Not Under Law But Under Grace

Some people say that we do not need God’s law any more, since we are no longer under his law but under his grace. To support their case, they cite Romans 6:14, “You are not under law butindex under grace.” “You see,” they argue, “we are no longer under God’s law but under God’s grace. Therefore, there is no need for us to study or even read the law (the Ten Commandments).” This thinking is prevalent in many churches today where God’s moral law is rarely heard. Does the church that you attend still read the Ten Commandments regularly? When was the last time your pastor(s) preached on the Ten Commandments?

In this post I will briefly clarify the meaning of Paul’s words in Romans 6:14—“You are not under law but under grace.” By this statement Paul means that we are not under the moral law as a requirement for…

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