediately south of Texas and the organizations that control the border in New Mexico, Arizona, and California. To be specific, foreign terrorists would likely enter the U.S. through Texas because the behavior of the transnational criminal groups we more commonly call the Gulf cartel and the Zetas cartel routinely indicate that they are more interested in short-term gains and profit-making than long-term profit sustainability, unlike the various other transnational criminal groups that align themselves under the banner of the Sinaloa Federation. A willingness to accept a large sum of money from a terrorist or group, regardless of the fact that it would lead to a temporary shutdown of the U.S.-Mexico border in the area where the illegal crossing occurred, would be necessary on the part of a specific cartel in order for them to allow such a crossing — and crossings rarely occur unless a cartel allows it. FULL REPORT

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The US dollar is exploding at a probably unprecedented ratePosted: 16 Mar 2015 06:25 AM PDT

The US dollar is exploding at a probably unprecedented rateAccording to a new report the US Dollar is exploding at an unprecedented rate! According to Business Insider, Citi global head of G10 foreign exchange Steven Englander blasted out an email on Friday observing that the current rise in the value of the dollar has come about at a faster rate than at any point since the modern system of currency exchanges came to be, and that the dollar’s meteoric strengthening may still continue. From Englander’s email: “The recent combination of USD gains driven by the efficiency of ECB QE in depreciating the EUR and linked currencies and increasing anticipation of Fed normalization has led to an almost 4% appreciation over the last 12 trading days, which may be viewed as too much of a good thing both at the ECB and the Fed.” To illustrate the historic nature of the dollar’s recent rise, Englander included this chart, showing the percent change in the dollar’s trade-weighted exchange rate over the last 175 trading days going back to the mid-seventies. The rate at which the dollar has been strengthening is higher than at any other point: FULL REPORT


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Boston Celebrates End of Ban as Gays March in St. Patrick’s ParadePosted: 16 Mar 2015 06:15 AM PDT

Boston Celebrates End of Ban as Gays March in St. Patrick’s Parade While Boston made the news for setting an all time Snow Amount record something else also occurred in Boston as well. Hundreds of thousands of people celebrated a new chapter in this city’s history on Sunday as the storied South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade opened its ranks for the first time to gays and lesbians. “To be included in this parade and be part of this parade is just really special for us,” said David Story, 65, a finance manager and a veteran of the Air Force. A member of OutVets, which honors lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender veterans, he and other members wore navy blue jackets branded with the group’s logo and a rainbow. “We’re marching not just for us, but for all the closeted L.G.B.T. people who have been in the Air Force, are in the military, for years past, and the ones that may be in now,” he said. The South Boston Allied War Veterans Council, a private group that organizes the 114-year-old parade, had banned gay groups from participating for decades, saying it was no place for people who were vocal about their sexual orientation. In 1995, the Supreme Court unanimously upheld what it said was the group’s First Amendment right to exclude whomever it wanted. FULL REPORT


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Pope Francis doesn’t expect to be Pope much longer, Possibly 2 or 3 YearsPosted: 15 Mar 2015 08:18 PM PDT

Pope Francis doesn't expect to be Pope much longer, Possibly 2 0r 3 YearsIt appears that the Pope knows his time is short and has now made this revelation public as a new report indicated that Pope Francis said today that he expects to have only a short papacy. “I have the feeling that my Pontificate will be brief, 4 or 5 years; I do not know, even 2 or 3,” the 78-year-old pontiff told Mexican broadcaster Televisa. “I feel that the Lord has placed me here for a short time, and nothing more,” he added, comparing the feeling to “a gambler who convinces himself he will lose so he won’t be disappointed. And if he wins, he’s happy.”  When asked if he liked being pope, Francis told the interviewer that he doesn’t mind, but that he also wouldn’t mind some degree of anonymity. “The only thing I would like is to go out one day, without being recognized, and go to a pizzeria for a pizza,” he said. FULL REPORT

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March 16, 2015
ALAN KEYES — “Here is the first thing I would do if I were president of the United States: I wouldn’t let Congress leave town until we fix this. I would literally use the military to keep them in if I had to.” – – Sen. Lindsey Graham, March 7, 2015… (more)

