Inside Information: If I Were Picking a Church

Unfathomable Grace

When someone needs to find a good plumber, Angie’s List™ promises to be of great assistance. On that website, people who are satisfied or dissatisfied with various technicians can share their past experiences. Sometimes, it is of great value to learn lessons from the trials and tribulations of others.

When looking for a good physician, perhaps the best people to contact are other members of the medical community. For sure, unbiased analysis from fellow professionals can be a great aid in making a solid decision.

When buying stocks or purchasing ownership in a company, interviewing former management can make or break the deal. Inside information is highly valued in the financial arena.

So, when selecting a church, wouldn’t a professional minister be of incredible value? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear truth from a person who has seen the good and the bad? Perhaps even one who has done the good and the bad? And what if the person had served in…

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