The Truth about God

Joe Quatrone, Jr.

when-jesus-calls-your-nameMost of us are familiar with product warning labels. A warning label is designed to protect us from harm. If there was a warning label attached to the passage of Scripture we are looking at today, it would read: WARNING – IF YOU REJECT GOD’S SON YOU WILL RECEIVE GOD’S JUDGEMENT.

On the Sunday before His crucifixion, Jesus was welcomed by the cheers of the people. As He entered Jerusalem, He paused and sobbed bitter tears over how the people of Israel had rejected Him. Over the next few days, He taught openly in the temple courts. The religious leaders tried unsuccessfully to entrap Him with trick questions. In the midst of these questions, Jesus shared a parable that contained a scathing indictment against the failure of the Jewish people to accept Him (Read Luke 20:9-19):

A man planted a vineyard, rented it to some farmers and went away for…

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