March 16, 2015
NEWSMAX — The Obama administration’s handling of the nuclear talks with Iran shows the need for the controversial letter he wrote to Iran’s leaders, Sen. Tom Cotton said Sunday on “Face the Nation.”… (more)

March 16, 2015
AARON KLEIN — A non-profit at the center of controversy regarding its campaign to defeat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at Tuesday’s polls has removed the State Department from its website’s list of “partners,” WND has learned…. (more)

March 16, 2015
FOX2NOW–ST. LOUIS — St. Louis County Police have confirmed that the suspected shooter of two police officers early Thursday morning outside of the Ferguson police department is in custody. Jeffrey Williams, 20, of north St. Louis County, has been charged with two counts of first-degree assault, firing a weapon from a vehicle, and two counts of armed criminal action. He is in custody with cash-only bail set at $300,000…. (more)

March 16, 2015
BREITBART — Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s News HQ,” Lt. Governor Peter Kinder (R-MO) said Attorney General Eric Holder “on many occasions” seemed to “be inciting the mob.”… (more)

March 16, 2015
JOSEPH FARAH — Four years ago, I wrote a column called “Obama’s enemies list” predicting Barack Obama’s Internal Revenue Service would subject his domestic political adversaries to politically motivated audits…. (more)

March 16, 2015
JEROME R. CORSI — More bad news for the Loretta Lynch attorney-general nomination has developed since French state financial prosecutors joined the Swiss government in pursuing criminal charges against the Swiss private bank division of HSBC, which is suspected of a tax-dodging scheme to benefit wealthy international customers…. (more)

March 15, 2015
ANDREW C. MCCARTHY — So, as we warned earlier this week, the international-law game it is. It is no secret that Barack Obama does not have much use for the United States Constitution. It is a governing plan for a free, self-determining people. Hence, it is littered with roadblocks against schemes to rule the people against their will…. (more)

March 15, 2015
THE HILL — Influential conservative radio host Laura Ingraham said Tuesday that Congress should consider impeaching President Obama if he doesn’t bring any deal he strikes over Iran’s nuclear program to the Senate for ratification…. (more)

March 15, 2015
NEWSMAX — Veteran journalist Ed Klein said on Saturday that the Obama administration “is up to its eyebrows in efforts to stop” Hillary Clinton from running for the White House – – including six investigations launched by longtime presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett involving Clinton’s years as Secretary of State…. (more)

March 15, 2015
WORLDNETDAILY — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is the latest 2016 GOP presidential hopeful to oppose confirmation of Obama’s pick for the next attorney general…. (more)

March 15, 2015
AARON KLEIN — Fox News reported today that a bipartisan U.S. Senate committee with subpoena powers is investigating the possibility the Obama administration may have aided efforts to defeat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in this Tuesday’s elections…. (more)

March 15, 2015
SUSAN FERRECHIO — Russian President Vladimir Putin hasn’t been seen in public for more than a week, raising speculation that he’s sick. Now the website Gawker is reporting Putin has the flu, citing an unnamed source in the CIA. But not everyone thinks Putin is sick…. (more)

March 14, 2015
NEW YORK TIMES — Does it ever surprise you that people describe your influence at the White House in terms similar to those once used to describe Vice President Dick Cheney’s? Oh! Please don’t say that. Stop right there…. (more)

March 14, 2015
WASHINGTON FREE BEACON — The Iranian government is urging the United States to go straight to the United Nations to finalize any agreement reached in the coming weeks regarding Tehran’s contested nuclear program without seeking congressional approval…. (more)

March 14, 2015
NEWSMAX — Today we face an enemy as tenacious and as ruthless as any our nation has ever faced, but our President doesn’t want to talk about it. Political correctness and tip-toeing around the issue will not defeat or destroy ISIS. The enemy must be clearly defined, the victims must be defined and our strategy must be defined…. (more)

March 14, 2015
WORLDNETDAILY — Talk show star Glenn Beck on Friday said the National Rifle Association is going to investigate tax hike fighter Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform and a candidate for the NRA’s board of directors…. (more)

March 14, 2015
NEWSMAX — Self-described “America’s Rabbi” Shmuley Boteach took out a full-page ad in Saturday’s New York Times to support embattled Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez…. (more)

March 14, 2015
BOB UNRUH — In a stunning turnaround, even the State Department is supporting a request to reopen a court fight over emails belonging to Hillary Clinton and her aide, Huma Abedin, after allegations of fraud surfaced…. (more)

March 14, 2015
ANDREW C. MCCARTHY — Shannen Coffin had an important NR column Wednesday, exploring for a second time the question whether Hillary Clinton committed a crime by failing to turn over government records – – the thousands of work-related emails on her private server – – when she left the State Department two years ago…. (more)

March 14, 2015
NEWSMAX — Two protestors who say policing in America needs fundamental change cut short an appearance on “MidPoint” Friday after accusing host Ed Berliner and panelist Larry Elder of “ambush journalism” during a heated exchange about Ferguson, Missouri…. (more)

March 14, 2015
CBS – SACRAMENTO — A growing number of scientific studies is making it harder for researchers to keep track of all their content. ‘Attention decay in science’, a new paper published by professors from universities in Finland and California, reports that “the attention that can be devoted to individual papers measured by their citation counts, is bound to decay rapidly,” due to the overwhelming number of studies…. (more)

March 13, 2015

March 13, 2015
WORLDNETDAILY — American Conservative Union member Grover Norquist has attracted much criticism and opposition over the years because of his links to Muslim activists – – the Center for Security Policy says he pals around with “the Muslim Brotherhood,” for example…. (more)

March 13, 2015
YAHOO NEWS — Villagers in eastern Ukraine have told Reuters they saw a missile flying directly overhead just before a Malaysian airliner was shot out of the sky on July 17 last year, providing the most detailed accounts to date that suggest it was fired from territory held by pro-Russian rebels…. (more)


WVW-TV Presents: Lies About Mohammed & What Islam Teaches in America’s Textbooks

by Worldview Weekend News Team [1]
March 16, 2015

WVW-TV Presents: Lies About Mohammed & What Islam Teaches in America’s Textbooks. Watch now before this program rolls into the Situation Room for members only.
Click here to watwch now: http://www.worldviewweekend.com/tv/video/lies-about-mohammed-what-islam-… [2]

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Lies About Mohammed & What Islam Teaches in America’s Textbooks [3]
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Source URL: http://www.worldviewweekend.com/news/article/wvw-tv-presents-lies-about-mohammed-what-islam-teaches-americas-textbooks
[1] http://www.worldviewweekend.com/profile/worldview-weekend-news-team
[2] http://www.worldviewweekend.com/tv/video/lies-about-mohammed-what-islam-teaches-americas-textbooks
[3] http://www.worldviewweekend.com/topics/lies-about-mohammed-what-islam-teaches-americas-textbooks

Brian Houston & Mark Driscoll: the ‘disgraceful’ invites the ‘disgraced’ to further disgrace Christ and Christianity

by Marsha West

Church Watch Central pulls no punches in bringing to light what’s going on with celebrity preachers:

When you have popular leaders of movements who appear to HATE God’s Word by rejecting what God says the qualifications are for leaders/elders, you have unrepentant men in positions of power. Both Brian Houston and Mark Driscoll (among others speaking this year) are serious threats to the global Christian Church unless people start voting with their feet on issues of Christian integrity.

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Humanists seek to honor Scopes Monkey Trial evolutionist with statue on courthouse lawn

by Marsha West

According to the Christian News Network, the American Humanist Organization “is supporting an effort to erect a statue of Clarence Darrow on the grounds of the Rhea County Courthouse in Dayton, Tennessee. The courthouse is where Darrow famously defended the teaching of evolution in the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925.

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ISIS’ dark agenda: terror group’s tweets show more destruction of sacred Christian sites

by Marsha West
Fox News reports:

Chilling new images released Monday show ISIS thugs advancing the Islamist army’s dark agenda of eradicating Christianity from Iraq by smashing crosses, toppling statues and destroying sacred relics that have been in place for thousands of years.

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Gay marriage approved across regional Presbyterian Church USA churches

by Marsha West

Liberals from the Presbyterian Church USA (not to be confused with other Presbyterian denominations) have voted to approve same-sex marriage, thereby choosing to ignore the clear teaching of God’s Word on homosexuality. The Bible says that homosexuality is a sin against God and those involved in the lifestyle must repent. According to Pennlive.com:

The Rev. Mark Englund-Krieger, executive director of the Carlisle Presbytery, described the meeting of voting members as well-attended, cordial and effective.

“From a process perspective, it was excellent,” he said. “Obviously, there is a wide range of opinions and perspective on this and we continue to be very divided about this question. But this passed the presbytery pretty significantly almost by an 18 vote margin. That is pretty significant.”

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Major Prophetic Announcement! – Holy Altar Constructed For Third Jewish Temple

End-times prophecy watchers are marveling over a news report out of Jerusalem this week that the Altar of the Lord has been reconstructed by the Temple Institute …………. Click here for full story

Former SEALs Chaplain Could Be Kicked Out Of Navy For Christian Beliefs

A chaplain who once ministered to Navy SEALs could be thrown out of the military after he was accused of failing “to show tolerance and respect” in private counseling sessions in regards to issues pertaining to faith, marriage and sexuality, specifically homosexuality and pre-marital sex ………. Click here for full story

The New Christian Left Is Twisting the Gospel: Here’s How

Peek behind the curtain of some “progressive” or “hip” evangelical churches, past the savvy technology and secular music, and you will find more than just a contemporary worship service. You’ll find faith leaders encouraging young evangelicals to trade in their Christian convictions for a gospel filled with compromise. They’re slowly attempting to give evangelicalism an “update”—and the change is not for the good ……….. Click here for full story

Planet Fitness Revokes Woman’s Gym Membership After She Complains About a Man Using Women’s Locker Room

Planet Fitness has revoked a Michigan woman’s gym membership because she filed a complaint with the company after seeing a man walk into the women’s locker room. The national franchise said the woman is now banned from the chain on the grounds that she violated the company’s “judgment free” conduct policy ……….. Click here for full story

China May Be Ending Dollar’s Hold On Reserve Currency As Early As September

On March 9, sources within China provided new information that validates that the Far Eastern economy is now ready to compete with, or even supplant, the dollar as the sole global reserve currency as early as September of this year. Having already completed a message interchange system that mirrors the same one in the West, the Chinese equivalent of SWIFT is now ready ……… Click here for full story

Our Time is Short

Read: Recommitting Your Life To God and Jesus Christ – Restoration and Forgiveness With God and Jesus Christ (Updated Version)

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March 16, 2015 Truth2Freedom Daily Blogroll Collection

Gethsemane is not a place for hurried theological tourism: it is where the believer must linger, watch and pray. —Frederick Leahy


Calvin Contra Rome on Scripture (Part 1)

Calvin’s argument from tradition against tradition (understood as a source of unique Christian doctrine) constitutes a case of rather clever argument. He takes Rome to task on its own turf (tradition) and shows how un-traditional Rome’s teaching is. But in the process Calvin also demonstrates his own profound appreciation for tradition properly understood; indeed, Calvin honors tradition much more than his Roman counterparts by actually following the Fathers in their own insistence upon the ultimate authority of Scripture alone to define Christian beliefs. The champion of sola Scriptura proves, ironically, to be the traditionalist, to be more catholic than his Roman Catholic counterparts.

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History, Evangelism, and Protestantism

The Protestantism they founded has since had a rich history of confessions. The very existence of these witnesses to the fact that classical Protestants understand that Christianity is not reinvented every Sunday when the minister opens his Bible and begins to preach. That being the case, it is critical that in educating the rising generation within the Church, there is proper acknowledgment of the role of history in the formation of Christianity and a proper appreciation for the richness of the Christian heritage.

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Reconsidering Margaret Sanger In Christianity Today?

I understand that Christianity Today is a reflection of evangelicalism and that in the new media age there are more writers and websites than there are editors but even so it is hard to fathom how CT can publish something so confused, so contrary to basic creedal Christianity. CT serves Christians from a variety of backgrounds, traditions, and confessions but is there any doubt among most of them that all human beings, of whatever race, are created in the image of God. Is there any doubt in any reasonable mind that Carl Henry would have opposed the promulgation of the views of a racist eugenicist in the pages of Christianity Today or via any of its subsidiary websites?

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3 Reasons Women Need Good Theology

What began as a good desire to see women uphold their God-given roles turned into an unhealthy desire among some to play border patrol, ensuring women stay within the narrow confines of acceptability. While boundaries can be helpful, it also can be easy to draw harsh lines where they ought not be. This is exactly what the Pharisees did when they heaped additional burdens upon believers in order to uphold the law.

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A Response to the Statement from City Church San Francisco on Its Ministry to the LGBT People

That’s not to say you won’t find folks who will argue and talk about this issue all day long, or that many won’t go down this road. But the real guts of the debate, with evangelicals academically wrestling with Scripture, hermeneutics, and theology isn’t happening. This isn’t a “dividing” issue where different opinions line up on the gridiron of faith. There’s many of those, and you can trace their debates back thousands of years. The stadiums change, but the many perspectives on worship, predestination, and church polity are making the same defensive and offensive plays they did in AD 325 and 1536. This simply isn’t one of them. This is a “defining” issue. It defines if you are a Christian church. It doesn’t divide Baptists from Presbyterians the way an ounce of water does.

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The Glorious Doctrine of Irresistible Grace

When we come to a full understanding of how serious our situation is as fallen human beings, our perspective on these doctrines changes dramatically. If we view fallen man as merely disabled or sick, we will never understand the full riches of God’s grace. When we see ourselves as God sees us, however, the truth of the matter is sobering.

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More on the Loneliness of Life Without a Correctly Interpreted Bible

God provides “helpers,” “men able to judge,” to aid Moses in the task to which he was called. Similarly, to provide an “appropriate helper” for Adam’s present ineffectiveness, God goes to the trouble of creating not another human friend but a whole new human female, a complement to Adam, enabling him to do the specific job he was called to do, namely to fill the earth with sons and daughters. Only Eve could allow Adam to fulfill the creation mandate to multiply. That demanded heterosexuality, not same-sex companionship.

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Inheritance of Tears

This book is certainly a fruit that will help many, but the author insists that God will produce good even out of miscarriage. The death of an unborn child is not random and “sorrow isn’t without purpose” (82). She reminds the reader that “we do have the joy of knowing that we do not suffer for a moment outside of our God’s loving and perfect will” (70). And again, Hutto gives us the theology of who our God is, before applying it with some noticeable ways the Lord may be using even miscarriage for the spiritual good of his people.
This book is long overdue

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Someone Who Really Annoys You

As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him; for he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust. Psalm 103:13-14 (NIV)

Every human being born into this world is blind to the glory of Christ, bound by sin and unable to get free, and unresponsive (dead) to God.

When you reflect on this it will help you to understand what salvation is about. Salvation must come through the light of the gospel. It gives sight by the power of the Holy Spirit. It involves the redeeming work of Jesus Christ to forgive and set people free. And by the resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ, it gives us new life and new birth. All of these things are found only in Christ.

Reflecting on the human condition will affect the way that you relate to co-workers and family members, and it will affect the way you parent your children. It will help you to grow in compassion. Reflecting on the human condition will make you less moralistic and less angry. It will make you more like the Lord, who has compassion on people who cannot tell their right hand from their left.

Maybe the person who angers you most is a Christian. Though we have the Spirit, we still battle with the flesh (Gal. 5:16-17). Though we are new creations, we are not yet what we will one day be. So, let us be patient with one another in Christ as well.

Think about someone who really annoys you. You get easily upset and impatient with him or her. Reflect on our human condition in relation to that person and you will grow in compassion.

That’s this week’s LifeKEY!

Colin S. Smith

This devotional is taken from the sermon series “How to Avoid a God-Centered Life” by Pastor Colin S. Smith. BUY THE SERMON SERIES

When Belief in Christ Breaks the Home Apart

In Mark 6:4, Jesus is rejected by His listeners in Nazareth and quotes the well-known proverb: “A prophet is not without honor, except in his hometown and among his relatives and in his own household.”

Notice how He specifies three groups and narrows the group each time―hometown, relatives, and household. Jesus knew what it was like to be rejected by His family for the gospel He preached and is able to “sympathize with our weaknesses” accordingly; He is “one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin” (Heb 4:15). Whether the temptation was frustration, anger, or whatever―Jesus was tempted to react sinfully towards His family for their rejection of Him. It is no surprise that “he marveled because of their unbelief” (Mark 6:6), but He did not sin, an example for us today.

Jesus warns us elsewhere that our belief in Him sometimes breaks a home apart: “a person’s enemies will be those of his own household” (Matt 10:36; cf. 10:34–35). But, as we love Him more than those who hate Him (even family members), we lose our lives for His sake and find life eternal by bearing such a cross (Matt 10:37–39). The proof of this love is often shown in difficult day-to-day choices that we make as we interact with these family members. Jesus shouldered His family’s dishonor and continued to preach the gospel.

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Why Evolutionary Theory Cannot Survive Itself

“Evolutionists tell us that natural selection has produced all sorts of false concepts in the human mind. Many evolutionary materialists maintain that free will is an illusion, consciousness is an illusion, even our sense of self is an illusion — and that all these false ideas were selected for their survival value. So how can we know whether the theory of evolution itself is one of those false ideas?”

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The Kids Are Not All Right

“Many children raised by gay parents are now young or middle-aged adults. Some say their upbringing was positive, but a growing number are beginning to speak out against what they feel is a dysfunctional parenting model.”

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4 Sermon Types to Avoid

“It may begin with the text, but the text functions as a mere peg on which to hang the preacher’s “concerns.” Its hermeneutic is inadequate. It fails to look at the intention of God in the passage. What emerges is often full of passion but devoid of precision, earnest but effervescent, relevant but unrelated.”

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How Republicans Should Respond to a Supreme Court Marriage Ruling

“The Republican Party, the Republican Congress, and a future Republican President should regard and treat the decision just as the Republican Party, the Republican Congress, and the Republican President—Abraham Lincoln—regarded and treated the Dred Scott decision. They should, in other words, treat it as an anti-constitutional and illegitimate ruling.”

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SAE And The Lynching Tree

“Multiple viral YouTube videos show members of the Oklahoma University fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) chanting racist remarks about African-Americans. The videos show a young white male proudly smiling as he leads several members in this chant: “You can hang them from a tree but they’ll never sign with me; there will never be a nigger in SAE.”

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The Unique Significance of Corporate Worship

“When believers gather as the church, they exist in some special way as the dwelling place of God—the sanctuary of worship—so that, as Jesus promised, “where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them” (Matt 18:20). Although individual believers are also called “a temple of the Holy Spirit” (1 Cor 6:19–20), the context and plural pronouns in each of the aforementioned cases clearly refer to when individual believers gather as the church.”

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Hearts, Parts, and Minds: The Truth Comes Out

“As I first stepped out of the closet in the 1990s, I made a conscious decision to ignore natural law. Once I made that choice, I could not stop. Untethered from natural law, I could not draw a line regarding my behavior, nor could I justify making any sort of judgment regarding the behaviors of others.”

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6 Reasons Why Sexual Predators Target Churches

“Some sexual offenders state it outright—they go after churches because Christians tend to be naïve. Anna Salter says, “If children can be silenced and the average person is easy to fool, many offenders report that religious people are even easier to fool than most people.”

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Homosexual Truth Tellers

by Bill Muehlenberg

Yes, there are some homosexuals who are willing to go against the grain – even against their own militant lobby – and speak truth about homosexuality. And when they do speak truth, all hell breaks loose. It seems there is nothing worse than for a homosexual to break ranks with his own.

Of course we see this all the time with various militant ideologies. All these groups whine about tolerance and acceptance, but they refuse to show it even to their own when they dare to say a contrary word. Consider for example the angry atheists. If any atheist dares to turn away from his atheism, he is treated like a pariah, like scum, like dirt.

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Sin, Forgiveness, and Hyper Grace

by Bill Muehlenberg

Toward the end of his life the author of “Amazing Grace” and friend of William Wilberforce said this: “My memory is nearly gone; but I remember two things: I am a great sinner, and Christ is a great savior.” That was of course John Newton.

I present his quote here because sadly there are always faulty and harmful theologies being pushed. In this case, there are actually some folks teaching that a Christian is not a sinner – and even more incredible, they do not need to repent and confess their sins as believers. This is often heard by hyper grace teachers such as Joseph Prince.

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How Is the Authority of the New Testament Being Attacked Today (and What Can We Do About It)
by Michael Kruger
I recently spent some time in Chattanooga speaking to various groups about the authority of Scripture. I spoke to college students from RUF at the University of Tennessee (Chattanooga) and Covenant College about “Five Misconceptions about the Origins of the New Testament.”

Then I spoke to Alternate Seminary on “How Do We Know the Bible is God’s Word?” Alternate Seminary is doing some great work training African American pastors and leaders. Here is a twitter post from my visit there:

Pleased to speak on biblical authority 4 Alt.Sem. in Chatt, TN. Great work for African American pastors pic.twitter.com/cpfX9jTcaH

— Mike Kruger (@michaeljkruger) March 5, 2015

Then I gave two lectures at North Shore Fellowship (PCA), kindly hosted by senior pastor Robby Holt. Those two lectures are available for download:

Session 1: How Is the Authority of the New Testament Being Attacked Today?

Session 2: How Can We Respond to These Attacks?

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Evangelicals Looking For Walker to “Do Nothing” in 2016 Election
by T Holt
“Should he run for president, Walker may very well turn out to be the 2016 cycle’s evangelical favorite—not because he ticks off a laundry list of culture war talking points, pledges fealty to a “Christian nation,” or because he’s made a show of praying publicly to curry political favor.”

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Want Some False Doctrine in Your Life? Try These Handy Tips!

Kudos to Steve Kozar over at the Messed Up Church blog (love that blog name), for this article, which captures the more frustrating elements of trying to contend for the faith in an environment where yeast grows freely. (Plus, it’s the first Christian blog I know of that has found a way to incorporate Shaba […]

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Our world is changing so rapidly, and so is the visible Church. If you feel like you’re barely hanging on for dear life, you are not alone. In Segment 2, we will be covering several news stories and some of the emails we’ve received from our listeners about changes in the Church. Did you know […]

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Vetting Staff

One of the most frequent questions I get from fellow pastors has to do with hiring (and firing) staff.

As in,

…how do you know who to hire?

…when do you know it’s time to let someone go?

…how do you evaluate current staff in terms of future roles and responsibilities – or even if there is a future?

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Politics and Religion, Again

by Bill Muehlenberg

We all know that politics and religion are not supposed to be discussed in polite society. That is what we are told anyway. Well, I guess I am not all that polite – indeed I think this is a lot of baloney. So I will keep talking about both as long as I have breath.

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There Is Nothing Wrong With Payback

by Bill Muehlenberg

Contrary to the thinking of so many rather anaemic Christians today, in both Testaments the idea of God’s just judgment on the wicked is held up as something to take heart in, to celebrate, and to help us to persevere in the face of persecution.

It is meant to give believers hope, encouragement and steadfastness as we experience various forms of opposition, hatred and abuse. The knowledge that the enemies of God will one day be repaid for their evil is meant to give us strength to carry on.

For me this is a tremendous biblical truth. And it was for the biblical writers as well. There are hundreds of such texts which speak of God vindicating his people and routing his enemies. This is good news indeed, as I discuss in detail here: http://billmuehlenberg.com/2014/09/03/on-having-enemies/

Given all the intense persecution of Christians overseas, especially in Muslim-majority countries, and the increasingly ugly anti-Christian bigotry and hatred in the West, it is worth looking again at some of these passages. Here I will simply dwell on two: one for each Testament.

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Christless Checklists and Holiness (Part 1)

It seems at times that some women’s Bible study resources are nothing more than checklists of the do’s and don’ts to being the perfect, biblical wife and mother. But, what good is a ‘biblical’ checklist if it is devoid of Christ? Also: what does it look like to grow in grace and holiness?

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Why God Doesn’t Remove Our Sinful Cravings Immediately

by Pastor J.D.

Every Christian I know has had the experience of coming up against the same sin—again—and wondering, “Will this struggle ever end? Why doesn’t God just remove this?” (If you haven’t had that experience, just give it time.) This seems to be a frustration common to all believers, and not just with sin, either. When we experience any prolonged suffering or pain or discomfort, we have to ask, Why?

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Our Time is Short

Read: Recommitting Your Life To God and Jesus Christ – Restoration and Forgiveness With God and Jesus Christ (Updated Version)

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40 Days to the Cross: Reflections from Great Thinkers (Week Four: Monday)


Day 23: What did the apostle Paul mean when he used the phrase “spiritual body”?

Confession: Psalm 90:1–8

O Lord, you have been our help in all generations.

Before the mountains were born

and you brought forth the earth and the world,

even from everlasting to everlasting, you are God.

You return man to the dust,

saying, “Return, O sons of man.”

For a thousand years in your eyes

are like yesterday when it passes,

or like a watch in the night.

You sweep them away like a flood.

They fall asleep.

In the morning they are like grass that sprouts anew.

In the morning it blossoms and sprouts anew;

by evening it withers and dries up.

For we are brought to an end by your anger,

and we hasten off by your wrath.

You have put our iniquities before you,

our hidden sins into the light of your countenance.

Reading: Mark 13:9–13

“But you, watch out for yourselves! They will hand you over to councils and you will be beaten in the synagogues and will have to stand before governors and kings because of me, for a witness to them. And the gospel must first be proclaimed to all the nations. And when they arrest you and hand you over, do not be anxious beforehand what you should say, but whatever is given to you at that hour, say this. For you are not the ones who are speaking, but the Holy Spirit. And brother will hand over brother to death, and a father his child, and children will rise up against parents and have them put to death. And you will be hated by all because of my name. But the one who endures to the end—this one will be saved.”


Learn the lessons of the evangelic conversation—of mastery over the body, a meek spirit, purity of mind, and destruction of pride. Pressed into the service, add to your gifts for the Lord’s sake; robbed, never go to law; hated, love; persecuted, endure; slandered, entreat. Be dead to sin; be crucified to God. Cast all your care upon the Lord, that you may be found where are tens of thousands of angels, assemblies of the firstborn, the thrones of prophets, sceptres of patriarchs, crowns of martyrs, and praises of righteous men. Earnestly desire to be numbered with those righteous men in Christ Jesus our Lord.

—Basil of Caesarea

Admonition to the Young


How are you being an effective witness of Jesus? On what occasions have you felt the Holy Spirit guiding your speech? Write down your prayer for the Spirit’s guidance as you tell others about Christ’s work in your life.[1]


[1] Van Noord, R., & Strong, J. (Eds.). (2014). 40 Days to the Cross: Reflections from Great Thinkers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Is Christianity a life based in experience or is it a Doctrine?

Possessing the Treasure

by Mike Ratliff

6 In pointing out these things to the brethren, you will be a good servant of Christ Jesus, constantly nourished on the words of the faith and of the sound doctrine which you have been following. (1 Timothy 4:6 NASB)

From January 1986 until the late fall of 2005 I probably would have, if asked, responded to the question in the title that Christianity is a life or at least a relationship while doctrine, though unnecessary, helps us understand that. I didn’t really believe during that time that doctrine was of any real value. Why? My whole understanding of Christianity is that it is based on my experience. For some odd reason I didn’t think much past that in an attempt to understand why my experience would be so radically different than other Christians’ experience.

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